An IIT Madras student was found dead on a railway track.

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According to, an IIT Madras post-doctoral student was discovered dead on the tracks close to the Avadi train station. Megha Sri, a 30-year-old student from Odisha, received her MTech from IIT Delhi and was enrolled in a three-month post-doctoral research programme at IIT Madras.

According to reports, Sri was discovered on the tracks between the Chennai stations of Avadi and Indukkalluri on August 19 with a head injury. When a railroad worker saw the body, he or she alerted the Avadi railway police. The body was transported to Kilpakkam Government Hospital in Chennai by the railway police for an autopsy. The ID card that was discovered on the student was used by the Avadi police to determine her sex at first. The authorities are looking into whether the woman’s death was caused by a fall from a moving train or by some other factor.

Recently a 23-year-old IIITM student from Gwalior allegedly committed suicide as a result of a reduction in YouTube subscribers, according to authorities. The dead student perished instantly after jumping from the third level of a residential building.

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