NDA Vacancy 2022: Post-wise Vacancy for Women and Men, Previous Year Trends

NDA Vacancy: The vacancies for the National Defense Academy are going to be made public on the official website by the Union Public Service Commission. In the coming days, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will announce the availability of NDA 2 positions in the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, and Ground Duty branches. The number of openings in the NDA is by far the most important factor that plays a role in determining whether or not a candidate will be selected for the exam.

In addition, potential applicants can learn more about the vacant seats filled through NDA recruitment by looking here at the trends in vacant positions from previous years in the NDA. The candidates will be able to analyse the difficulty level of the exam as well as the competition better with the assistance of the trends. It will give a very clear picture of the exam and the chances of the candidates being selected for the position.

Upcoming NDA 2022 Exam Dates

The following information regarding the NDA (1) and NDA (2) examination dates has been provided in accordance with what was communicated in the UPSC annual calendar for 2022:

EventsNDA I 2022NDA II 2022
notification 2022December 22, 2022May 18, 2022
application form 2022December 22, 2022May 18, 2022
Last day to apply 2022January 11, 2022June 14, 2022
Withdrawal of applicationJanuary 18-24, 2022To be notified
admit cardMarch 14, 2022August 2022
exam date 2022April 10, 2022September 04, 2022
NDA resultJune 2022November 2022
SSB InterviewTo be notifiedTo be notified

NDA Vacancy 2022

In accordance with the most recent notification, the NDA vacancies for the year 2022 have been made public by the administrators of the Union Public Service Commission. The vacancies, broken down by post, have been announced for the three branches of the Indian armed forces: the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, and the Indian Air Force. The UPSC announces the availability of NDA vacancies twice a year in order to recruit single, male candidates who are interested in serving their country.

The National Defense Academy has a provisional number of openings, but this number is subject to change depending on the amount of available training space at the National Defense Academy and the Indian Naval Academy. Additionally, in accordance with an order from the Supreme Court, separate openings have been made available for female candidates.

In the meantime, we recommend that you scroll down and take a look at the NDA vacancy 2022 as well as vacancies for male and female candidates from previous years. These vacancies are listed below. Before you submit your application for the exam, you should also review the historical patterns of NDA openings from the previous year.

The candidates will be able to analyse the patterns that have been seen in NDA vacancy and the changes that have been implemented in subsequent years with the help of the NDA vacancies from the year before. The National Defense Academy vacancy information has been presented in its entirety in this article.

Course Vacancy
148th National Defense Academy in Indian Army 208
148th National Defence Academy in Indian Air Force 120 (including 28 for Ground Duties)
148th National Defence Academy in Indian Navy 42
110th Indian Naval Academy Course 30
Total 400

NDA Vacancies for Female & Male Candidates

For different courses, the NDA vacancy differs for male and female candidates. The table below shows the vacancies that will be available in 2022. The complete information has been provided. The results of the NDA 2 2022 examination will be used to fill approximately 400 vacancies. The following is the NDA vacancy distribution for female and male candidates in various branches:

NDA Vacancy for Male and Female (Branch wise)

The table below contains all of the information about the NDA vacancy for all of the courses. Examine the detailed job openings listed here to determine the level of competition.

Course Vacancy
148th National Defence Academy (Indian Air Force)
  • 120 (28 for Ground duty)
  • Flying – 92 (including 2 for female candidates)
  • GD Non-tech – 10 (including 2 for female candidates)
  • GD Tech – 18 (including 2 for female candidates)
148th National Defence Academy (Indian Navy) 42 (including 3 for female candidates) 
148th National Defence Academy (Indian Army) 208 (including 10 for female candidates)
110th Indian Naval Academy Course 30 (for male candidates only)
Total 400

NDA Previous Year Vacancies

To determine the intake of aspirants for various forces over the years, look at the NDA previous year vacancies listed below. This will give you an overview of the NDA vacancies announced by UPSC officials in various branches.

Year Indian Naval Academy (NA) (10+2 Cadet Entry Scheme) National Defence Academy (NDA) Total
NDA I 2021 30 370 400
NDA II 2021 43 370 413
NDA I 2020 48 370 418
NDA II 2019 45 370 415
NDA I 2019 50 342 392
NDA II 2018 44 339 383
NDA I 2018 55 360 415
NDA II 2017 55 335 390
NDA I 2017 55 335 390

NDA Vacancy Trends

The NDA vacancy trends will help candidates analyse the trend of vacancies released in a calculated manner. Take a look at the changes in the number of vacancies that have been added in the following years. NDA 2 2020 had the highest number of vacancies. Examine the information presented here to gain a thorough understanding of the trends in NDA vacancies.


u003cstrongu003eCan girls apply for the NDA exam?u003c/strongu003e

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has at long last given single women the opportunity to sit for the National Defense Academy examination in 2021. As a result, it is anticipated that the UPSC NDA 2022 examination will be open to applications from female candidates.

What are the NDA 2 vacancy 2022?

The notification PDF for the NDA vacancy has been made available alongside the NDA vacancy itself, so that interested parties can obtain complete information regarding the patterns of vacancy seen in subsequent years. The range of candidates’ scores and the number of NDA vacancies both determine the candidates’ chances of being selected for the post and have an impact on the minimum score required. This year, a total of four hundred positions, open to both male and female applicants, have been made available.

u003cstrongu003eHow many vacancies are there for the Indian Army of NDA recruitment 2022?u003c/strongu003e

For the Indian Army of NDA recruitment in 2022, there will be a total of 198 vacancies available for male candidates, and there will be 10 vacancies available for female candidates. Since the NDA 2021 session, female candidates have been given the opportunity to take the NDA examination.

How to apply for NDA vacancies?

From the 18th of May 2022 onward, unmarried male candidates who are interested in and eligible for NDA vacancies can submit their applications online. The number of available spots in the National Defense Academy both determines and influences the candidates’ chances of being selected for the recruitment process and moving closer to achieving their goals.

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