IIT Kanpur and Apollo Hospitals have entered into an arrangement for joint exploration in medical technology.

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IIT Kanpur’s Dean of Research and Development, AR Harish, and Apollo Hospitals’ Director of Apollo Telemedicine, Krishnan Ganapathy, signed a contract for a joint study in the clinical implementation of AI and other healthcare technology fields in the presence of IIT Kanpur’s Director, Abhay Karandikar, and Apollo Hospitals’ Founder and Chairman, Prathap C Reddy.

For more than 20 years, Apollo Hospitals’ Department of Research and Innovation has been engaged in research, innovation, health education, teaching, and the use of AI in clinical settings. This partnership is meant to build on the existing foundation and widen the scope of research and development in healthcare technology. The formal agreement with IIT Kanpur should further expedite the implementation of Digital Health in all its aspects.

Prathap C Reddy, founder and chairman of Apollo Hospitals Group, expressed his pleasure at the agreement, noting that Apollo has been offering patients the best in medical technology. As well as this, the group has been actively developing healthcare professionals of the future, with two medical colleges, a British medical school, an Apollo University and 20 institutions providing advanced training in nursing, hospital administration, PhD programs, and 625 DNB speciality and super-speciality seats. He looks forward to Apollo’s experience and expertise being beneficial to the inventive research conducted at IIT Kanpur, and believes the collaboration will offer teaching and research prospects to those within and outside the Apollo system.

Abhay Karandikar, director of PIIT Kanpur, discussed the agreement and its potential influence on healthcare technology, saying that as a research and educational institute of national importance, IIT Kanpur has consistently invested in research in science, technology, and engineering in collaboration with industry and other organizations. The Gangwal School of Medical Sciences and Technology that is established at IIT Kanpur is in line with IIT Kanpur’s ambition to make a shift in merging medical research and technological advancements in India. With this Memorandum of Understanding with Apollo Hospitals, they aspire to have effective collaborations in areas such as Artificial Intelligence in health and other emerging advances that will help make India’s healthcare systems reliable and autonomous.

Mayank Tewari


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