Indian Coast Guard Syllabus: Books, Subject wise Syllabus, & Others

The Indian Coast Guard Navik 2022 syllabus for General Duty and Domestic Branch posts has been released by the Defence Ministry. The ICG recruitment process for 2022 will begin on January 4, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. and end on January 14, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. A detailed syllabus is available below.

The Indian Coast Guard syllabus is different for each tier of the exam. The Written Test, Medical Test, and PET are the three sections of the Indian Coast Guard exam. General Intelligence & Reasoning, Physics, Mathematics, General Awareness, and English Comprehension are the major sections. Aspirants can also look at previous years’ ICG papers to get a better idea of the topics that will be covered in the exam.

The official announcement for the 2022 batch of Indian Coast Guard posts has been released by the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment Authority. The ICG syllabus and exam pattern for the recruitment exam have also been released.
Applicants who want to take the Indian Coast Guard Exam in 2022 should begin their preparations by selecting the appropriate books and study materials. To help candidates understand how the examination will be conducted, we have provided the Indian Coast Guard Syllabus 2022 and Exam Pattern below.

Indian Coast Guard Exam Pattern Highlights

A tabulated format is used for some of the basic exam pattern information. Candidates taking the exam should review the detailed ICG exam pattern before beginning their preparation.

Name of the ExamIndian Coast Guard Navik and Yantrik
Conducting AuthorityIndian Coast Guard
Exam LevelNational Level
Mode of ExamOffline
Number of StagesTwo Stages
Number of PapersTwo papers
Marking SchemeFor every correct answer +1 Mark For every incorrect answer – 0.33 Mark
Duration2 hour 30 minutes
Type of questionsMultiple-choice questions
Official Website

Indian Coast Guard Syllabus for Navik GD and DB Section I

Indian Coast Guard Navik is an online qualifying exam for the Indian Coast Guard. Because of the pandemic, few changes to the protocol are expected. The majority of Section I questions come from General Science, Math, Reasoning, English, and General Awareness. There are no multiple choice questions.

The Indian Coast Guard’s Navik exam has a pattern that is similar to that of other competitive exams such as the NDA, Railway, and SSC.

Science Syllabus of the Indian Coast Guard

This section is the same for any exam administered by the Indian Coast Guard. The section contains General Science concepts from any board recognised by the Education Council for Class 10.

  1. Sound and Wave Energy
  2. Heat Energy
  3. Carbon and its Allotropes
  4. State and Nature of Matter
  5. Light Energy
  6. Work, Energy, and Power
  7. Metals and Non-Metals
  8. Atomic Structure, Elements, Compounds
  9. Universe
  10. Measurement
  11. Force and Gravitation
  12. Electricity

Indian Coast Guard Reasoning Syllabus

The aspirant’s Intellectual Quotient is put to the test. The reasoning section is both a high-scoring and difficult section because it cannot be learned using a formula or equation. This section requires several practise sessions to achieve full marks.

  1. Coding and Decoding
  2. Spellings
  3. Numerical Reasoning
  4. Analyzing Ability
  5. Spatial
  6. Sequences
  7. Unscrambling

Indian Coast Guard Mathematics Syllabus for Section I

Candidates for the Indian Coast Guard must possess a strong mathematical background. The course is only for students in Class 10 Boards. Despite the fact that a lack of practise can result in a lot of negative marking, the mathematics section is also very scoring. Mathematical Simplification, Ratio, and Proportion, Algebraic Identities, Linear Equations, Simple Mensuration, and Geometry are some of the chapters that can help you pass the exam.

  1. Basic Trigonometry
  2. Algebra
  3. Simplification
  4. Linear Equation
  5. Profit and Loss
  6. Measures of Central Tendency
  7. Speed, Distance
  8. Polynomials and Equations
  9. Simple Mensuration
  10. Percentage
  11. Ratio and Proportion
  12. Time and Work
  13. Geometry
  14. Simple and Compound Interest

Indian Coast Guard General Awareness Syllabus

Basic knowledge of whereabouts and incidents occurring in the world can be easily obtained through newspapers, news, or the internet, and a review of the Class 10 books should be enough to qualify for the static portion.

  1. Geography
  2. History
  3. General Policy & Scientific Research
  4. Economic Scene
  5. Current affairs of Last 6 months
  6. Culture

Indian Coast Guard English Syllabus

The universal language of English is essential for any position in the Indian Coast Guard. Communication and presentation skills, as well as grammatical knowledge, make an applicant more desirable for an ICG position.

