4 Important Reasons to Get Private Tuition in Singapore

Most people, especially parents, in Singapore, are familiar with the basic idea of private tuition. The basic idea of tutoring is hiring a tutor from a private tuition agency (such as private tuition at FamilyTutor) and said tutor goes to the student’s home and works with the student one-to-one. The biggest advantage that parents know about private tuition is that the tutor can adjust or adapt their lessons to suit the student’s individual or special needs. This is something a teacher in a classroom environment cannot afford to do.

Private Tuition in Singapore

With FamilyTutor’s private tuition, their tutors have extensive experience and knowledge of all types of students and problems. Aside from the large advantage mentioned above, there are other advantages to consider when getting a tutor for any child.

Private tuition is no longer only for the elite

Just two decades ago, private tuition in Singapore seemed to be only for the elite or those who could afford the somewhat exorbitant rates. In the last few years, private tutoring has become the norm in the country wherein anyone can now afford a private tutor. This is thanks to how Singapore places a premium on academic achievement that seriously determines the student’s career and future. Thus, many parents strive to provide their children with everything they need to help them achieve their full potential, and this usually includes hiring a private tutor. Most private tuition agencies have responded to this mass need by making tutoring rates affordable.

According to some surveys done, including from the Strait Times, 97% of Singapore’s student population is receiving some form of private tuition. Also, 70% of parents in the country have enrolled at least one child in private tuition.

This all goes to show that since parents in Singapore put a priority on academic achievement for their children, they are turning to private tuition to achieve this.

Private tutoring works on strengthening weaknesses and filling in gaps

All children have academic strengths and weaknesses. Private tuition is the best way to aid with a challenging subject so the child doesn’t fall too far behind. For instance, if any child is struggling to catch up in a maths subject, a classroom teacher doesn’t have the time to work one-on-one with any student and go over the same ground previously covered by the whole class. The tutor can help the child get back on track. Likewise, the tutor can help the child build upon an existing strength. This may bring out some hidden talent or creativity that the student can use to maximise learning. This competitive edge may likely help in landing the child for admittance to a university.

Maximising examination preparation

Singapore’s education programs use exam-focused assessment, and thus, many students struggle with exam performance, even in subjects they are very much familiar with. In reality, examinations aren’t about knowledge or intelligence. There is actually an art or skill to studying and passing exams. Unfortunately, not all children have the natural ability to prepare for exams. A private tutor can help the child develop that skill by showing exam formats the likely types of questions to be encountered. The tutor can also help in developing strategies for memorising details, how to manage time effectively when completing exams, and learning techniques to reduce exam-related anxiety.

Boosting a child’s learning performance

There are really subjects that can prove challenging for most children in Singapore. A private tutor can greatly help any child build on the learning and instruction they are already receiving at school, assist with homework, and allow them to capitalise on unique learning opportunities. This will boost a child’s confidence in his/her ability to learn and understand, and thus, boost academic performance as well.

FamilyTutor’s Private Tuition

Private tuition truly offers clear advantages and benefits, and the above are just some of the reasons that parents should consider when hiring a private tutor in FamilyTutor to supplement their child’s education. When you give us a call or visit the official FamilyTutor website, you will see a lot of options available to your family in terms of affordable rates, subjects available, and the selection of a tutor from our pool of thousands of registered tutors to match your child’s needs. After all, FamilyTutor did not become Singapore’s top-rated private tuition agency for nothing.

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