Gyan Setu: A particular conversation on the present geo-political state of affairs at the PU (Punjab University)

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Gyan Setu Think Tank, together with the Department of Defence and National Security Studies at Panjab University Chandigarh, hosted a special lecture from Maj. Gen. B. K. Sharma (retd) on the topic of “Geopolitics of Eurasia; Strategic Implications”. The event took place at the CIL/SAIF Seminar Hall of the university. Maj. Gen. Sharma is the Director of United Service Institution of India (USI), India’s oldest think tank, and has expertise in Strategic Net Assessment methodology, Scenario building and Strategic Gaming. Other honorable guests present included Lt. Gen. Harwant Singh Bawa, Lt. Gen. K. J. Singh, Dr Jaskaran Singh Waraich, Chairperson of the Department of Defence and National Security Studies, Prof. Simrit Kahlon, Director of ISSER, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

Gen. B.K. spoke about how Eurasia has been an important region in terms of geography, geopolitics and defense and security, looking back at its history and the relevance of Mackinder’s Heartland Theory and Spykman’s Rimland theory. He also emphasized the importance of the region for India, given that the majority of invasions on India have come from this region. Lastly, he touched on its modern-day significance due to its plentiful energy and other natural resources, as well as being a major energy route for the world.

Gen. Sharma discussed the present and past conflicts in the area and the resulting effects on the security of Europe, Asia, India and the globe. He highlighted the Russia-Ukraine crisis and its essential implications for those involved, as well as how China is increasing its impact through the BRI. Lastly, he pointed out the teachings that India can use to better its position in the international arena from the current geopolitical circumstances of the region.

Gyan Setu Think Tank, sponsored by Hero Group, organized a lecture as part of the “Hero Suraksha Samwad” series with the intention of providing assistance to Security Dialogue in 2023. The Think Tank was launched in June 2018 to serve as a knowledge bridge between veterans in the Tricity area, faculty, and students. This initiative was seen as a bold move to extend the strategic dialogue reach beyond Lutyens Delhi and Raisina Hill to the City Beautiful, and is in line with the growing trend of university-based Think Tanks.

On the occasion, the website of Gyan Setu Think Tank was inaugurated by Lt. Gen. Harwant Singh Bawa.

Mayank Tewari


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