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The SAT will go digital, following the trend of digitization in many industries, according to the College Board. The new digital SAT will start being given globally in 2023 and domestically in 2024. Multistage Adaptive Testing, a new testing approach established by the College Board, will take the place of the conventional pencil-and-paper test. Let’s examine some of the main components of the digital SAT as well as some tools you may utilize to train for it. 

Major modifications will be made to the test’s format, but the scoring criteria will stay the same. Giving students a fair testing experience is the foundation of The College Board’s decision to go digital. The digital test will be more relevant, secure, and convenient to administer. Compared to the present three-hour SAT, the new digital version will be slightly shorter—just over two hours. The College Board’s decision to digitize the SAT is a step in the direction of a more enjoyable testing environment for students.

The scoring process for the Digital SAT will remain unchanged, and the test will be on a 400-1600 scale. The new SAT will be conducted seven times a year instead of five times and will be 2 hours 14 minutes long, compared to the linear one, which is 2 hours 44 minutes long.

Reading and Writing

 Digital SAT Practice Questions - Vibrant Publishers

The Digital SAT will have one Reading and Writing section instead of two separate verbal sections. It will also use the MST model where a mix of questions of varied difficulties will be included in the second module depending on the student’s performance in the first module, whereas the first module will feature questions ranging from easy to challenging. The use of adaptive testing will guarantee that students receive questions appropriate to their level of proficiency and are not presented with either excessively simple or challenging questions. Reading and writing skills including craft and structure, words in context, text structure and purpose, and major ideas will all be tested on the new digital SAT. Each student will receive a customized set of questions from a wide pool of questions that range in content area and complexity.

The book Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions by Vibrant Publishers offers a thorough practice of the new Reading and Writing practice questions created in accordance with the most recent Digital SAT criteria. The book contains 300 questions with explanations for the answers that were created by SAT specialists using the most recent standards. Amazon and other online bookstores both have the book for sale. It is one of the first books to include questions in the new format and offers pupils a complete learning experience.

Math Section

Digital SAT Math Practice Questions - Vibrant Publishers

Similar to the Reading and Writing sections of the new digital SAT, the Math section will employ the MST paradigm, in which the questions in the second module will be determined by the student’s performance in the first module. Students will have 70 minutes to complete the operational section of the new digital SAT, which consists of 40 operational questions and 4 pretest questions. 

One notable change in the new structure is that students will be allowed to use calculators for both modules. In the current structure, the first module is the “no calculator” section, whereas the second module allows its use. The digital SAT Math part will include the same topics that are covered on the present SAT Math Test.

Vibrant’s Digital SAT Math Practice Questions is a comprehensive study guide that offers the most recent test-taking strategies for the new SAT’s Math section. There are 300 maths practice questions with thorough explanations in the book, which are divided into different domains and levels of difficulty. The book also provides details on the structure of the test, how questions are scored, and much more. 

Students can mark questions on the digital SAT that they are unsure about and return to them later, but they cannot return to a section after finishing it. With the Digital SAT, they will also obtain their SAT results more quickly. There will also be an on-screen calculator available to keep track of the time.

Finally, Practice Tests for the Digital SAT by Vibrant features five practice tests with each area divided into two modules, 490+ questions with varied levels of difficulty, and verbal and math problems created in accordance with the new rules. This allows students to practice with full-length practice exams. 

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