UPSC CAPF AC Salary 2022: Pay Scale, Allowances, Benefits and Job Profile

UPSC CAPF AC Salary: On August 20, 2022, the CAPF AC 2022 exam will be held for the Assam Rifles (AR), the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the Border Security Force (BSF), the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), the National Security Guard (NSG), the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), and the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) (tentative).

CAPF AC’s salary ranges between INR 56,100 and INR 1,77,500. Additional allowances such as DA, MA, HRA, SDA, MD, TA, and others will be available with the position of Assistant Commandant.

The Assistant Commandant of the UPSC CAPF receives a monthly salary of Rs. 44,135/-. As a result, candidates should begin their preparation right away and begin practising the previous year’s CAPF AC exam papers.

Candidates will gain a complete understanding of the CAPF AC job profile and become familiar with the upcoming roles and responsibilities with accurate knowledge of the CAPF AC job profile. They are entitled to a variety of allowances and emoluments in addition to a competitive salary package.

UPSC CAPF AC Salary: Growth Options and Increments

CAPF(AC) is an intriguing job profile that measures prestige and provides opportunities for job holders to grow and maintain their abilities. It provides opportunities for advancement as well as remittances and benefits in addition to competitive pay.

The exam is held once a year and gives both males and females the opportunity to pursue this position profile. According to the Seventh Pay Commission, the compensation structure for CAPF (AC) is as follows:

  • The compensation offered to the CAPF AC is also commendable.
  • Increases as a result of advancement and the responsibilities that come with it.
  • Applicants for the CAPF AC will be compensated according to the accompanying structure.
  • The pay has been divided into four categories: basic compensation, DA, close by pay, and evaluation pay.

UPSC CAPF AC Salary and Job Profile 2022

The Assistant Commandant of the CAPF (AC) is a Ministry of Home Affairs Grade A officer. As a result, it is critical for a candidate to be aware of the CAPF Assistant Commandant (AC) salary. The UPSC CAPF AC salary and the numerous allowances that they are entitled to during their service will be discussed here. Candidates’ motivation and passion are fueled by a complete understanding of the salary and job profile. The official notifications for the UPSC CAPF AC 2022 salary structure and pay scale are now available. Get an overview of the CAPF AC salary structure and job profile for 2022.

The Union Public Service Commission has released the CAPF AC 2022 exam notification, which contains all of the official details. Every job seeker wants to know the salary structure and job profile before applying for a position.

If you’re planning to take the CAPF Exam in 2022, you’re probably curious about the CAPF AC salary, grade pay, allowances, and job profile by rank to see if you’re a good fit for the position. A job with the CAPF comes with several benefits and opportunities for advancement.

A person who is selected for CAPF (AC) can join any of the following forces:

  1. Sashastra Seema Bal
  2. Central Reserve Police Force
  3. Border Security Force
  4. Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force
  5. Central Industrial Security Force

CAPF Salary Structure (in-Hand & Grade Pay)

The salary of a CAPF Assistant Commandant varies depending on the posts and job profile of the CAPF. The basic pay, dearness allowance, grade pay, in-hand salary, and other details of the CAPF Assistant Commandants have been presented here. The CAPF salary structure is divided into four parts, as shown below.

  • In hand salary
  • Basic Pay
  • Grade Pay
  • Dearness Allowance

The salary structure of the CAPF is detailed in the table below;-

Title of SalaryAmount
Grade PayINR 5,400
In hand SalaryINR 44,135
Dearness Allowance (DA)INR 26,250
Basic PayINR 15,600
TotalINR 51,480

Applicants have seen the advantages and benefits of being chosen, as well as the compensation structure. Along with the Pay Band, we can look into post-by-post compensation.

CAPF AC Salary Slip

The In-Hand Salary will be shown on the CAPF Salary Slip after all applicable deductions from the CAPF basic pay and other amounts have been shown. The CAPF AC salary slip will detail the salary and deductions in great detail.

CAPF Salary 2022 After 7th Pay Commission

The CAPF salary is based on the 7th pay commission’s recommendations. The pay scale (grade pay) for various positions is shown in the table below. This will assist candidates in learning about the salaries received by candidates for various positions. Examine the pay scale and pay band for the following positions, which are subject to change as a result of government policies.

RankPay Scale (Basic Pay)Pay Band
Additional Director GeneralRs. 1,82,200 – Rs. 2,24,100HAG
Director-GeneralRs. 2,25,000Apex Fixed
Inspector GeneralRs. 1,44,000 – Rs. 2,18,000Pay Band – 4
Sr. CommandantRs. 1,23,000 – Rs.2,15,900Pay Band – 4
Deputy Inspector GeneralRs. 1,31,000 – Rs. 2,16,600Pay Band – 4
Assistant CommandantRs. 56,100 – Rs. 1,77,500Pay Band – 3
CommandantRs. 78,800 – Rs. 2,09,200Pay Band – 3
Deputy CommandantRs. 67,700 – Rs. 2,08,700Pay Band – 3

CAPF Salary Allowances and Additional Benefits

As you pass the CAPF’s various exams, you will first be assigned to the position of Assistant Commandant. In addition to the attractive CAPF salaries 2022, the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) arranges for a variety of lucrative benefits and perquisites. The CAPF Assistant Commandants are entitled to a variety of allowances and emoluments.

UPSC CAPF 2022: Allowances

The position of Assistant Commandant in the UPSC’s Central Armed Police Force comes with a slew of benefits. To learn more about it, look over the list provided below.

