A Madrasa teacher was arrested for passing on sensitive information to Pakistan-based terrorists.

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Authorities announced on Saturday that a madrasa teacher had been detained in the Jammu and Kashmir province’s Kishtwar region for allegedly providing terrorists with information about security systems in Pakistan. According to them, Qari Abdul Wahid (25), who was also serving as a maulvi (prayer leader), has been arrested and is being held in accordance with the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and the Code of Criminal Procedure. Wahid, a native of the Dool region, was lodging at the madrasa in Dadpeth village with his wife and infant son. The authorities called his capture a “breakthrough,” saying that military intelligence had initially learned of the existence of a suspect who was smuggling information across the border.

Wahid caught the attention of numerous security organisations that collaborated to locate and apprehend the suspect. They claimed that he was called in for questioning last week. Wahid confessed to passing on security installation videos and photos while working for the less well-known terror organisation Kashmir Janbaz Force (KJF) since December 2020, according to the officials. Wahid was interrogated by police, military intelligence, and the State Investigation Agency (SIA) jointly. Wahid was “prone to terrorism” and communicated with Tayyab Farooqi, alias Umar Khatab, the self-declared KJF commander, on social media. In addition to claiming to be a terrorist, they said that he joined the group actively online.

He was in regular contact with some unidentified people, possibly Pakistani intelligence operatives who offered him money and new phones for motivating local youths to join terrorism, the officials said.

Mayank Tewari


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