CDS Study Material 2023: Check Here Subject Wise Study Notes

CDS Study Material 2023: The Union Public Service Commission has released the syllabus and exam pattern for the Combined Defence Services (CDS). The written test for Indian Military, Indian Navy, and Air Force Academy has three sections, whereas the Officers’ Training Academy Exam has two sections.

As a result, it is recommended that you consult the CDS Subject-Wise Books for a better understanding. For the UPSC CDS Exam, candidates can find complete topic-by-topic study notes in PDF format for each of the subjects. The notes available here are free to download and can be saved to your phone or computer. Exam dates for all defence exams are available here for candidates.

Study Materials For CDS Exam 2023

For English

When studying for the UPSC CDS Exam, one of the skills you should focus on is English. It accounts for roughly one-third of the total marks. The CDS Exam has a total of 100 questions from English. It is also significant during the CDS OTA Exam, accounting for half of the total marks.

Sentence Improvement, Reading Comprehension, Synonyms, Antonyms, and other types of questions can be asked. The notes in this section will assist you in improving your English skills and performing better on the UPSC CDS Exam.

CDS English Topics CDS English Study Materials PDF
Synonyms and Antonyms List of words with Synonyms and Antonyms with Practice Questions
Sentence Rearrangement Concepts, Types, Tips and Tricks with Examples on Sentence Rearrangements with Practice Questions
Sentence Corrections Rules with Example and Practice Questions on Sentence Correction
Reading Comprehensions Types of Passages, and Tips on Reading Comprehension with Practice Questions
Para Jumbles Tips and Tricks, Important Points, and Types with Examples on ParaJumbles with Sample Questions
Active and Passive Voice Concept, Types, Rules with Solved Questions on Active and Passive Voice with Tests
Direct and Indirect Speech Concept, Rules with Examples and Practice Questions on Direct and Indirect Speech
Error Spotting Concept with Examples and Practice Questions on Error Spotting
Fill in the Blanks Important Topics, and Tips with Practice Questions on Fill in the Blanks
Idioms and Phrases  

For Elementary Mathematics

Mathematics is an essential element of the UPSC CDS Syllabus, accounting for one-third of the total marks. For many aspirants with an arts background, it can be a difficult subject. In the CDS Exam, questions are usually based on basic mathematical concepts and are simple to understand.

The topic-by-topic mathematics notes that will be useful during UPSC CDS preparation are listed below:

  • Number System: Types with Examples, Solved Question with Practice Question on Number System
  • Simple & Compound Interest: Definition, Points to Remember with Examples on Simple and Compound Interest
  • HCF & LCM: Concept, Relation, Methods, with Examples and Practice Questions on HCF & LCM
  • Trigonometry: Ratio, Useful Identities, on Trigonometry with Practice Questions
  • Time, Speed & Distance: Methods, and Types of Time, Speed & Distance with Examples
  • Time & Work: Concept, Basic Questions and Practice Questions on Time and Work
  • Simplification: Types and Methods of Simplification with Examples
  • Ratio & Proportion: Definition, Types with Important Questions on Ratio and Proportion
  • Profit & Loss: Concept, Points to Remember, and Formulae, with Solved Examples on Profit and Loss
  • Percentage: Concept, Conversions, Solved Problems and Practice Questions on Percentage
  • Mensuration: Types, Concept, Formulae with Explanation on Mensuration
  • Logarithm: Definition, Types, Rules of Logarithm with Examples and Practice Questions
  • Geometry: Types and Concepts with properties on Geometry with Examples and Problems
  • Data Interpretation: Concept, Important Points, Types with examples on Data Interpretation
  • Average: Concepts, Important Formulae with Examples of Average with Practice Questions
  • Algebraic Equations: Concepts with Examples, Methods for solving on Algebraic Equations

For Geography

One of the most important aspects of the UPSC CDS Exam is geography. In the General Knowledge section, you can ask a variety of questions about geography. Questions about Indian, global, and economic geography can be asked. Candidates can find topic-by-topic study notes for UPSC CDS Exam Geography preparation and download the PDF below:

Indian Geography The Himalaya & Northern Plains of Physical Features of India
Indian Geography Peninsular Plateau & Coastal Plains of Physical Features of India
Indian Geography Drainage System in India
Indian Geography Types of Soil in India
Indian Geography Agriculture in India and Types of Crops
Indian Geography Crucial Lakes in India
Indian Geography Indian Climate and Weather
Indian Geography Natural Vegetation
World Geography Solar System
Indian Geography Important Dams in India
Indian Geography Mineral Resources
World Geography Peaks, Mountain Range, and Important Revers
World Geography Important Deserts
World Geography Oceans, Currents, Volcanoes and Boundaries of the countries
World Geography Interior Composition of Earth
Physical Geography Clouds with its types

For History

Many UPSC CDS aspirants find history to be a tedious subject. The CDS Exam also includes questions on Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History topics. NCERT History Textbooks, for example, are a good source of information. Some important historical notes are provided below to help you understand and clarify the concepts. They’re also worth considering for last-minute planning.

Ancient History Paleolithic Age in India
Ancient History Timeline of Indian History
Ancient History Indus Valley Civilization
Ancient History Vedic Period
Ancient History Buddhism & Jainism
Ancient History Mahajanapadas & Magadha Empire
Ancient History Maurya Dynasty
Ancient History Foreign Invasions
Ancient History Gupta Dynasty
Ancient History Sangam Age
Ancient History Pallava Dynasty
Medieval History Tripartite Struggle
Medieval History Rajput States
Medieval History Vijayanagar and Bahmani Empire
Medieval History Delhi Sultanate
Medieval History Mughal Empire
Medieval History Bhakti and Sufi Movement
Medieval History Peasant Movements
Modern History Forign Travelers
Modern History Land Reforms

For Science

When you don’t have a science background, science can be perplexing. Some parts of the UPSC CDS Exam’s General Knowledge section include science questions. The questions usually revolve around basic biology, physics, and chemistry concepts.Candidates can find general knowledge books and preparation tips here. Here are some UPSC CDS Study Notes for the Science subject that will help you improve your exam score.

PhysicsAvailable Soon
ChemistryChemical Reaction
BiologyAvailable Soon
Notes on OpticsNotes on Optics
Chemical FormulasAvailable Soon

For Static GK

The questions in the General Knowledge section cover a wide range of topics. Questions on India’s Firsts, Books and Authors, Indian Cities, Famous People, Important Dates, Sports, and other topics may be asked. The table below contains some of the most important study notes for the UPSC CDS Exam’s Static GK Section that aspirants should review while studying for the exam.

Firsts in IndiaFirsts in India
Hightes, Tallests Smarterst and Largest in IndiaHightes, Tallests Smarterst and Largest in India
Indian CitiesList of Indian Cities and their Nicknames
Famous Personalities in IndiaFamous Personalities in India
Books and AuthorsBooks and Authors
Important DaysImportant Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques- What can I do to improve my general awareness in preparation for the CDS Exam?

Ans- You should make it a habit to read the newspaper every day because it will keep you informed about current events around the world. You can also use a variety of current magazines.

Ques- What is the best way to begin studying for the CDS Exam?

Ans- You should first familiarise yourself with the Exam Pattern and Syllabus, and then divide your subjects for study according to the time available.

Ques- When should I take the CDS practise test?

Ans- When you have finished studying the syllabus for a particular subject, you should take the mock tests.

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