TNPSC CSSSE Recruitment 2022: Notification, Dates, Eligibility, Syllabus

The selection process for the TNPSC CSSSE exam in 2022 will be an objective type test. Those interested in working as a block health statistician, a Statistical Assistant, or a Computer Cum Vaccine Storekeeper can take the test.

Before applying for the exam, candidates should read the TNPSC’s detailed notification pdf to learn about all of the exam’s important features.

TNPSC CSSSE 2022: An Overview

In the table below, you’ll find the most important details about the TNPSC CSSSE 2022:

Important DetailsHighlights
Conducting AuthorityTNPSC
Exam NameTNPSC Combined Statistical Subordinate Service Exam
Exam Frequency1 time in a year
Expected Vacancy193
Post NameStatistical Assistant
Computer cum vaccine store-keeper
Block Health Statistician

TNPSC CSSSE Application Process 2022

Candidates who want to apply for the TNPSC CSSSE 2022 online must follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of TNPSC. Applicants must first complete their Aadhaar-based One-Time Registration (OTR). Applicants must pay a registration fee in order to register online.
  • Step 2: Applicants must submit scanned images of their photographs, certificates (if any), and signatures in accordance with the guidelines.
  • Step 3: Select “Apply Now” from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4: To apply for the Combined Statistical Subordinate Service, click the “Apply Now” button.
  • Step 5: Type your Login ID and Password into the boxes provided.
  • Step 6: Fill out your application form, pay the examination fee, and save the fully completed application form for future use.

Application Fee

To submit their applications online, candidates must pay an application fee and an examination fee.

The registration fees and the single registration procedure must be paid at the same time (OTR). The exam fees must be paid when the application for enrollment in the TNPSC CSSSE is submitted.

Applicants can pay with a debit/credit card or through online banking. The use of offline transaction methods is not permitted.

Application FeeAmount
For RegistrationINR 150
For ExamINR 100

The application fee relaxation will apply to the following categories:

Category NameFee Relaxation
OBCThree Free Chances
MBC / MBC and Denotified CommunitiesThree Free Chances
Ex-ServicemenTwo Free Chances
Destitute WidowExempted
Relevant Links
KPSC Chief Librarian TNPSC Junior Draughting Officer KPSC Head Master

TNPSC CSSSE Eligibility Criteria 2022

Candidates must meet the eligibility criteria, which include an age limit and a minimum educational qualification, in order to take the exam.

Age limit

  • As of July 1, 2022, the maximum age limit is 32 years.
  • SC, SC (A), ST, MBC (V), MBC and DNC, MBC, BC, BCM, and poor widows of all castes will have no upper age limit.
  • For categories where there is no maximum age limit, the applicants must be under the age of 60.

Educational Qualification

Applicants must have a good command of the Tamil language. The following is the educational qualification for all notified positions:

Posts Educational Qualification
Block Health Statistician Any university or college with a degree in mathematics, statistics, or economics.
Computer cum Vaccine Storekeeper A bachelor’s degree in mathematics with statistics as a special subject, or a bachelor’s degree in statistics, or certification in any of the following subjects:


  • Applied Statistics Probability and Fundamental Statistics, Applied Statistics, and Basic Statistics for actuarial Science.
  • Probability and Applied Statistics.
  • Fundamental Statistics and Applied Statistics.
  • Applied Statistics only
  • Practical Statistics and Statistics interference.
Statistical Assistant A master’s degree in statistics or mathematics, as well as experience with computer statistical tools, is required.

TNPSC CSSSE Exam Syllabus 2022

TNPSC 2022 has a detailed recruitment program for the Combined Statistics Service.

TNPSC CSSSE Algebra and Trigonometry Program 2022:

  • Expansion of sin x, cos x, tan x as a function of x; sin nx, cos nx, tan nx, sin nx, cos nx, tan nx, hyperbolic, and inverse hyperbolic functions – simple problems.
  • Descartes’ rule of signs: Approximate solutions of the roots of Newton’s polynomials – Raphson’s method – Horner’s method; Method of solving a cubic polynomial according to Cardan.
  • Equation theory: polynomial equations; Imaginary and irrational roots; Symmetric functions of the roots in terms of coefficient; Sum of the powers rth of the roots; Reciprocal equations; Transformations of equations.
  • Summation of series: theorems of binomial, exponential, and logarithmic series; Adding finite series with the difference method – simple problems.

TNPSC CSSSE Calculation, 2-dimensional coordinate geometry and differential geometry Program 2022:

  • Approaches of finding asymptotes of rational algebraic curves with unique cases. Beta & gamma functions, their properties, and some problems. Double integrals; change of order of integration; triple integrals; surface applications, surface volume.
  • Integration methods; Properties of definite integrals; Reduction Formulas – Simple Problems.
  • nth derivative; Partial differentiation, Leibnitz’s theorem, and its applications. Total deviations; Jacobins; Maximum and Minimum of functions of 2 and 3 independent variables – necessary and sufficient conditions; Lagrange method – simple problems on these concepts.
  • Conics – Parabola, rectangular hyperbola, and ellipse, hyperbola, – poles, polar points, concyclic points, co-normal, conjugate diameters, asymptotes, and conjugate hyperbola.
  • Curvature; the radius of curvature in Cartesian coordinates; polar coordinates; equation of a line, a circle, and a conic; the radius of curvature in polar coordinates; equations pr; evolved; envelopes.

