KPSC Practice Papers: Download Subject-wise Sample Papers PDF with Answer Keys

KPSC Practice Papers: Multiple exams are held by the Karnataka Public Service Commission for various positions. Many applicants who have applied online and study diligently for these exams. Even though the exam dates have not yet been announced, most candidates have begun their preparations.

KPSC Question Papers and Solutions

The links to previous years’ question papers and sample papers, as well as the solutions, are provided below. Aspirants can use these PDFs to assess their abilities.

Previous Papers 2022

Previous Papers Previous Papers Previous Papers
Forestry II English Kannada
Civil Engineering Chemistry Agriculture
Zoology Forestry I Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Sciences
Physics Mathematics Botany

KPSC Previous Year Papers

Year Previous Papers Previous Papers
2020 General studies GP Paper I
Commerce & Management GP Paper II
2019 FDA SDA (366) FDA SDA (367)
SAD kannada SAD English
CDPO  Not Available
FDA SDA (369) FDA SDA (370)
2018 FDA GK FDA language
SDA language SDA GK

KPSC 2017 Previous Papers

Previous Papers Previous Papers Previous Papers
Kannada Mng. Org. Behaviour GS Paper III
Compulsory Kannada Accounting & Analysis Forestry-II
Finance Bus. Eco. Taxation GK Paper I Forestry- I
Animal husb & vet science Botany Agriculture
Zoology Kannada Language Asst. Engg (Mech)
Mathematics ACF physics ACF Chemistry
English GS Paper IV JE Mechanical
Gk Paper I Asst. Engg (Civil) Auditing & E-Com
Civil Engineering JE Civil Compulsory English

If you ask any top performer, they will swear that solving Karnataka PSC previous question papers and sample papers improves their preparations more than anything else. Candidates must, however, complete their KPSC syllabus before moving on to the next level.

It is essential for each and every candidate who intends to take the KPSC Exams to be equipped with the most effective preparation strategies, which will help strengthen their base. Solving a large number of practise exams and exams from previous years is one of the most effective ways to familiarise oneself with the format of the exam’s paper. They are useful not only for facilitating self-evaluation but also for enhancing the precision of answers provided.

Why is it Important to Solve the KPSC Previous Year Papers?

There are a great number of advantages to be gained from practising with and answering questions from the KPSC Previous Year Paper. The following is a list of some of the benefits that can be gained from solving KPSC previous practice papers:

  • When you spend more time working through the questions in these KPSC sample exams, it will be much simpler for you to do well in the actual test and earn the maximum number of points possible.
  • If you practise using these papers, you will find that you make fewer mistakes overall and that your accuracy will improve.
  • You will gain an understanding of the question format that will be used during the examination by using the KPSC Previous Year Papers.
  • Because you will have hands-on solving practise on all types of questions from these old papers, you will feel more at ease resolving any format or type of KPSC question that you will encounter during the exam. This is because you will have faced questions of this format and type in the past.

Practice Papers

KPSC.Pdf Download Now

For more KPSC Practice Papers : Previous Papers Click here


How can I self-evaluate my performance from these KPSC previous year papers?

You will be able to check your score and double-check your given KPSC answers with the assistance of the solutions that are provided here.

What do I need to access the KPSC previous year papers?

You will only need a PDF application to access the KPSC previous year question paper PDF once it has been downloaded to your smartphone/computer.

What are the advantages of solving the KPSC previous year papers?

You will be able to check your score and double-check your given KPSC answers with the assistance of the solutions that are provided here.

What is the selection process for the KPSC exam?

The selection procedure varies due to the fact that the KPSC exam is used for the purpose of recruiting candidates for a variety of posts. The majority of jobs require candidates to first pass a written test before moving on to an interview stage.

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