Delhi education minister Manish Sisodia emphasises the need to instil confidence in children.

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Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, emphasised the need to instil confidence in children on Saturday, saying that we should have faith in kids’ capacity for success and encourage them to pursue all of their goals. At the introduction of the second issue of the “Children First” Journal by the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Sisodia gave a keynote speech (DCPCR). Our lack of confidence in our kids’ potential to succeed is our education system’s fundamental flaw. The issue is not what should be included in the National Education Policy (NEP), but rather how we engage with our kids at home and in school. “That demonstrates our lack of confidence in them,” he added.

When our children express a desire to work as an IAS official, a Supreme Court justice, or a sportsperson, we discourage them by telling them to dream within their means. According to Sisodia, who also oversees education in the capital. “A young person from a low-income family can now become president. Every girl can achieve her dreams, too. However, we have undermined her confidence, which we must restore “said he.

Sisodia made the statement in reference to Droupadi Murmu, the second woman and first tribal leader to hold the nation’s highest constitutional position after she took the oath of office as India’s 15th President in July.

He added that the Indian educational system should be such that people from other nations send their children to study here. He said, “I dream of an India where each and every child has the self-confidence to achieve whatever they want in life.”

The minister responded, “I want a country where there are wonderful chances in education, work, health, and justice so that we are not dependent on other countries,” in response to a question about the kind of India he desires for children. The chief guest at the ceremony and Supreme Court Justice BV Nagarathna stated that ensuring children have effective access to justice is essential. With 41% of our entire population being under the age of 18, India is one of the youngest nations in the world. Millions of kids engage with the legal system nationwide, she said. Given this inescapable relationship, ensuring effective access to justice is essential.

Failing which children remain vulnerable to abuses from their family, society and the state,” she added.

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