IIT Gandhinagar has been designated as the key institute in Gujarat for the 'Yuva Sangam' program.

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IIT Gandhinagar has been chosen as the main institute to coordinate exposure trips for the younger generations of Gujarat and Assam under the ‘Yuva Sangam’ program. As part of this plan, 53 people from Gujarat and 18 from Assam, all of which are students and off-campus, will be visiting each other’s state to explore various art forms, cultures, lifestyles, and landmarks, and to connect with the youth in the two areas.

This initiative seeks to bridge the gap between the youth of North-Eastern states and the rest of India by creating meaningful connections. The launch and orientation will take place in the presence of Professor Rajat Moona, Director, IITGN on February 24, 2023.

From February 24th to March 2nd, 18 students and non-campus youths from Assam, as well as their accompanying officers, will be travelling in Gujarat to get a comprehensive understanding of five main topics – Tourism, Customs, Development, Technology, and People-to-People Connections. In addition, IITGN has picked 53 students and non-campus youngsters from different regions of Gujarat, who will be invited to IIT Guwahati to explore Assam.

This expansive cultural exchange programme is being coordinated with various government entities, such as the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, the Ministry of Railways, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the Department for Development of North-East Region (DoNER), and others. The programme will allow the youth in our nation to commemorate the past culture and natural variety of India, while also comprehending the art, culture, and languages of the different states.

Mayank Tewari


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