A person pretending to be a candidate took part in the Central Armed Police Force exam in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

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Police reported on Friday that a suspect had been taken into custody in Aurangabad, Maharashtra in relation to the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) and Assam Rifles’s online recruitment examination. The test for the posts of constable in the CAPF and rifleman in Assam Rifles was administered on Wednesday in the city, according to an official of the CIDCO police station. Those managing the process noticed that an individual undertaking the examination online from Shivgaon, Vaijapur was exhibiting odd behavior, he said.

After being searched, the individual was discovered to be in possession of a cell phone, transmitter, and a Bluetooth device, according to the official. Upon inspecting the hall ticket, it was revealed that he was a fake candidate taking the test instead of the actual candidate from Takli village in Kannad tehsil, the official said. Both men have been arrested and have had a case opened against them, citing section 420 (fraud) and various other relevant regulations of the Indian Penal Code and Maharashtra Prevention of Malpractices at University Act 1982, the official added.

Mayank Tewari


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