Digital University Kerala: Admissions open for Doctoral programmes

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Admissions for doctoral programme admissions are currently being accepted by the state-run Digital University Kerala (DUK) in this location. The institution provides PhD programmes in informatics, electronics engineering, digital sciences, and computer science and engineering. According to a DUK statement issued here on Saturday, there are 11, 12, 6 and 1 open positions in each discipline, correspondingly.

The PhD programmes at DUK include a wide choice of research topics that are adapted to the needs of the industry and intended to address current and future difficulties in real-world settings. PhD programmes are available in three formats: full-time regular, part-time regular, and industrial regular. The DUK provides all applicants selected for the full-time PhD programme with attractive fellowships and fee waivers, it added, adding that the candidates are obliged to work full-time in a research laboratory of the DUK during the full-time regular PhD programme.

In the first, second, and third years, the fellowship is worth Rs 20,000, Rs 25,000, and Rs 30,000 per month, respectively. For the first five years, there are no tuition costs. Candidates accepted into the Electronics Engineering full-time regular PhD programme are also eligible to apply for the IICG (India Innovation Centre for Graphene). It stated that the chosen candidates would receive a 35,000 rupee fellowship each month.

While working full-time jobs, candidates for the part-time regular programme can collaborate remotely with a DUK faculty member. Candidates for the industrial regular programme may work full-time in the DUK or a business research lab. Additionally, the candidates must select a mentor from their company to serve as a coordinator. Application submissions must be received by August 26, 2022. Visit for additional information and to submit an online application, the announcement continued.

Mayank Tewari


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