KVS Question Papers: Download Previous Year Papers, Sample Papers, and Mock Tests

KVS Previous Years’ Question Papers and Mock Test Papers are accessible in PDF format, together with answer keys and solutions, for Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs), Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs), and Primary Teachers (PRTs). For TGT, PGT, and PRT, see KVS Syllabus 2022.

KVS PRT Previous Papers

YearPrevious Paper (English)Previous Paper (Hindi)

KVS TGT Previous Papers

YearPrevious Paper
2018General English

General English
General Paper
Social Studies

KVS PGT Previous Papers

YearPrevious Paper
2016General Paper
Social Studies

Written Exam and Interview are the two stages of the KVS exam. The KVS recruitment process is anticipated to begin in December. On the official website, the KVS merit list will be published. The KVS past question papers are essential for exam preparation.

Candidates will be able to comprehend the frequency of subjects, weightage of each topic, and post-wise test pattern by practising and analysing previous years’ examinations. The KVS question papers with answer keys are available for download as needed.

Benefits of Solving KVS PRT Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers can be deemed necessary in order to pass any competitive examination. However, some candidates are still unsure and believe that solving past year’s examinations is useless. Here are some reasons/benefits that can persuade you to consult prior papers:

  • Candidates will become familiar with the exam pattern while tackling the prior questions. Although test patterns are widely available, you can only obtain a true sense of the exam pattern by solving the paper.
  • The paper’s difficulty level is: Candidates will be able to get a sense of the difficulty level of the questions by solving the previous year’s paper.
  • How much planning is necessary: Candidates will be able to determine their actual status, i.e., if they are able to solve problems and how much preparation they need to excel in the examination while working on the paper.
  • Candidates will be able to enhance their time management abilities by tackling previous year’s papers or mock exams. Candidates should aim to answer as many questions as possible in the shortest amount of time while maintaining the highest level of correctness.

KVS PRT & TGT Question Papers FAQs

Q1. How to download the KVS Previous Year Paper?

Ans. Our website has the KVS Previous Year Paper available for download. To improve your preparation, incorporate KVS question papers into your practice. We offer a variety of KVS previous year papers for PRT, TGT, and PGT exams from various years and shifts. You can look at the KVS PRT/TGT/PGT Papers below.

Q2. Why should I solve KVS Previous Year’s Papers?

Ans. The KVS Previous Year’s Paper can be solved for the following reasons:
I am familiar with the KVS exam format.
Can help with time management, computation speed, and accuracy, among other things.
You will be able to determine the paper’s difficulty level.
You’ll get an idea of how much preparation you’ll need to ace the exam.

Q3. What else to solve apart from Previous Year’s Papers?

Ans. Candidates should solve practice exams that are available on numerous websites, or they can subscribe to a test series in which they can solve mock exams on a regular basis and examine their performance.

Q4. What is the best way to solve KVS Previous Year Paper?

Ans. Candidates should solve prior year exams in a timed manner in order to gain an understanding of the exam format and enhance their time management skills.

Q5. What is the benefit of solving the KVS Previous year question paper PDF?

Ans. Assist you in evaluating your performance.
You will have the opportunity to practise a wide range of questions.
KVS Previous Year Question Papers will aid in time management and accuracy development.

Q6. Why it is important to practice KVS previous year papers?

Ans. You’re familiar with the exam format and the types of questions that have been asked in recent years.
KVS occasionally repeats questions from the original paper. As a result, solving a previous year’s paper will only help you get to experience a wide range of questions.
You are likely to cover the whole KVS course by solving last year’s KVS exam papers.

Q7. Do questions from the KVS Previous Year Question paper repeat?

Ans. Yes, last year’s KVS question papers frequently repeat themselves. Similar questions may appear frequently, which is why we recommend solving as many KVS previous year papers as feasible.

Q8. What should be my approach while solving the KVS question papers?

Ans. Before beginning to practise the KVS exam papers, candidates should plan ahead:
Candidates should be familiar with the exam pattern in order to understand the exam paper trend.
Candidates should practise the papers on a regular basis to identify areas of weakness in their preparation and make necessary improvements.
Set a timer to keep track of your speed and accuracy as you work through the KVS question papers.

Q9. How do toppers prepare for the KVS exam?

Ans. Top performers use a calculated strategy to study for the KVS exam. Candidates planning to take the KVS exam should be aware of the following preparation tips:
Effective time management is required to cover all topics within the allotted time.
For a last-minute overview, a constructive recapitulation of subjects is necessary.

Q10. What is the medium of the KVS question paper?

Ans. English-language KVS question papers are accessible. Candidates can get question papers in both languages if the exam is multilingual. Hindi and English are frequently used as bilingual languages.

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