Education is a continuous process in the armed forces.

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JS Nain of the Indian Army, general officer commanding-in-chief (GOC-in-C) of the Southern Command, stated on Monday that education is a crucial component and an ongoing process in the armed services. Lt Gen Nain was speaking in Pune at the Symbiosis-organized felicitation of distinguished and well-known Lt Generals and officers of comparable rank in the Navy and Air Force.

“Even in the Armed Forces, education is a crucial component and a never-ending process. It begins with academic training and picks in speed as one advance in their job, “added Lt Gen Nain. He asserted that as geopolitics, geoeconomics, strategy, and military systems advance in sophistication, new developments in space, cyber, and information warfare (IW) are altering the nature of the conflict.

According to a senior Army official, “education in the military in newer fields becomes even more vital since it provides an intellectual infrastructure for better field success and to stay ahead of the curve.” According to Lt Gen Nain, the Southern Command has taken the initiative to offer internships to students in cutting-edge fields like quantum computing, IW and AI, and cyber.

Mayank Tewari


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