DUTA to DU colleges: Arrange an ad-hoc teachers' break such that they don't face salary loss after rejoining.

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The Delhi University Instructors’ Association (DUTA) has requested the heads of DU institutions to set up the one-day hypothetical vacation granted to ad-hoc teachers after the end of their term in a way that prevents them from losing pay when they return.

According to Delhi University (DU) regulations, ad-hoc employment might last up to four months. If the necessity continues after four months, the college may retain the teacher’s services by granting them a fictitious one-day break. The DUTA wrote in a letter on Friday, “It has been brought to the attention of DUTA that in such instances teachers have to lose more than a day’s salary if the four months (120 days) term of some teachers working on an ad-hoc basis comes to an end on the day that may result in longer break than the one-day notional break.

In the letter, the DUTA recommended that the colleges enable students to take a little break on the day before the 120-day period is up and to rejoin shortly after. 66 colleges at the institution currently house more than 4,200 ad hoc instructors. Delhi University issued a directive to its colleges last month stating that existing ad hoc lecturers should continue to provide their services on regular terms “for the time being” throughout the 2022–2023 academic session until regular appointments are made.

Mayank Tewari


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