How to Extract Data from JPG Images to Excel

Many websites provide file conversion tools, one of which is jpg to excel which converts your image data into editable Excel file format. If your image contains a table and you want to edit it into the table you can not do it with a jpg image instead you need a file which is editable.

It can be a Word or Excel file but excel file is better used for record-keeping and data entry. Instead of manually typing data from images which wastes time and money use the online tool jpg to Excel converter. 

extracting data by converting jpg to excel

Steps of extracting data from jpg to excel

Often the old data is available in paper format and you want to arrange or sort them for making reports or use it in presentation, So what can you do now? The simple answer is to manually type the data but it is a big flaw.  First, make images of the file and convert the jpg to excel by using an online converter.   Here is a step-by-step guide to convert your data from images to excel file. 

Prepare your jpg images 

Before extracting data make sure your jpg images are clear enough to be read by automatic jpg to excel converter. Pictures containing tables are most suitable for this conversion. Photographs with text and scanned documents are suitable for data extraction.  If it is important, make your image more clear and bright for better conversion.

Choose the reliable tool

All the tools that convert image to text form use OCR technology. Many software and online tools provide this service free of cost. So choose it wisely. The quick and easy way to convert the file is using an online tool which also provides an opportunity for batch extraction of data from multiple images. Online tools such as card scanners, online ocr, easy screen ocr and smallpdf do it for us. 

Upload JPG images

After visiting the required website, open the jpg images from the computer or from the cloud. You can select multiple images. 

Press convert button

After uploading all the images or a single image press the convert button to start detecting text from image and convert them to excel file format


Once the file is converted a download option appears on the screen and presses it to use the xlx file. 

Extract data from jpg images into Excel file

On the internet, most of the data and information is available in snapshots and pictures but carrying out data analysis on these pictures is a difficult task. In order to get something out of the data some sorting, summing etc are required which can be performed in ms excel on spreadsheet. Here are a few steps which you can use to get the data from image,a built-in feature of excel. 

  • Get your picture ready and know where images are placed in a computer
  • Open your Excel spreadsheet move to the data tab and select the drop-down from the picture
  • It will give you two options whether to insert the picture from the clipboard or from your device. Select the picture that holds the data 
  • Click on the insert option and your picture will appear on the right side of the screen. It will have the option of inserting or reviewing extracted data. 
  • Verify the data extracted is correct and click on insert data. In this way your data moves to Excel sheet and you can perform data analysis on it.


In this post, we saw the two different methods of converting jpg files to Excel. The first one is to convert the image file to an Excel file using an online converter tool. The second one is using the MS Excel function by opening the document and using its tab to take tabular data from the image.

After converting the file you can now edit and perform data analysis on the given table or numbers. Extracting data from jpg to Excel involves the use of OCR technology which recognizes the text from the image and gives it in Excel form. Since it is an automated process, it is better to recheck the converted file.

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