TNPSC CSSSE Laplace transform and differential equations Syllabus 2022:

  • First-order equations but of higher degree – solvable for p, solvable for x, solvable for y, claimant form – simple problems.
  • Second-order differential equations with steady coefficients with distinct integrals.
  • Method of varying the parameters; Total differential equations, simple problems.

TNPSC CSSSE Vector calculation, Fourier series, and Fourier transform Program 2022:

  • Fourier transform: infinite Fourier transforms (complex form, no derivation); transform the sine and cosine; simple properties of Fourier transforms; Convolution theorem; The identity of Parseval.
  • Vector differentiation: gradient, divergence, curvature, directional derivative, unit normal to a surface.
  • Fourier series: Developments of a periodic function of period 2π; expansion of even and odd functions; mid-range series.
  • Vector integration: line, area, and volume integrals; Gauss, Stokes, and Green theorems – simple problems.

TNPSC CSSSE Algebraic Structures Course Syllabus 2022:

  • Vector spaces: definition and examples, linear dependence and independence, dual spaces, internal product spaces.
  • Groups: Subgroups, cyclic groups, their properties, and some problems; Lagrange’s theorem; Normal subgroups; automorphism; homomorphism; Cayley’s theorem, permutation groups.
  • Linear transformations: Algebra of linear transformations, matrices, characteristic roots, triangular forms, canonical forms.
  • Rings: Definition and examples, Integral domain, homomorphism of rings, Ideals and quotient Rings, Prime ideal and maximum ideal; the field and the quotients of an integral domain, the Euclidean rings.

TNPSC CSSSE Real Analysis Syllabus 2022:

  • Limits and metric spaces: Limit of a function on a real line; metric spaces, and limits in metric sp
  • sequences of real numbers: definition of sequence and sort sequence; limit of a sequence; convergent sequences; divergent sequences; limited sequences; monotonic sequences; operations on convergent sequences; operations on divergent sequences; upper limit and lower limit; Cauchy sequences.
  • Sets and functions: Sets and elements; Operations on the sets; functions; real value functions; equivalence; accounting; real numbers; upper minimum limits.
  • Series of real numbers: convergence and divergence; series with non-negative numbers; alternating series; conditional convergence and absolute convergence; absolute convergence test; series whose terms form a non-increasing sequence.

TNPSC CSSSE Complex Analysis Syllabus 2022:

  • Mappings for elementary functions: linear functions, the 1 / z function, linear fractional transformations, the functions w = zn, w = ez, special linear fractional transformations.
  • Complex numbers: Point at infinity, Stereographic projection
  • Analytical functions: Functions of a complex variable, applications, limits, limit theorems, continuity, derivatives, derivative formula, Cauchy-Riemann equations, conditions sufficient Cauchy-Riemann equations in polar form, analytical functions, harmonic functions.
  • Integrals: definite integrals, boundaries, line integrals, Cauchy Goursat theorem, Cauchy integral formula, derivatives of analytical functions, maximum moduli of functions.

TNPSC CSSSE Dynamics and Statics Syllabus 2022:

  • Balls: Flight time, horizontal range, range in an inclined plane. Impulsive and impulsive movements, a collision of two smooth spheres, direct impact, and simple oblique problems.
  • DYNAMICS: kinematics of a particle, velocity, acceleration, relative velocity, angular velocity, Newton’s laws of motion, equation of motion, rectilinear motion in constant acceleration, simple harmonic motion.
  • Central forces: central orbit in the form of a plane curve, equation for a central orbit, find the law of force and speed for a given central orbit, find the central orbit for a provided law of force.
  • Moment of inertia: Moment of inertia of simple bodies, theorems of parallel and perpendicular axes, a moment of inertia of triangular plate, circular plate, circular ring, right circular cone, sphere (hollow and solid).

TNPSC CSSSE Operational Research Program 2022:

  • Linear programming, formulation, graphical solution, simplex method
  • BigM method, two-phase method, duality primal relation, double simplex method, revised simplex method, sensitivity analysis. Transport problem – assignment problem.
  • Sequence problem: n jobs on 2 machines, n jobs on 3 machines, two jobs on m machines, n jobs on m machines.
  • PERT and CPM: network diagram design, critical path (excluding crash), PERT calculations.

TNPSC CSSSE Mathematics Statistics Syllabus 2022:

  • Statistics, complete enumeration, sampling methods, measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, asymmetric kurtosis.
  • Sampling space: Laws of addition and multiplication of probability, Independence, Conditional probability, Bayes theorem.
  • Random variables, Distribution function, Expected values and moments, Moment-generating function, Probability-generating function, Uniqueness and inversion theorems – Cumulants, Chebyshev inequality.

