CAT 2022: 10 free online resources to crack this MBA entrance exam.

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Every MBA aspirant’s ideal institution is an IIM. Students must take the Common Admission Test in order to enrol in an MBA programme at one of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) this year (CAT 2022). The CAT is the most competitive and difficult MBA entrance exam for admission to postgraduate business management programmes provided by IIMs and other top B-schools in the nation. CAT 2022’s formal notification has not yet been made public. On Sunday, July 31, the notification is anticipated to be made public. According to the CAT convenor, the CAT exam date in 2022 is probably going to be on November 27, and CAT registration will probably start during the first week of August.

It is said that IIM, Bangalore will host the CAT in 2022. IIMs administer the Common Admission Test (CAT) on a rotating basis; last year, IIM, Ahmedabad, administered the exam. The CAT is a strategic entrance exam where a candidate’s aptitude for problem-solving and making decisions is assessed. Although it takes a lot of effort to pass the CAT, having the appropriate strategy and study plan is crucial. Students have passed the CAT exam without any CAT tutoring with the proper planning and study tools. Here is a list of some of the top free online tools that, if used correctly and in the appropriate order, can help you pass the CAT 2022 exam with a score above 95%.

Iquanta YouTube Channel: Iquanta is a bastion for the quant section, with hundreds of helpful films covering every subject related to QA. The fact that videos are created as shorts makes them more engaging for applicants to watch and absorb.
Bodhee Prep: To assist students in preparing for all portions of the CAT 2022 exam, Bodhee Prep offers a sizable amount of free resources on its YouTube channel. Free to see, these videos. Candidates do have the option to purchase paid CAT preparation videos nevertheless. 2iim: 2iim is an excellent online resource for CAT 2022 training. It offers 300 movies and about 1600 questions for free. Rajesh Balasubramanian of 2iim demonstrates in films the most lucid ways to address even the most challenging issues.
CAT-Holic is a blog that focuses mostly on the Quantitative portion of the CAT exam. A ten-time CAT 100% iler in the QA, one of the two IIM grads who founded the company. CAT hopefuls can practise with CAT-excellent Holic’s sub-topic-based question bank. Sal Khan, a graduate of MIT and HBS, developed Khan Academy, one of the most well-known free online resources for preparing for the CAT MBA exam. On its YouTube channel, it provides a tonne of free CAT preparation videos.
Rodha: The best videos for conceptual clarity can be found here for CAT 2022 applicants. It offers free access to great concept films for the CAT’s VA-RC, DI-LR, and QA parts.
One of the greatest resources for CAT 2022 practise exams, according to TCY. It offers 5–6 free CAT practice exams that are in accordance with the CAT syllabus for 2022.Tathagat: One of Delhi’s top centres for CAT training. There are numerous videos for CAT 2022 QA, DILR, and VARC preparation on the Tathagat YouTube channel.
It is one of the top institutions that offer CAT preparation sessions. It offers free conceptual movies produced by TIME academics for all three courses.
The Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA) parts of the CAT exam are all covered in a good number of videos on Cracku (QA).
GMAT Club: In addition to study guides, GMATClub offers free access to downloaded CAT question banks.

These tools will be very beneficial for passing the CAT 2022 test. Although they are free, they significantly improve CAT 2022 preparation. With them, applicants can prepare for CAT 2022, covering all themes, from conceptual videos to CAT 2022 mock tests, practise tests, and sectional videos. The videos emphasise topic clarity while also providing tips and techniques for answering CAT problems. However, candidates are urged to create a study plan outlining everything in detail, including what to study, what not to study, how much time to allot for each subject, etc., to get the most of these free online CAT preparation materials.

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