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PGIMER Chandigarh JE: To find qualified candidates for the position of Junior Engineer, the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research Institute (PGIMER) Chandigarh conducts recruitment tests. Candidates with a degree or diploma in engineering in their specific field from an accredited college or university are required to take the PGIMER Chandigarh JE Recruitment exam.

Additionally, they must pass the two-part selection process, which consists of a written exam and an interview. There are 100 questions total, and each one is worth one mark. The PGIMER JE test takes 100 minutes to complete.

Candidates must achieve higher than the cut-off marks to be accepted as JEs at PGIMER Chandigarh. PGIMER has not yet made a JE recruitment announcement for the year 2022, but it will do so when the time is right.

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

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Particulars Details
Recruiting Authority PGIMER (Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research Institute), Chandigarh
Notification Release Date Not released
Name of the Examination PGIMER JE
Exam Duration 100 minutes
Examination Level National
Mode of Examination Online
Post JE (Junior Engineer)
Official Website

PGIMER Chandigarh Junior Engineer Vacancy 2022

The PGIMER JE 2022 official opening has not yet been announced. However, applicants can get a rough idea of the position by looking at the vacancy announcements from previous years, such as 2021.

A total of 7 positions were made available for JE recruitment in 2021. The table below lists the JE positions available at PGIMER by category and post.

Post Total No. of Vacancies (General) Total No. of Vacancies (EWS) Total No. of Vacancies (OBC)
Junior Engineer (Electrical) 2 1 1
Junior Engineer (Civil) 1 2
Total 3 1 3

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

PGIMER Chandigarh JE Recruitment Notification 2022

In the year that the recruitment test is held, the PGIMER publishes its JE recruitment notification in April. However, for 2022, it is anticipated that the official announcement regarding exam dates as well as other crucial dates and instructions will be made soon on the PGIMER’s official website.

The PGIMER JE exam notification is a significant set of instructions that contains details about the dates, syllabus, exam format, admit card, and other rules for the JE exam. Candidates must carefully read the PGIMER JE notification because it will fully inform them of the JE registration and exam process.

PGIMER Chandigarh Junior Engineer Exam Date 2022

Aspiring candidates can get a rough idea of the exam schedule based on the 2021 PGIMER JE notification dates. The PGIMER Chandigarh JE exam 2022 tentative exam dates are listed in the table below.

EventsPGIMER JE Examination Date (Tentative)
Notification ReleaseFirst week of April 2022
ApplicationFirst week of April 2022
Last Date to ApplyMay 2022
Admit Card To be announced
Written ExaminationTo be announced
Interview To be announced
ResultTo be announced

PGIMER JE Eligibility Criteria 2022

The eligibility requirements for hiring junior engineers are set by PGIMER Chandigarh. Candidates who are interested in applying must first check. To take the PGIMER JE exam, they must meet all requirements for eligibility. The candidate’s forms will be canceled if they are ineligible.

There has not yet been a formal announcement for the year 2022. Until the official announcement, though, prospective candidates can look up the eligibility from the previous year. The eligibility requirements for the PGIMER Chandigarh JE Recruitment are detailed below.

Particulars Details
Educational Qualification Aspiring candidates must have a degree or a diploma in a respective branch of Engineering from a recognized college or institution.
Number of Attempts Until the maximum eligible age
Age Limit Minimum age- 18 yearsMaximum age- 30 yearsCategory-wise age relaxations applicable
Experience No experience required
Nationality Indian

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

PGIMER JE Application Form 2022

All aspiring candidates are advised to check the requirements for the PGIMER Chandigarh JE Recruitment before submitting an application. Candidates must carefully complete and submit the online application form. The procedures for submitting an application for the PGIMER JE recruitment exam are listed below.

PGIMER Chandigarh JE Registration Process

It is imperative that all candidates register for the exam at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Institute (PGIMER) Chandigarh’s website first.

  • Please visit
  • Be on the lookout for a notice indicating that JE has added new applicants.
  • Fill out the registration form completely, including your full name, father’s name, date of birth, email address, phone number, nationality, and more.
  • Send it in and make a note of your user name and password.

PGIMER Chandigarh JE Application Form

Candidates must then complete the application form as their next step.

  • Log in to the PGIMER official website first using your registration ID and password.
  • Complete all fields, such as those for educational background, preferred exam site, and so forth.
  • Upload scanned copies of your signatures and passport-size photos.
  • Pay the required fees, then press the submit button.
  • Make sure there are no errors by previewing the form.

PGIMER Chandigarh JE Recruitment Application Fees

CategoryFee (INR)

It is possible to pay the application fee using any method of payment, including internet banking, debit or credit cards, and so on. Candidates, on the other hand, need to make sure they keep a copy of the receipt for themselves in case they need it in the future.

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PGIMER Chandigarh JE Recruitment Admit Card

PGIMER Chandigarh publishes the admit card for each examination on the official website of the institution. The authority has not yet made a public announcement regarding the official dates of the examination and the release of admit cards for the PGIMER JE Recruitment exam 2022.

After the official announcement has been made, a link to download the admit card will be made available on the website for those individuals who are interested in applying for the post of PGIMER JE. The PGIMER JE admit card contains essential information such as the examination location, date, and time, among other things.

