How to Solve Different Age Problems in Aptitude Examinations?

Thousands of students appear in different types of aptitude examinations each single year. In any country, competitive exams are the first gateways to a successful government job. Students prepare for their exams by heart. However, it is true that the level of preparation expectations does not meet the exam criteria. This is why they fail or do not fall under merit.

Different Age Problems in Aptitude Examinations

In aptitude examinations, one of the most tricky subjects is age. And students feel a lot of trouble while solving age-related queries in less time. However, there is an online age calculator that is developed by Calculator Online and helps to understand the basic calculations regarding age.

Yes, the calculator is developed to calculate accurate age based on the date of birth. So using it, you get an idea of how to do it manually as well.

Let us have a review of how to solve different age questions in aptitude tests!

Basic Concepts:

The problems with age are really very tricky. But a comprehensive gain of concept can let you solve these questionaries in seconds. No doubt the number of questions is not more than 3, but it does not mean they are so simple.

Keep in mind that age questions are asked only in either of the two forms:

  1. By a direct equation
  2. By a statement type

If you use the age calculator by, you will get to know how to solve age equations that are based on the actual birth dates and the current date. When you explore the answer, you will get an idea of how to count the days between birthday and running day for anyone. The reason is that most of the questions are based on this kind of information in examinations.

How to Solve Problems on Ages?

In aptitude exams, you do not have much time to solve particular questions. Like in most tests, you only get 2 hours to answer 100 MCQs, which is very tricky.

Let’s have a look at the basic age-related problems!


Suppose there is a person whose age is X years, months, days, etc.

After n years, age is given as:

  • X + n

Similarly, n years ago, the age was:

  • X – n

If we multiply n years by age, we get:

  • nX

Now if you see that the ages of individuals are given in the ratio of A:B, then A:B will actually be:

  • A:X and B:X


Now make a supposition again that two individuals are there. The sum of their ages is X and Y. On the other hand, their age ratio is p:q. And if you are asked to find the age of person Y, then the following equation can help you:

  • Age of Y = Ratio of Y/ Sum of ratios x sum of ages
  • Age of Y = q/ (p+q) x A

Important Formulas to Keep In Mind:

If you want to solve age-related queries fastly, then the following points can help you do that:

If the assumed current age is P years, then after m years, it will be:

  • A + m

Similarly, age before m years is given as:

  • A – m

If the running age of a person is A years, his/her age after m times A years will be:

  • A * m

And if the age is A years, then i/n years of it will be represented as:

  • A/n

How Age Calculator Helps to Calculate Age?

The online tool is particularly developed to reduce time that is related to age calculations.

The tool gives you the following results:

  • Accurate age calculations in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Your retirement age and time remaining till that age
  • The age-related facts that make age calculations fun for you – you do not get bored
  • Your ages if you were an animal or age on other planets


  • Age in months calculator helps you share the results in the form of a downloaded PDF.
  • You can also share the link directly in online educational forums that might help other students learn how to calculate age
  • Free to use for unlimited times

People Also Ask:

What Is the Trick to Solve Aptitude Questions?

  • You should daily practice different queries
  • Know the full syllabi of the exam
  • Never ask your friends for help while solving problems
  • When solving the question, just focus on it directly and ignore every other thing

Which Is the Best Age Calculator?

Special thanks to Calculator Online which has developed the age calculations tool. The tool gives the same results as aforementioned in this article.

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