TNPSC Combined Statistical Subordinate Service Exam Pattern 2022

  • The exam will be divided into two objective-type OMR-based papers.
  • There will be questions in both Tamil and English.
  • The minimum qualifying marks are 200 (150 for SCs, SC(A)s, STs, BCs, (OBCM), MBC(V), MBC and DNCs, MBCs and BCMs).


Subject Name

Total Number of Questions

Maximum Marks

Exam Duration

Paper 1




3 hours



Paper 2

General Studies



2 hours

Aptitude and Mental Ability Test


TNPSC CSSSE Admit Card 2022

The date for the release of the admission card for the TNPSC 2022 Subordinate Service of Combined Statistics recruitment has not yet been announced. Once the exam dates are communicated, the link will be activated.

The TNPSC CSSSE Admit Card can be downloaded by following the steps listed below:

  • Step 1: Go to the TNPSC’s official website.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Recruitment tab and select the TNPSC Combined Statistics Combined Service 2022 Admit Card option.
  • Step 3: Download the TNPSC Combined Statistical Subordinate Service admit card by clicking on the provided link and entering the required credentials.
  • Step 4: A new window will open, allowing you to download the admit card to your computer.

TNPSC CSSSE Answer Key 2022

After the written exam begins, TNPSC will release the Combined Subordinate Statistical Service Recruitment Response Key. To calculate their score according to the exam pattern, candidates should download the  answer key from TNPSC’s official website.

The TNPSC CSSSE Answer key can be downloaded by following the steps listed below:

  • Step 1: Visit TNPSC CSSSE’s official website.
  • Step 2: Go to the TNPSC CSSSE’s home page and look for the bulletin board section.
  • Step 3: Go to the recent notifications column and look for the TNPSC 2022 CSSSE Answer Key link.
  • Step 4: Access the TNPSC CSS Answer Key page, which will be in pdf format, by clicking on the TNPSC CSS Answer Key link.
  • Step 5: Print out the answer key for future reference.

TNPSC CSSSE Cutoff 2022

After the selection processes are completed, the cutoff limit for the TNPSC CSSSE will be announced. The final cutoffs for the TNPSC subordinate combined statistics service are determined by factors such as the number of applicants, students who took the exams, and students who passed the exams, among others..

Aspirants can check the TNPSC CSSSE cutoff 2022 by following the steps below:

  • Log into your account on the TNPSC CSSSE Recruitment exam.
  • Candidates will find the most recent link for verifying the TNPSC CSSSE Cutoff score on the home page.
  • You should double-check the cutoff marks after downloading the TNPSC CSSSE cutoff link.

TNPSC CSSSE Result 2022

The result dates for the TNPSC Combined Statistical Subordinate Service Recruitment 2022 have yet to be announced. The findings should be published on the TNPSC’s Combined Statistical Service’s official website. The names of the candidates who passed all of the TNPSC’s difficult examination selection processes for the Combined Statistics Subordinate Service will be included in the ranking.

  • Step 1: Go to the official website of the TNPSC Combined Statistics Subordinate Service.
  • Step 2: Select Login to application from the drop-down menu and enter your  login credentials. Then press the submit button to complete the process.
  • Step 3: On the screen will be displayed the results of the combined TNPSC 2022 subordinate statistics service.

TNPSC CSSSE Salary 2022

In the table below, you will find the salary for TNPSC CSSSE recruitment.:

Post NameExpected Salary
Block Health StatisticianINR 20,600-65,500
Computer–cum vaccine storekeeperINR 19,500-62,000
Statistical AssistantINR 35,900-1,13,500

TNPSC CSSSE Previous Year Vacancy

The TNPSC Combined Statistical Subordinate Service 2022 exam will be advertised with various vacancies.

The TNPSC CSSSE 2021 had 193 vacancies. The following is the breakdown of vacancies among the various positions:

Post NameNumber of Available Vacancy
Block Health Statistician161
Computer cum Vaccine Storekeeper30
Statistical Assistant2

TNPSC CSSSE Selection Procedure 2022

The written test will be the first stage of the selection process. A provisional list of qualified candidates will be published based on the scores obtained by the candidates in this test. These individuals will be asked to check the certificates. After the original certificates have been verified, the suitable candidates will be chosen through counselling.

  • Written examination
  • Verification of the certificate
  • Final Counseling


What are the available positions in the TNPSC Combined Statistical Subordinate Service exam?

Assistant statistician, computer cum-vaccine storekeeper, and block health statistician are the positions available

What is the process for selecting TNPSC’s Combined Statistics Subordinate Service?

An objective test, documentary verification, and final counselling will be used in the selection process.u003cbr /u003e

What language should the TNPSC CSSSE exam be written in?

The TNPSC CSSSE exam will be held in both English and Tamil.

What is the cost of the TNPSC CSSSE exam registration?

The cost of registration is INR 150. Candidates in special reserved groups are eligible for a fee reduction.

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