How to Download PGIMER Chandigarh JE Admit Card?

Candidates are required to bring their admit cards with them to the examination hall when they show up to take the PGIMER JE exam. Without it, a candidate cannot enter the exam location under any circumstances. Please refer to the steps outlined below in order to gain access to and download the admit card.

  • Go to the PGIMER Chandigarh institution’s main website, which can be found at
  • To access the Recruitment Section, click here.
  • Make your selection from the menu labeled “Admit Card for the post of Junior Engineer.”
  • In the appropriate column, enter all of the required credentials that you possess.
  • Choose the submit button, then retrieve your PGIMER Chandigarh JE admit card.
  • Check that all of the information that is mentioned on the admit card is correct, and be on the lookout for any mistakes. Click the Download button to obtain the PDF of the admission ticket.

Mentioned Details on PGIMER Chandigarh JE Admit Card 2022

After effectively downloading the PGIMER JE Admit Card, candidates are required to double-check that all of the information that is printed on the card is accurate and free of any mistakes before proceeding to the next step. They are required to immediately notify the appropriate department of any misspellings or other errors and have it corrected in time for the examination if it occurs.

Candidates need to ensure that their PGIMER JE Admit Card contains the information that is listed below.

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Exam Day Guidelines
  3. Gender
  4. Roll Number
  5. Full Name
  6. Subject Applied
  7. Photo
  8. Exam Time, Date, and Venue
  9. Signature

Candidates are required to get in touch with the appropriate department at the following addresses if they notice any errors on their admit cards.

Recruitment Exam Pattern

Candidates who want to work as Junior Engineers at PGIMER Chandigarh should be very familiar with the JE recruitment exam format. Understanding the exam structure provides a quick overview of the number of questions, subjects, marks, and time allotted for the paper. A written test and an interview are both parts of the selection process before a candidate is chosen.

The PGIMER JE recruitment exam pattern is covered in detail below.

  • The exam format includes both a written test and an interview phase.
  • The JE recruitment examination has 100 questions in total.
  • Every single question carries one mark.
  • There are 100 possible marks on the exam that was given.
  • 0.25 points are subtracted for each incorrect response.
  • Exam completion time is 100 minutes for candidates.
Post Duration Number of Questions Asked Total Marks
Junior Engineer 100 minutes 100 100
Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

PGIMER Chandigarh Interview 2022

Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview round after successfully passing the written test to make the final selection. Both a general understanding of the subject and familiarity with current events is required of the candidates. Additionally, candidates need to have strong communication skills and present a professional image.

Syllabus 2022

Regarding the PGIMER JE exam, the syllabus covers material related to the prerequisite education outlined in the hiring policies for the relevant position. The topics mostly covered during the candidate’s educational qualification course are included in the questions.

On its official website, PGIMER Chandigarh posts the syllabus, but no official announcement has been made for 2022. Candidates can review the syllabus from the previous year, which is discussed below, to get a better idea of the subjects that will be covered in the exam.

General AwarenessGeography
General Politics
Scientific Research
Civil and Structural EngineeringIrrigation Engineering
Soil Mechanics
Transportation Engineering
Steel Design
Costing and Valuation Concrete
Environmental Engineering
Theory of Structures
Building materials
RCC Design
General Intelligence and ReasoningRelationship Concepts
Verbal Classification
Analysis and Judgment
Arithmetical Reasoning
Arithmetical Number Series
Discrimination and Observation
Similarities and Differences
Space Visualization
Visual Memory
Decision making
Electrical EngineeringBasic Electronics: Working of various electronic devices such as Transistors (NPN and PNP type), P N Junction, BJT and JFET.
Synchronous Machines – Generation of 3-phase emf armature reaction, parallel operation of two alternators, synchronizing, voltage regulation, control of active and reactive power. Different applications of synchronous motors.
Magnetic Circuit: Concepts of reluctance, mmf and flux. Magnetic materials and its types. Magnetic calculations for different configuration and conductors. Mutual and self induction, electromagnetic induction.
AC Fundamentals: Instantaneous, peak, RMS and average values of alternating waves, DC and sinusoidal response of R-Land R-C circuit, Resonance, simple series and parallel AC Circuits consisting of RL and C, Representation of sinusoidal waveform Tank Circuit PolyPhase system – star and delta connection, 3 phase power.
Basic concepts of Electrical Engineering: Concepts of inductance, resistance, capacitance. Factors affecting concepts of energy, current, power, units and so on.
Electrical Machines: (1) DC Machine – Construction, Basic Principles of DC motors and generators, characteristics, speed control and starting of DC Motors. Method of braking motor, efficiency, Losses of DC Machines. (2) 1 phase and 3 phase transformers – Construction, Principles of operation, voltage regulation, equivalent circuit, OC and SC Tests, frequency and wave form on losses Parallel operation of 1 phase /3 phase transformers Auto transformers, Losses and efficiency Effect of voltage. (3) 3 phase induction motors, rotating magnetic field, equivalent circuit, principle of operation, torque-speed characteristics, and starting and speed control of 3 phase induction motors. Methods of braking, effect of voltage and frequency variation on torque speed characteristics. Fractional Kilowatt Motors and Single Phase Induction Motors: Applications and their Characteristics.
Circuit Law: Circuit solution using different network theorems, Kirchhoff’s law
Estimation and costing: Estimation of lighting scheme, electric installation of machines and relevant IE rules, earthing practices.
Transmission, Distribution and Generation: Different types of power stations, diversity factor, load factor, cost of generation, demand factor, inter-connection of power stations. Power factor improvement, types of faults, various types of tariffs, short circuit current for symmetrical faults. Switchgears – rating of circuit breakers, Principles of arc extinction by oil and air, Protection against earth leakage / over current, HRC Fuses, Merz-Price system of protection of transformers and generators, protection of feeders and bus bars Lightning arresters, comparison of conductor materials, various transmission and distribution system, efficiency of different system Cable – Different type of cables, cable rating and derating factor
Utilization of Electrical Energy: Electric heating, illumination, electric welding, electric drives and motors, Electroplating and so on.
Measurement and instruments: Measurement of energy and power. Measurement of frequency and phase angle voltmeter and ammeter. Extension of range multimeter, wattmeter, signal generator, earth fault detection and so on.

