IAS (UPSC CSE) Selection Process

Every year, the UPSC holds the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) to select applicants for a variety of positions in the IAS, IPS, IFS, IFoS, IRS, etc. The three stages of the IAS exam selection process for 2022 are the preliminary exam, the main exam, and the personality test.

Candidates who submitted an application for the UPSC IAS exam 2022 are only eligible to take the IAS pre exam, according to the UPSC CSE 2022 selection process. Those who pass the IAS 2022 preliminary exam are invited to take the IAS mains examination. A personal interview for the Civil Service selection process is scheduled for those who pass the UPSC CSE exam for the mains. Based on an applicant’s performance in both the main exam and the personality test, the final merit list for the UPSC IAS 2022 selection process is created. Candidates who pass the IAS cut off in 2022 are considered qualified for the UPSC CSE recruitment in 2022. Candidates can read the article provided below for more information about the UPSC IAS selection process in 2022.

Overview of UPSC CSE Selection Process

The following details the entire UPSC CSE exam selection procedure:

Selection Process for UPSC CSE
Paper Name Exam Stage Exam Duration Full Marks Number of Candidates Comments
GS Paper 1 Prelims 2 hours 200 All Candidates who applied for UPSC CSE Have to clear the cutoff
CSAT Paper 2 Prelims 2 hours 200 Qualifying in nature
Indian Language (Paper A) Mains 3 hours 300 11 to 12 times the number of Vacancies, candidates are called for Mains Qualifying in nature
English (Paper B) Mains 3 hours 300 Qualifying in nature
Essay (Paper 1) Mains 3 hours 250 Marks added in final score
General Studies- 1 (Paper 2) Mains 3 hours 250 Marks added in final score
General Studies- 2 (Paper 3) Mains 3 hours 250 Marks added in final score
General Studies- 3 (Paper 4) Mains 3 hours 250 Marks added in final score
General Studies- 4 (Paper 5) Mains 3 hours 250 Marks added in final score
Optional Subject-1 (Paper 6) Mains 3 hours 250 Marks added in final score
Optional Subject-2 (Paper 7) Mains 3 hours 250 Marks added in final score
Interview/Personality Test Interview 20-45 minutes 275 2 times the number of vacancies candidates are called for interview Marks added in final score.
Total Final Result 2075 Number of Vacancies + Reserve list Based on the total score, a final list of candidates is prepared.
Medical tests Recommended candidates Have to pass the medical standards test

Application Form for UPSC CSE 2022

On February 2, 2022, an announcement for the UPSC CSE was made. 22nd February 2022 was the last day to submit an application. If students are applying for reservations, they must take precautions when submitting their applications because they may be subject to inspection. Reservation certificates that are older than the deadline for application submission will be rejected by UPSC.

In the same way, pay attention to the following details when filling out your application form:

  • Language medium of Paper
  • Contact details
  • City of examination for prelims and mains
  • Optional Choice
  • Category

UPSC IAS Selection Process: Prelims Exam

The initial phase of the IAS selection process is the preliminaries exam. The IAS 2022 prelims exam has stiff competition because there are so many applicants. According to statistics, the Civil Service prelims exam typically receives between 10 and 12 lakh applications, while the IAS prelims exam typically attracts between 5 and 6 lakh applicants. Candidates who successfully submit their IAS application form are eligible to sit for the prelims exam.

Two papers, General Studies Paper 1 and General Studies Paper 2, make up the IAS 2022 prelims exam. The political system, Panchayati raj, public policy, general issues, poverty, rights issues, current events, etc. are topics covered in the IAS prelims exam GS paper 1. Additionally, logical reasoning, general mental ability, and other topics are covered in GS Paper 2.

The IAS prelims exam is a screening test, and the results are not taken into account when determining the final IAS merit list in 2022. Candidates who pass the preliminary exam are invited to take the main examination.

UPSC IAS Selection Process: Mains Exam

Candidates are called to take the CSE main exam if they pass the UPSC IAS 2022 preliminary exam. There are twice as many candidates who pass the IAS main exam as there are available positions with the UPSC CSE in 2022. The IAS mains exam is a descriptive one with a total of 9 papers.

The mains exam consists of two optional papers, four General Studies papers, a language paper, and essay writing. From a list of 26 optional subjects listed in the official UPSC IAS 2022 notification, candidates must choose one. Along with the marks they received in the personal interview, candidates’ performance on the IAS mains exams is taken into account when creating the final merit list. Candidates who pass the UPSC IAS 2022 main exam are contacted for the Civil Service Exam’s personality test/interview.

UPSC IAS Selection Process: Personality Test

Candidates may take the UPSC CSE personality test if they pass the IAS 2022 main exam. The final and last stage of the IAS selection process is the Civil Services personality test. In order to fill the IAS 2022 positions, twice as many applicants are called for the UPSC interview, which is held at the UPSC office in New Delhi.

There is no minimum required score for the IAS interview, which carries 275 marks. Candidates must answer questions from the board members based on their detailed application form (IAS DAF form), which they completed after passing the IAS mains exam. Questions may be posed on current events, elective topics, family history, hometown, state of residence, etc. The members may also present a case study to the candidates and ask them some questions based on it. Candidates who successfully complete the IAS personal interview are declared as qualified.

UPSC IAS Selection Process: Merit List

Along with the announcement of the final UPSC IAS result, the Union Public Service Commission also releases the UPSC final merit list. Based on the results of the main exam and personal interview, the final merit list for the IAS selection process is made public. Candidates who appear on the UPSC CSE merit list are appointed to a variety of government of India services.


It is best to fully comprehend the selection process before beginning your preparation for the UPSC CSE. It will assist you in developing a solid working strategy for each section of the exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Is the UPSC CSE interview challenging?

Ans. UPSC CSE interviews are just like other interviews; with proper planning and execution, you can ace the interview with flying colours. In the interviews, a score of 150 out of 275 is still regarded as good.

Ques. Which information is necessary in order to download the UPSC admit card?

Ans. The registration ID and date of birth are required to download the IAS admit card.

Ques. Which medical testing is done as part of the UPSC CSE?

Ans. In the UPSC CSE medical exams, routine medical examinations are performed, including blood and urine tests, lungs and heart rate checks, blood pressure checks, X-rays (to check for hernias), diabetes tests, eye and hearing tests, standard height and weight checks, etc.

Ques. How can I save my UPSC CSE attempt?

Ans. An attempt at the UPSC CSE prelims exam will be considered an attempt at the UPSC CSE, according to the UPSC CSE 2022 notification. Don’t take the UPSC CSE Prelims exam if you want to save your attempt.

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