How To Apply Different Fraction Operations?

Although fraction is a basic concept in mathematics, it has a lot of significance. If your concepts of fractions are weak you will find fractions difficult to solve. We have a solution for you, an advanced fraction calculator which is an online tool that will help to simplify or reduce your complex fractions in simplified form. This tool is not only helpful in getting the answer to your desired fraction but will also teach you step-by-step calculations for better user understanding.

Let us see how to apply various arithmetic operations to fractions.

What Is a Fraction?

In mathematics:

A fraction is a particular number that shows the part of a whole. Consider an example of picking 2 apples out of a dozen of apples. We will write it in fraction form as 2/10. 

Parts of Fraction

It’s better to know the major parts of fractions before solving fractions. These parts are described below


It is a number that we write above the line.


It is a number that we write above the line.


It is a line that divides the numerator and the denominator 

The fractions calculator also knows these parts of the fraction to perform the calculations.

Fraction Addition

With same Denominators

A/B + C/B = (A + C)/B


3/4 + 9/4s

= (3 + 9)/4

= 12/4

With Different Denominators 

A/B + C/D= (A * D)/(B * D) + (B * C)/(B * D)=((A * B) + (B * C))/(B * D)


4/3 + 2/5

= (4 * 5)/(3 * 5) + (3 * 2)/(3 * 5)

=((4 * 5) + (3 * 2))/(3 * 5)



Fraction Subtraction 

With same Denominators

  A/B – C/B = (A – C)/B


7/4 – 2/4

= (7 – 2)/4

= 5/4

With Different Denominators

  A/B – C/D= (A * D)/(B * D) – (B * C)/(B * D)=((A * B) – (B * C))/(B * D)


4/3 – 2/5

= (4 * 5)/(3 * 5) – (3 * 2)/(3 * 5)

=((4 * 5) – (3 * 2))/(3 * 5)



Fraction Multiplication

 (A/B) * (C/D)=(A*C)/(B*D)


(3/2) * (4/5)

= (3*4)/(2*5)

= 6/20

Fraction Division

A fraction-dividing calculator uses some mathematical equations to solve fractional division. These equations are given here. The fraction dividing calculator generates the fraction division result using these equations.

 (A/B) ÷ (C/D) =(A/B)×(D/C) = (A * D)/(B*C)


(3/2) ÷ (4/5)

= (3/2)×(5/4)

= (3*5)/(2*4)


Best Fraction Calculator To Simplify Ratios 

Sometimes we use the ratio as an equivalent term for the fractions. In the following section, you will see the best-adding fractions calculator that will help you to find solutions to any kind of ratio combination.

The fraction online calculator tool is a widely used tool around the world. Teachers and students are using these tools to learn fractions. It has a friendly user interface.  Each tool contains a detailed article that shows step-by-step solutions to problem-solving. In content, all basic principles are highlighted on simplifying fractions.

Let us highlight a few important features of the tool

  • This tool is free of cost 
  • You will get a step-by-step solution to the question 
  • You can share or save results  to discuss with others

What are the types of fractions on which we can apply the above operations?

Different types of fractions on which the tool is applicable are

  • Proper fraction
  • Improper fraction
  • Mixed number
  • Unit fraction
  • Like & unlike fractions

Any kind of fraction you enter in the fraction calculator, the tool will give you the final solution that you are looking for.

What Is The Fraction Between 0 and 1?

 The proper fraction lies between 0 and 1. Every fraction between these numbers is always a proper fraction and will consist of a smaller numerator and a bigger denominator.

Wrapping It Up

Fractions have various applications in almost every field like business & finance, engineering, mathematics, and biology, etc. Fraction is an important concept that should be discussed. To ease the complication of fractions we have designed a fraction calculator which is easy to use and free of cost. So start to use this tool and make your calculator easy, and faster.

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