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The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) has announced the release of the MPSC Syllabus 2022 alongside the notification for the State Service Exam, also known as the MPSC Rajyaseva Exam. This examination is considered to be the most prestigious in the state. Candidates in the tens of thousands submit their applications for the MPSC exam in the hopes of being selected for one of the prestigious Group A and B posts, including Chief Officer Municipal Council, Section Officer, or CDPO. A candidate must, however, be familiar with the MPSC syllabus for the written examination in order to be eligible for this test. You can plan a strategy to succeed in the exam by using the information provided in the syllabus, which details the important topics, changes to the MPSC syllabus, and the mark distribution.

To begin, there was a modification made to the MPSC syllabus in accordance with the most recent notification, which we have presented to you in the following paragraphs for your convenience. Exams known as Preliminaries and Mains make up the MPSC. The preliminary examination consists of two sections: GS 1 and CSAT. The Mains examination for the MPSC is comprised of a total of six (6) required papers. The exam for the MPSC does not have any optional papers. In order to select candidates with dynamic potential for the civil services of the MPSC, in addition to the Preliminary Exam and the Main Examination, an interview will also be held. You have the option of downloading the MPSC Syllabus in PDF format in either English or Marathi below, whichever language is more convenient for you.

On the other hand, the MPSC Exam Pattern 2020-21 has been updated due to changes brought about by the Commission. For instance, if an applicant gets a question wrong in a paper that has an objective-type question, they will lose a quarter of a mark. Previously, contestants were penalised one-third of a point for each question or answer they got wrong.

  • The curriculum for each of the different exams that make up the MPSC will be somewhat comparable to one another, with some key differences reflecting the various posts that will be filled.
  • The formats of the preliminary exam and the main exam are both different.
  • The preliminary examination requires candidates to submit two papers, which is standard procedure for all types of examinations.
  • The main exam consists of six different papers that must be completed.
  • According to the amendments that were made in 2012, there will not be any optional papers on the MPSC exams.
  • In order for the candidates to have a better understanding of the test, they should review the papers and answer keys from the previous years.

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

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MPSC Syllabus 2022

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) has broken down the MPSC syllabus into stages and papers. The topics for the prelims and mains have been announced by the Commission. The purpose of the preliminary exam is to eliminate non-serious candidates from the competition. As a result, the MPSC prelims syllabus is structured in this manner. The mains exam will be taken by only qualified candidates. Furthermore, the MPSC syllabus contains no optional papers.

Unlike UPSC, the MPSC exam has only one descriptive paper, so familiarity with the MPSC syllabus is essential. You should go over the latest MPSC syllabus for prelims and mains exam in Marathi and English here for targeted preparation.

MPSC Syllabus – Overview

MPSC Syllabus Overview
MPSC Syllabus Particulars Details
MPSC Syllabus Releasing Body Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC)
MPSC Prelims Syllabus
  1. Paper 1: General Studies 1 (Social Science & CA)
  2. Paper 2: General Studies 2 (Aptitude, Comprehension)
MPSC Syllabus for Mains
  1. Paper 1: Language Descriptive (Essay/Precis/ Translation)
  2. Paper 2: Language Objective (Grammar/ Comprehension)
  3. Paper 3: GS-1 (History & Geography)
  4. Paper 4: GS-2 (Constitution, Polity, Law)
  5. Paper 5: GS-3 (Human Rights & HRD)Paper 6: GS-4 (Economics & S&T)

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

MPSC Syllabus PDF

The MPSC Syllabus PDF 2022 is available for download below. It is recommended that you download the MPSC syllabus and save it in offline mode on your device so that you do not have to check it while studying. From the direct link provided below, applicants can download the MPSC Syllabus PDF in English and Marathi.

MPSC Prelims Syllabus 2022:

  • MPSC Syllabus PDF in English
  • MPSC Syllabus PDF in Marathi

MPSC Mains Syllabus 2022:

  • MPSC Syllabus PDF in English
  • MPSC Syllabus PDF in Marathi

Changes in MPSC Syllabus

The MPSC syllabus has undergone some changes. The MPSC General Studies syllabus, i.e. Papers 3 to 6 for the Mains exam, has been revised as of July 9, 2020. The language papers, i.e. Paper 1 and 2, have remained unchanged. Take a look at the updated syllabus below.

Changes in MPSC Exam Pattern

The MPSC exam pattern has also been modified. Both paper 1 and paper 2 have a negative marking of 0.25 marks, as per the new paper pattern. There was previously a negative marking of 0.33 marks. The MPSC CSAT exam has been designed to be qualifying. As a result, only those candidates who score more than 33 percent on the CSAT paper in the Prelims exam will be allowed to take the Mains exam.

MPSC Syllabus 2022 Prelims: Paper-wise Syllabus

Knowing the entire syllabus before preparing for any competitive exam is essential in order to finish MPSC Preparation for the full syllabus ahead of time and begin revising and practising. Both papers will be worth 200 points and will last two hours. In the table below, you will find a schema of the MPSC Preliminary exam syllabus for your reference.

