IIT Delhi is creating a smart surveillance system to guarantee the protection of individuals operating at a lofty height.

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IIT Delhi has recently joined forces with Karam Safety Private Limited (KSPL) to create a Smart Monitoring System (SMS) that will alert users about any hazardous conditions when working at a high elevation. The project will be headed by Professor Husain Kanchwala from CART and Professor Sunil Jha from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Delhi.

Professor Husain Kanchwala pointed out the necessity of such a smart monitoring system, noting that falls from high places are a major source of fatalities and serious injuries in the workplace. These incidents often occur when an employee is wearing the right safety gear but fails to attach it to an anchor point, either due to habit or in their rush to finish working. To address this, they have proposed a Smart Monitoring System (SMS) which will provide an audible warning and send a message to the supervisor and safety personnel through an app if the worker is not connected to the safety gear while working at a height.

Professor Sunil Jha from IIT Delhi’s Department of Mechanical Engineering explained that the goal of the SMS is to detect when a user is connected to a secure anchor when working at elevated heights, and to keep track of any safety violations that can be used for employee education and guidance.

Lalita Teckchandani, General Manager of KSPL, commented on the arrangement with IIT Delhi, expressing that taking a scientific approach to safety is essential. They are enthusiastic to work together with one of India’s most respected institutions and anticipate that the upcoming technocrats will gain a wider view of safety and create more secure working environments in the future. Industries such as manufacturing, construction, energy production, and more, all prioritize the defense of their employees. The establishment of the smart monitoring system will contribute to their initiatives to ensure the safety of the workers.

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