I can’t put up with harassment; I want to be relieved of duties. Rabindra Bharati University (VC)

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Sabyasachi Basu Ray Chaudhury, the vice-chancellor (VC) of Rabindra Bharati University (RBU), stated on Thursday that he desired to be released from his duties as quickly as possible because he could no longer tolerate the “abuse being meted out by a segment of students and staff members.”

Famous political scientist Basu Ray Chaudhury claimed that he had expressed his concerns to the West Bengal government but that he had been advised to continue serving as the university’s vice chancellor till the end of his term in September. Speaking to reporters, the VC stated that, in light of the uproar caused by some student union leaders and non-teaching staff, he had no desire to hold the position in the state-run university.

When asked if the protesters had any connection to the TMC, he responded, “Yes, I believe so.” “I had repeatedly told education minister Bratya Basu about the current circumstance, and he pledged to take action. But nothing has changed. Basu Ray Chaudhury, who had served as the VC of RBU for four years, said, “I also wrote to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee twice, saying how difficult it was getting for me to work in the face of harassment by some students and employees.

Bratya Basu, the education minister, could not be reached for comment. The VC provided more information, stating, “A segment of demonstrators started knocking on my chamber door during a protest against offline exams. On another occasion, these protesters continuously barged into the space to voice their displeasure with the oppressively muggy campus conditions and threatened to occupy my office during business hours every day while yelling slogans. “This group, which included some students and staff people, has been harassing me on a regular basis for some reason or another. I haven’t been to work since the third week of July.

Basu Ray Chaudhury lamented that the education minister or anyone from the CMO did not reach out to him thus far to assure him that the issues raised by him were being addressed “to his satisfaction”.

The vice chancellor (VC) resigned in March 2020 due to controversy surrounding several female students who had worn offensive slogans on their backs during Tagore songs on the eve of Holi. He retracted his resignation letter, nevertheless, after the government convinced him otherwise. “If the honourable VC has any grievances, it is best for him to get them rectified by talking to the government,” TMC MLA Tapas Roy remarked in the meantime.

Trinankur Bhattacharya, state president of the Trinamool Congress Chhatra Parishad (TMC students’ wing), told PTI that the top officials of his party would never accept anything that would interfere with the operation of a school. “We believe that it is in everyone’s best interests for students and the VC to resolve this conflict amicably. The TMCP is not responsible for the uproar and has no link to the irate students. We have the utmost respect for the VC and would like him to reconsider his choice “Added Bhattacharya.

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