IIT Gandhinagar has set up chairs to foster entrepreneurship and research into population dynamics.

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The Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) has created two distinguished chairs- the ‘Anu and B V Jagadeesh’ and the ‘Pandya-Shivpuri Chair in Population Dynamics’- in order to inspire innovation, entrepreneurship, and research on population dynamics. The chairs were funded by Anuradha and B V Jagadeesh, entrepreneurs from California, to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship through activities and to give students the chance to gain hands-on experience, connect with professionals, and advance their careers.

The ‘Pandya-Shivpuri Chair in Population Dynamics’ has been supported financially by Darshan Pandya and Chandra Shivpuri, two philanthropists from Wisconsin. This faculty chair will be allocated to inspiring leadership in interdisciplinary research in the area of population dynamics, with the help of various joint efforts and activities.

Anuradha and Shri B V Jagadeesh expressed their vision for the Chair, emphasizing that it is just as crucial to assist students and young minds who can generate jobs through entrepreneurship as it is to assist children with basic education and professional degrees. They selected IITGN for this mission because the Institute fosters inclusive values and culture and extends them beyond its campus and students. They are delighted to collaborate with the remarkable leadership team at IITGN to create this essential effort of fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem and generating more leaders in the country. They believe that even if they are able to produce a few entrepreneurs through this movement, it will have a profound effect.

Rajat Moona, director of IITGN, was elated about the founding of the two chairs at the Institute and stated, “There has never been a better time to take part in the technological evolution happening in India and to help construct a just and sustainable future for our planet. IITs have already introduced a lot of new ideas, technology, and knowledge to the public and we are grateful to Smt. Anuradha, Shri B V Jagadeesh, Dr. Darshan Pandya, and Dr. Chandra Shivpuri for selecting IITGN to help accomplish a lasting effect in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, and population dynamics. The resources and opportunities provided by them will surely benefit many students, faculty, and aspiring talent of our nation and will have a far-reaching impact. We will be able to see the results of these initiatives in the near future.”

Mayank Tewari


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