Allowances such as

  1. Cash for Ration
  2. House Rent Allowance
  3. Difficulty Allowance,
  4. Unique Duty Allowance
  5. Dearness Allowance
  6. Clinical Allowance
  7. Transport Allowance, are provided in addition to the basic salary amount, resulting in additional benefits.

UPSC CAPF 2022: Additional Benefits

With this post, the Assistant Commandant of the UPSC CAPF will have a plethora of opportunities for not only skill advancement but also financial bonuses as promotions are made throughout the course of service. Applicants should be aware that as their position grows in importance, so will their pay. Experience, obligation years, opportunity accessibility, and other factors all play a role in advancement.

CAPF AC employment comes with a lot of responsibilities. The candidate must demonstrate work readiness and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations. The official should also look into the organization’s task planning and management.

The following are some of the responsibilities:

  1. Disciplinary Powers.
  2. Autonomous Intelligence Network.
  3. Workforce Management.
  4. Complaint Redressal.
  5. Controlling Office.
  6. Adequacy and Serviceability of combat hardware.

Throughout their career, the Assistant Commandant of the UPSC CAPF has several opportunities to advance. Regular payment and additional benefits are both contingent on your promotion. As your post is promoted, your regular payment will increase as well.

The promotion is based on your previous experiences, years of service, and the availability of a vacancy, among other factors. The promotion sequence has been left uncommissioned for clarity’s sake.

  1. 21/C gets promoted as a military officer in 16-20 years.
  2. DIG gets promoted as DIG in 23-26 years.
  3. DC gets promoted as 21/C in a half dozen – twelve years.
  4. AC gets promoted as DC is zero – half a dozen years.
  5. Commandants get promoted as DIG in 20-23 Years.

The Central Armed Police Force will do everything possible to keep our country safe and free. They take on the most difficult challenges, take charge of the situation, and are frequently integrated into a variety of security operations.

CAPF Job Profile 2022

When you perform well on the job, you can expect to earn a competitive salary package. Furthermore, you must complete the necessary training and be prepared to face any challenges that may arise along your career path.

As a potential candidate, you must ensure that policies are planned and implemented effectively in the organisation. Details of the CAPF work profile for various forces can be found below. Get a sense of the upcoming roles and responsibilities, and improve your skills to ensure that you can complete the work without difficulty.

Border Security Force (BSF)

  • During times of peace, the ACs are expected to instil a sense of national security in the population living along the border, stop trans-border crimes, prevent unauthorised people from entering or leaving the Indian Territory, and prevent any other illegal activity such as smuggling.
  • ACs are expected to perform special tasks in connection with intelligence, such as raids, during times of war. He or she will also be responsible for defending critical installations such as airfields, holding ground in less-threatened areas in the event of an attack, assisting the main defence line, and taking limited aggressive action against enemy irregular paramilitary forces.
  • ACs are also expected to guard prisoner of war cages and perform anti-infiltration duties in specific areas during wartime.

Central Reserve Police Force (CRP)

ACs are expected to control riots, crowd control, counter-militancy operations, deal with left-wing extremism, protect vital installations and VIPS, work toward environmental protection, fight wartime aggression, contribute to the UN Peacekeeping Mission, conduct relief and rescue operations in the event of natural disasters, and maintain overall organisational coordination.

Indian-Tibetian Border Police (ITBP)

VIPs, banks, and sensitive installations are expected to be protected by the Indian-Tibetan Border Police. They are also expected to keep an eye on any illegal activities such as smuggling and illegal immigration that occur along the border.

They are in charge of maintaining and restoring order in areas where there have been disturbances. They must maintain vigilance along the northern borders and monitor border violations.

Seema Suraksha Bal (SSB)

The SSB is in charge of preventing trans-border crimes, smuggling, and other illegal activities, as well as ensuring that no unauthorised entry or exit into or out of India Territory.

The following are some of the other CAPF job responsibilities:

  1. Redressal of Grievances
  2. Administration of the Office
  3. Personnel Management
  4. Serviceability and Efficacy of Armaments
  5. Independent Intelligence Network
  6. Exercising Disciplinary Powers

CAPF Career Growth

The following is a list of Central Armed Police Force equivalent ranks when compared to Military Ranks:

Ranks of Indian ArmyCentral Armed Police ForceRanks of Indian NavyRanks of Indian Air Force
Lieutenant General GOC in C’s Scale)Director General (Apex Scale of the Indian Police Service)Vice Admiral(FOC-in-C’s Scale)Air Marshal (AOC-in-C’s Scale)
Lieutenant General(HAG)Additional Director General (ADG)Vice Admiral(HAG)Air Marshal(HAG)
Major GeneralInspector General (IG)Rear AdmiralAir Vice-Marshal
BrigadierDeputy Inspector General (DIG)CommodoreAir Commodore
ColonelCommandantCaptainGroup Captain
Lieutenant ColonelSecond-in-CommandCommanderWing Commander
MajorDeputy CommandantLieutenant CommanderSquadron Leader
CaptainAssistant CommandantLieutenantFlight Lieutenant


What is the salary of CAPF AC 2022 officers?

CAPF AC salaries range from INR 56,100 to INR 177,500. Employees receive additional allowances in addition to their Assistant Commandant job, such as DA, MA, HRA, SDA, MD, TA, and so on.

For which all posts the UPSC CAPF exam is taken?

The Assam Rifles (AR), Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Border Security Force (BSF), Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), National Security Guard (NSG), Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP), and Sashastra Seema Bal all take the CAPF AC 2022 exam (SSB)

What kind of job is done by the Central Armed Police Force?

The Central Armed Police Force works tirelessly to keep the country safe, allowing it to breathe and live freely. Officers face the most difficult challenges, but the job is regarded as one of India’s most respected.

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