Preparation Tips for PGIMER Chandigarh JE Exam

Candidates should be aware that any challenging competitive exams require extensive preparation. The applicants will have an easier time passing a particular round with better preparation. Since incorrectly answered questions will result in a loss of marks, it is crucial that you answer carefully and accurately. The candidates can use the preparation advice below as they get ready for this test.

  • Create a study schedule that is appropriate for the PGIMER Chandigarh JE syllabus and pattern.
  • Don’t subject yourself to excessive workloads and stress.
  • Keep your attention on your study schedule and try not to worry about the exams.
  • Know your strong and weak subjects or topics, and devote more time to the latter so that you can master it.
  • If you encounter any difficulties, do not skip any topics or subjects. Look for answers or justifications.
  • To find out how prepared you are, take practice exams and keep evaluating your performance.
  • Candidates should work through problems from various books or enroll in the Test series for the best preparation if they want to practice for a specific examination.

Preparation Books

Name of the Book Author/Publication
Objective Civil Engineering Book Atish Kumar
Civil Engineering Dr. P. Jaya Rami Reddy
Objective Electrical Engineering P.K.Mishra
Objective Electrical Technology V.K Mehta

PGIMER JE Cutoff Marks 2022

The institute releases the PGIMER JE Cut Off scores along with the official result after the PGIMER JE exam has been completed. After achieving the required score, qualified candidates will be chosen for the JE position in the Civil and Electrical department. The PGIMER JE cut-off list is prepared category-by-category, and the final cut off is determined by a number of factors as well.

Once the official notification is made public, the cut off section will be updated. However, until then, applicants for this position can review the cutoff list from the prior year in the table discussed below.

Category Cut off Marks
General 55%
OBC 50%
EWS 50%
ST 50%
SC 50%

Factors Determining PGIMER Chandigarh JE Cutoff Marks

Candidates need to be aware that a variety of factors influence the cutoff scores. It’s crucial to keep an eye on the factors that determine the cutoff because they aid candidates in their exam preparation.

The following are some significant variables influencing the PGIMER JE exam cutoff scores:

  1. Total applicants appearing for the exam
  2. The difficulty of the exam paper
  3. Total number of vacancies
  4. Category of the candidates
  5. Accuracy of the candidates

Recruitment Exam Result 2022

Once the selection process is over, the PGIMER Chandigarh JE exam results are released. On the PGIMER Chandigarh website, the merit list and cutoff scores are also published. Candidates need to be aware that three to four weeks after the exam date, the results are announced.

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

PGIMER Chandigarh Salary Details

The organization then contacts candidates who meet the eligibility requirements and pass the selection process for the position of Junior Engineer. Great benefits and compensation are provided by PGIMER Chandigarh in accordance with the Pay Matrix and the 7th Pay Commission.

Name of the PostSalary Average per Month
Junior Engineer (Civil)INR 35,400 to INR 1,30,000
Junior Engineer (Electrical)INR 35,400 to INR 1,30,000

The PGIMER provides its junior engineers with a variety of benefits, including housing allowance, fuel reimbursement, health insurance, childcare reimbursement, TA upon retirement, subsistence allowance, daily allowance, dearness allowance, and others.


What is the minimum cutoff percentage of PGIMER JE for SC/ST student?

For a SC/ST student to pass the PGIMER Chandigarh JE exam, they must receive at least a 50% score.

What is the selection process for recruitment?

The candidates will go through an interview and a written test.

Can a candidate from any other state apply for PGIMER Chandigarh JE post?

Yes, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements, any Indian citizen, regardless of their state, may apply for the PGIMER Chandigarh JE Examination.

What is the full form of PGIMER?

Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research Institute is known as PGIMER.

What should I do if there are errors in my PGIMER JE admit card?

If there is a mistake on your PGIMER JE admit card, you need to get in touch with the appropriate people right away to have the problem fixed. If your admit card contains any errors, your candidacy will be rejected.