Paper Topics
Paper I (General Studies): 200 Marks Current events taking place in the international, national, and state levels.
India and Maharashtra- Governance and Polity- Political System, Urban Governance, Constitution, Public Policy, Rights Issue, and Panchayati Raj, etc.
General Science
General issues on Biodiversity, Ecology of Environment, and Climatic variations (No need to have subjective expertise)
Socio-Economic Development- Social Sector Initiatives, Poverty, Demographics, Inclusion, and Sustained Advancement, etc.
Indian History with special preference to State Maharashtra and National Movements in India.
Geography of World, India, and Maharashtra- Social, Physical, and Economical Geography of World, India, and Maharashtra.
Paper II (CSAT-Civil Services Aptitude Test): 200 Marks Communication and Interpersonal skills.
English and Marathi language comprehension skills- Stanzas without the translation of 10th / 12th school level.
Analytical ability and Logical level reasoning.
General mental ability
Data Interpretation (Data Sufficiency, Tables, Graphs, Charts, etc. 10th school level) and Basics in Numerical (Number and its relations and Magnitude orders, etc.-10th school level).
Problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Recommended Books Covering MPSC Syllabus 2022: For Preliminary Exam

After learning the MPSC syllabus, students should be aware of the appropriate books that cover the material. The following are some of the books that are recommended for MPSC Preliminary exams:

Topics Books Publisher/ Author
Maharashtra related topics Maharashtra Geography Nirali Publication
Modern History of Maharashtra SS Gathal
CSAT MPSC CSAT Simplified Dhyandeep Publication
Analytical Reasoning M. K. Pandey
Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning R. S. Aggarwal
Panchayat Raj Panchayat Raj Kishor Lavate
Current Events Yojana Magazine
India Year Book
Press Information Bureau
Indian Culture and History Indian Art and Culture Nitin Singhania
A Brief History of Modern India Spectrum
India and the World Surendra Kumar
English Essays for Civil Services Pulkit Khare

MPSC Mains Exam 2022: Paper-wise Syllabus

The Marathi and English Language Exams will each be worth 100 points and will last three hours and one hour, respectively. All other General Studies papers will be worth 150 points each, with each exam taking two hours to complete. The paper-by-paper syllabus schema for the MPSC Mains exam is shown in the table below.

Paper Topics
Marathi and English (Two Papers Combined) Essay, Precis, and Translation.
Comprehension and Grammar.
General Studies I (History and Geography) History- Modern India History with special attention given to Maharashtra, British Rule Establishment in India, Emerging growth of Nationalism in India, Socio-Economic Awareness, and Socio-Cultural diversities, etc.
Geography- Maharashtra Geography, Maharashtra Economic Geography, Environmental Geography, Physical Geography, and Remote Sensing, etc.
Geography and Agriculture
General Studies II (Indian Politics, Constitution and Law) State Administration and Government.
Indian Constitution.
Social Welfare and Social Legislation.
Public Services.
District Administration.
The Political System.
Urban and Rural Local-level Government.
Educational System.
Parties and Pressure Groups.
General Studies III (Human Rights and HRD-Human Resource Development) Human Resource Development- Indian Human Resource Development, Vocational Education, Education, Rural Development, and Health.
Human Rights- UDHR act 1948, Youth Development, Child Development, Child Development, PwDs Welfare, Tribal Development, and Regional and International Organisations, etc.
General Studies IV (Economy and Planning, Economics of Development and Agriculture, Science and Technology Development Economy and Planning- Rural and Urban Infrastructural Advancement, Co-operation, Economy of India, Industry, Economic Reforms, International Trade, and International Capital Movements, Measurement and Poverty Estimate, Maharashtra Economy, and Employment dependent factors, etc.
Economics of Development and Agriculture- Macro Economics, Development and Growth, Public Finance, Agriculture, Indian, Agriculture, and Rural Cooperation and Development, etc.
Science and Technology Advancements- Energy (Renewable and Non-Renewable sources), Information Technology and Computer, Biotechnology, Space Technology, and Indian Nuclear Policy, etc.

Recommended Books for MPSC 2022 Mains Exam

Topics Books Publisher/ Author
Indian History and Culture History of Modern India Bipan Chandra
History of Medieval India Satish Chandra
India’s Ancient Past R.S. Sharma
The Wonder That Was India A.L. Bhasham
India’s Struggle for Independence Bipan Chandra
World and Indian Geography Geography of India Majid Husain
World Geography Majid Husai
Oxford School Atlas Oxford
Certificate Physical and Human Geography Goh Cheng Leong
Indian Constitution and Polity Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations M. Laxmikanth
Introduction to the Constitution of India D. D. Basu
Economy of India Indian Economy Ramesh Singh
Science and Technology Science and Technology in India Ravi P Agrahari
Current Affairs Economic and Political Weekly
Kurukshetra Magazine
Science Reporter
Yojana Magazine
Press Information Bureau
India Year Book
Economic and Political Weekly
Miscellaneous Governance in India Laxmikanth
Essays for Civil Services Pulkit Khare
Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude Niraj Kumar
Social Problems in India Ram Ahuja
India and the World Surendra Kumar
India After Gandhi Ramchandra Guha
Challenges to Internal Security of India Ashok Kumar
Mastering Modern World History Norman Lowe

Candidates who pass the MPSC examination will be invited to an Interview Test for the position they have applied for. This is done to see if the candidate is a good fit for the job. Aspirants must be well-versed in current events both within and outside their state. The aspirant’s mental and analytical abilities will also be assessed.

Admissions Open for 2023
Karnavati University Admissions Open Apply
Manipal University Admissions Open Apply
Amrita University Admissions Open Apply
NIIT University Admissions Open Apply

Preparation Tips for MPSC Syllabus 2022:

The MPSC exam is one of MPSC’s most prestigious examinations. Thousands of people take the exam on a regular basis. Exam success necessitates careful planning and execution.

  • Examine the MPSC syllabus and exam pattern in detail.
  • Examine previous year’s papers and mock tests on a regular basis to determine the exam’s difficulty level.
  • By taking mock tests, you can figure out what your weak and strong subjects are.
  • Make a good study plan, and strengthen weak sections while strengthening strong ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which field is best for MPSC?

Agricultural Engineering
Commerce & Accountancy
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
Civil Engineering
Computer Science

 Can I give the MPSC exam in the English Language?

Yes, those interested in taking the examination have the option of responding in either English or Marathi.

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