SEBI Grade A Salary 2023: Salary Structure, Salary Slip, In hand Salary, Promotion, Allowance

Applicants applying for SEBI Grade A 2023 consider a variety of factors, including the number of vacancies, salary structure, job description, and overall career prospects. Applicants can start as assistant managers and work their way up to the position of chairman.

SEBI Grade A Assistant Managers are expected to earn Rs. 1,07,000/- without housing and Rs. 73,000/- with housing. The position of Assistant Manager comes with a good salary and job security, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. Under the Security Exchange Board of India, the SEBI Grade A Assistant Manager is responsible for a variety of departments. Read this article thoroughly to clear any doubts you may have about the salary and job profile of an Assistant Manager in SEBI Grade A.

We will go over the SEBI Grade A 2023 Salary Structure, work-profile, job-role, roles and responsibilities, career growth, salary perks, and other benefits of this position in detail in this article.

SEBI Grade A: Important Highlights

  • For the position of Assistant Manager, SEBI has 147 vacancies.
  • Successful applicants for the position of SEBI Grade A officer must serve a two-year probationary period.
  • Without housing, a SEBI Grade A officer’s gross monthly salary is INR 1,07,000 per month.
  • An Assistant Manager is paid INR 73,000 per month plus housing.
  • The ultimate goal of an Assistant Manager (Grade A) is to advance to the position of Chairman.

Pay Scale in SEBI

Grade Scale in INR
Junior Assistant 13150-750(3)-15400-900(4)-19000-1200(6)-26200-1300(2)28800-1480(3)-33240-1750(1)-34990 (20 years)
Grade ‘A’ 28150-1550(4)-34350-1750(7)- 46600-EB-1750(4)-53600-2000(1)- 55600 (17 years)
Grade ‘B 35150-1750(9)-50900-EB-1750(2)-54400-2000(4)-62400 (16 years)
Grade ‘C’ 49000-1750(3)-54250-1900(2)- 58050-2000(4)-66050-EB-2000(2)- 70050-2150(1) -72200 (13 years)
Grade ‘D’ 68500-2150(2)-72800-2250(6)-86300 (9 years)
Grade ‘E’ 72800-2250(1)-75050-2400(2)- 79850-2500(3)-87350-3000(5)- 102350 (12 years)
Grade ‘F’ 101900-3000(4)-113900 (5 years)
Executive Director 120500-3500(2)-127500 (3 years)

According to the needs of various branches across the country, offices may be posted and transferred to any location in India, including UTs. From the time of joining, a SEBI Grade A Officer is on probation for two years. The selected candidate is made a permanent Officer of SEBI after successfully completing the Probationary period. During the provision period, there is also a bond or contract.

SEBI Grade A Job Profile

1) Training of SEBI Grade A Officer 2023

Once you’ve been chosen as a SEBI Grade A Officer, you’ll have to go through a specific training programme. It is typically held at the SEBI headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

2) Probation of SEBI Grade A Officer 2023

From the time of joining, a SEBI Grade A Officer is on probation for two years. After successfully completing the Probation, the selected candidate is appointed as a permanent SEBI Officer.

3) Bond for SEBI Grade A Officer 2023

There is no provision for a bond for a fixed period of employment in SEBI Grade A Recruitment.

4) Posting of SEBI Grade A Officer 2023

After being selected as a SEBI Grade A Officer, you will be assigned to one of SEBI’s Regional Offices across the country. SEBI offices are usually found in India’s major cities.

5) Responsibilities & duties of a SEBI Grade A Officer.

There are various streams for which a Grade A Officer is selected, as stated in the SEBI 2023 Recruitment Notification for Grade A Officer Post.

You’ll have to perform a specific set of functions for each stream or department. These functions and responsibilities will be explained to you after you join the organization and during training.

Regardless of the Department/Stream, all of the duties and responsibilities of a SEBI Grade A Officer are consistent with SEBI’s overall responsibilities. The following are the responsibilities:

  • Identify and Investigate any malpractices within Securities Markets.
  • Approval of stock exchanges by-laws.
  • Inspection of Accounts of Stock Exchanges and various players.
  • Granting and Withdrawing Recognition of a Stock Exchange.
  • Amendment of by-laws of Stock Exchanges.
  • Suspension of Security Tradings of a Stock Exchange.
  • Taking steps for increasing Investors knowledge on Securities Markets.

6) Working hours of SEBI Grade A Officer 2023

A SEBI Grade A Officer’s normal working hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Depending on the workload or department, these times may vary.

7) Promotion (Career Path) of a SEBI Grade A Officer 2023

The first promotion available to a SEBI Grade A Officer is to SEBI Grade B Officer. This promotion usually necessitates a three-year period of service.

It may, however, vary depending on SEBI’s Grade B Vacancies and other internal promotion policies. To get the promotion, you’ll also have to take a Promotion test.

The next position after Chief GM is Executive Head.

SEBI Grade A Perks and Other Benefits

All allowances and benefits for a SEBI Grade A Assistant Manager are based on government standards for SEBI. The following are the advantages mentioned:

  1. Allowances include:
    • Dearness Allowance
    • Family Allowance
    • Local Allowance
    • House Cleaning Allowance
  2. Benefits include:
    • Leave Fare Concession
    • Medical Expenses
    • Eye Refraction
    • Education Allowance
    • Financial Dailies
    • Book Grant
    • Briefcase
    • Conveyance Expenses
    • Staff Furnishing Scheme
    • Scheme for Purchasing Computers
    • Subsidized Lunch Facility

SEBI Grade Assistant Manager: Career Growth:

In the SEBI Organization, a Grade A officer is the entry-level manager. It is possible to advance to the position of executive director, which is the highest position in this national organisation. The Executive Director has the potential to be promoted to Chairman. Promotions are contingent on the availability of positions, vacancies, and work completed within the organisation, among other factors. Getting promoted from one position to another, on the other hand, can take at least 5-6 years.

SEBI Hierarchy





General manager ( Grade E)

Deputy General Manager ( Grade D)

Assistant General Manager ( Grade C)

Manager ( Grade B)

Assistant Manager ( Grade A)

The salary and job profile in the organisation are very lucrative and respected, which is one of the main reasons why so many applicants compete for it every year. Because there are so few openings, the competition is fiercer than ever. We hope this information helps you make better decisions, and we wish you the best of luck on your exam!

SEBI Grade A Salary & Job Profile FAQ’S

Is SEBI a government job?

Yes. A job as a SEBI Grade A Officer is a government position. SEBI is a statutory body whose powers are derived from the Indian Parliament’s SEBI Act of 1992.

What are the working hours of SEBI Grade A Officers?

A SEBI Grade A Officer’s normal working hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. These times may vary depending on the workload, department, or other factors.

Which is better SEBI Grade A or RBI Grade B?

SEBI Grade A and RBI Grade B posts are both excellent. Within their respective institutes, SEBI and RBI, they are on the same page. It all boils down to personal preference. If you enjoy security markets, SEBI Grade A is the way to go. RBI Grade B is preferable if you enjoy Banking and Financial Regulation.

Will there be any training after being selected in SEBI Grade A 2023?

Following your selection as a SEBI Grade A officer, you must complete a mandatory training programme at SEBI Headquarters in Mumbai, which is conducted and maintained.

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