5 secrets to cracking the CAT MBA entrance exam

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Every MBA applicant has had a desire to pass CAT 2022 and enroll in IIMs or other prestigious MBA programs since their undergraduate years. Still, it’s a tough nut to crack. Many people give up on the CAT after numerous tries, while others not only succeed but top the test on their first try. Why? The key to passing CAT 2022 and attaining a high percentile depends on one’s level of preparation.

The most sought-after MBA entrance exam, CAT 2022, necessitates diligent work and the appropriate preparation approach. This admission exam is taken by thousands of students each year. 1.92 lakh out of the 2.31 lakh candidates who enrolled for the Common Admission Test (CAT) last year actually took the test. Nine candidates received perfect scores, while 19 others received 99.99 percentile. Only about 3 percent of the total number of exam takers received an offer of admission to an IIM.
So, are you trying to crack CAT 2022? The following 5 tips will help applicants pass the CAT on their first try with a 99+ percentile.

1. Keep abreast with changes in the CAT exam pattern

The CAT exam pattern underwent some adjustments in 2020, which resulted in shorter exam times and fewer questions overall. Additionally, in 2021, fewer questions were asked overall. With that in mind, it would seem essential for potential candidates to follow the latest developments and plan their exam preparation accordingly. Although the CAT 2022 announcement has not yet been released, students should create a plan for their CAT preparation based on the CAT 2021, which had a total of 66 questions and 120 minutes to complete them.

2. Kickstart your CAT 2022 preparation as early as possible

As the CAT is somewhat different from other entrance tests and there are a lot of rivalries, prospective students should begin their CAT 2022 preparation as soon as possible. Starting early gives students plenty of time to thoroughly cover all the essential material, ensuring they don’t overlook any exam questions. According to former CAT toppers, spending 30 days properly preparing can add 30 marks to the CAT score, which ultimately translates to a jump of 15 to 20 percentile. For instance, if you use this strategy and receive an 80 percentile, you can expect for a 90 to 95 percentile. So the earlier you start studying, the greater the chance that you will achieve a higher grade.

3. Use your smartphone wisely

We can now complete tasks more quickly and effectively thanks to technology. Numerous such mobile applications might be of great help when preparing for the CAT 2022. For instance, note-taking programmes like Evernote, which allow users to extract content from newspapers and magazines and create notes, make it feasible to take notes from anywhere. The convenience of using technology to get ready for tests like the CAT is that they can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

4. CAT 2022 mock tests are the secret key

The proverb “practise makes perfect” certainly applies to CAT. Aspirants are recommended to train using CAT mock examinations in order to improve their chances of passing CAT 2022 and achieving a 99+ percentile score. Despite being difficult to acquire, high-quality practice exams will significantly benefit your CAT 2022 preparation. Candidates must complete up to 40–50 mock exams as part of their CAT 2022 preparation in order to learn the subjects. Additionally, it is suggested that they take 100–150 sectional tests and full-length mock exams to assist them to develop conceptual clarity. A comprehensive CAT 2022 mock exam is made up of questions from past years and anticipated CAT exam questions.

Mock tests help develop the ability to comfortably take the entire test. CAT mock tests 2022 also help with time management and learning how to distribute the total allotted time judicially across all sections.

5. Keep yourself fresh

Maintaining a balance between your personal and academic lives is essential for success in the CAT 2022, according to CAT top scorers. Being a bookworm and spending most of your day studying is not the key to passing this MBA entrance exam; rather, it takes clever exam preparation. Maintain a balance and set aside time for other pursuits like restful sleep, entertainment, physical activity, socialising with friends, etc.

Although they don’t directly help you prepare for the CAT in 2022, they have a significant impact on how well you prepare. It has been discovered that those who get enough sleep and exercise every day score better on exams than people who don’t. Additionally, it makes it easier to learn new information quickly and retain it for a long period.

IIMs periodically administer the Common Admission Test, a national-level MBA entrance examination. The CAT exam was administered by IIM Ahmedabad last year. IIM Bangalore is anticipated to host the CAT in 2022. The most likely date for CAT 2022 is November 27. This will be confirmed, however, following the publication of the official CAT notification, which will include all information pertaining to CAT 2022, including the registration deadline, the deadline for applications, the date of the CAT exam, and the format of the test, etc.

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