'Extortion model': AAP Govt hiked building cost of Delhi schools by Rs 326 crore, claims BJP

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On Monday, the BJP accused the Delhi government of increasing the budget for building classrooms in its existing schools despite directives from the Central Public Works Department, alleging a scam in the city’s education system. The saffron party cited a Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) report that was given to the Delhi government’s vigilance department in 2020 and said that without issuing a fresh contract, the city government increased the construction cost by Rs 326 crore, or 53%, over the initial tender value.

It claimed that the Delhi government had inflated statistics about school facilities by counting restrooms as classrooms and that the AAP’s educational strategy was essentially an “extortion model.” “Arvind Kejriwal is bred for corruption. It’s PAAP ki sarkar, not AAP sarkar (government of sins). He and Manish Sisodia are corruption specialists. What happened to this money? Arvind Kejriwal ji, did you put it in your pocket? Have you reviewed the report? What steps did you take in response?” At a press conference held in this city, BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia remarked.

According to the rules of the land, “you, your party, and your corrupt ministers will be punished… you will not be spared,” he declared. “In Delhi, the AAP administration vowed to build 500 new schools. That never took place. Then they declared that new classrooms would be added to the current schools. There are now 7,180 rooms, up from 2,400 previously. The cost of building soared by up to 90% “He claimed. In contrast to the estimated need for 6,133 classrooms, only 4,027 extra classrooms, according to the CVC report, were built. At an additional cost of almost Rs 37 crore, 1,214 bathrooms were built in 194 schools as opposed to the required 160 bathrooms.

In contrast to the public works department’s assertion of 29, Bhatia said that only two rainwater harvesting devices were actually found to be installed in the CVC investigation. 989.26 crore rupees were approved for these projects. All of the tenders had an award value of Rs. 860.63 crores.

However, according to Bhatia, the actual spending increased to Rs 1,315.57 crore. “Why didn’t you launch a fresh tender? Was it for your friends’ benefit? “asked he. Adesh Gupta, the head of the Delhi BJP, spoke to the media and questioned why it took the Delhi government 2.5 years to release the CVC report. “It’s a very serious problem. Even the educational temples were not spared by you. The Kejriwal administration is implementing numerous anti-corruption, “added he.

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