DU to hike UG fees with charges towards EWS support fund and university facilities.

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The Delhi University (DU) has made the decision to increase tuition for its undergraduate programmes starting with the academic year 2022–2023 by adding new fees for varsity amenities and an EWS support fund, among other revisions. The University Facilities and Services Charges, the Economically Weaker Section Support University Fund, and the University Student Welfare Fund are some of the new sections the university has added to the fee system.

In addition, the University of Delhi raised the fee for the University Development Fund from Rs 600 to Rs 900. According to a Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) executive, the annual fee rise for a student will climb by almost Rs 1,000. The institution has stated that the fee increase won’t be that significant, though.

In a notification released on July 26, the DU stated that the reorganisation was done to ensure uniformity in various heads of spending and to rationalise fees for admissions across the university’s numerous colleges. The university has also announced that the new pricing structure will be in place starting with the 2022–2023 academic year. The tuition cost and the finance for the Delhi University Student Union (DUSU) have not changed, claims the university. The colleges will decide on a share of the charge in the interim. These include the College Development Fund, the College Facilities and Service Charge, and the College Student Welfare Fund.

According to a DU representative who spoke to PTI, the EWS Support University Fund has been incorporated as a new element to the price schedule. A student would be required to pay Rs 100 annually under this section. Director of South Campus Prakash Singh said, “This is a new addition, and the money raised under this head would be used by the university for the welfare of the economically underprivileged sector students.” The charge hasn’t increased significantly overall, according to Singh. Similar funds were received from students, but we have only added sections to specifically organise it. “We have merely organised it. There is no huge change,” he stated.

Meanwhile, a college president reported the addition of additional parts such as University Facilities and Services Charges. “The portion was not previously a part of the price structure, but the university will now collect Rs 500 under this heading. Additionally, colleges charge for the use of their services and facilities, including lab equipment “He spoke under the guise of anonymity. Every college’s governing board must approve the revised fee schedule. “The amount that must be charged will be determined by the university. The cost will rise by a specific amount, “added he.

According to DUTA executive Aanand Prakash, the university now charges Rs 900 toward the University Development Fund, up from Rs 600 previously. “There have also been additional sections added. The charge would increase by at least Rs 1,000. The college will also reorganise the fee, which will further raise the fee after the university hike. When every college has the option to charge students under this heading, I don’t see why the university feels the need to charge for the EWS fund “explained he.

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