  1. Common errors
  2. One-word substitution
  3. Use of Pronoun
  4. Sentence improvement
  5. Passage
  6. Jumbled sentences (ordering)
  7. Synonyms & Antonyms
  8. Use of Preposition
  9. Spellings/Detecting Mis-spelt words
  10. Use of Adjective
  11. Idioms & Phrases
  12. Active and Passive Voice

Indian Coast Guard Syllabus 2022 for Navik Section II

Section II of the ICG is completed entirely online. The questions are purely objective. Section I qualified applicants can only apply for Navik GD and DB positions in ICG Section II. The exam consists of two major papers: physics and mathematics, for which only students with a pure science background in grades 11 and 12 are eligible.

Section II of Navik is more difficult than Section I because it requires purely technical and advanced knowledge of Standard 12 Physics and Mathematics. As a result, candidates with only a pure science background are eligible to take the Navik exam.

Indian Coast Guard Physics Syllabus

The ICG syllabus is primarily technical, and candidates who took Physics in high school will be familiar with it. Thus, simply reviewing and practising the questions from the previous year will suffice to pass the cutoff.

  1. The behavior of perfect gas and kinetic theory
  2. Dual Nature of Matter and radiation
  3. Work, Energy, and Power
  4. Kinematics
  5. Circular Motion
  6. Newton’s Laws and Application
  7. Communicating systems
  8. Property of Bulk Matter
  9. Electromagnetic Induction and Waves
  10. Optics
  11. Thermodynamics
  12. Magnetic Effects of current and magnetism
  13. Oscillation of Waves
  14. Gravitation
  15. Electrostatics

Indian Coast Guard Mathematics Syllabus for Section II

Section II mathematics is more difficult than Section I, with Calculus and Vector. As a result, a thorough understanding of these chapters is necessary. When given numerical data, the formulas should come naturally to the candidate. Mock tests can significantly improve an aspirant’s score.

  1. Sets
  2. Calculus
  3. Relation and Functions
  4. Mathematical Reasoning
  5. Coordinate Geometry
  6. Linear Programming
  7. Vector and Three Dimensional
  8. Probability

ICG Syllabus 2022 for Yantrik (Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineer)

For this position, candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree (Diploma/BTech/BE). Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Electronics Engineers are among the positions available at Yantrik.

A general section consisting of Science, Mathematics, English, General Awareness, and Reasoning, similar to the Navik Syllabus, is required for this position, and then the candidate must appear for the background-specific papers.

Because Yantrik’s recruitment falls under the Ministry of Defence, the expected questions will be NDA-style. Only male candidates with a diploma in mechanical, electronic, or electrical engineering are qualified for the Yantrik exam.

ICG Yantrik (Mechanical) Syllabus

Candidates with a Mechanical Engineering Diploma Degree should review their study modules and practise using the chapters listed.

  1. Machining
  2. Grinding and Finishing
  3. Welding
  4. Material Science
  5. Thermal Engineering
  6. Industrial Management
  7. Fluid Mechanics
  8. Strength of Materials
  9. Engineering Mechanics
  10. Metrology

ICG Yantrik (Electrical) Syllabus

With a minimum of 7 vacancies across India, including UR, OBC, SC, and ST, the competition will be fierce, necessitating strategic planning and preparation using the syllabus to pass the exam.

  1. Switchgears and Protection
  2. Magnetic Circuit
  3. Electrical Machines
  4. Kirchhoff‘s law, Simple Circuit solution
  5. Basic Concepts
  6. Generation, Transmission, Distribution
  7. Synchronous Machines
  8. Estimation and Costing
  9. AC Fundamentals
  10. Utilization of Electrical Energy
  11. Measurement and Instruments
  12. Basic Electronics

ICG Yantrik (Electronics) Syllabus

Only 10 candidates will be hired for the position of Yantrik Electronic, according to the Indian Coast Guard notification for 2022. Candidates will be required to be current on the latest developments in the field of electronics, which can be an added advantage in passing the exam.

  1. Basic Electrical Engineering
  2. Linear Integrated Circuit
  3. Computer Programming
  4. Basic Concepts of resistance, inductance, capacitance.
  5. Electronic Components & Materials
  6. Electronic Measurements
  7. Digital Electronics
  8. Data communication and Network
  9. Electronic Devices and Circuits
  10. Communication Engineering
  11. Microprocessor and Microcontroller

Indian Coast Guard Exam Preparation Strategy 

The Indian Coast Guard Exam, like any other exam, requires consistent preparation, hard work, and a few strategies to pass. It also necessitates the application of the appropriate strategies at the appropriate time and location. Below are some strategies that can assist candidates in easily passing the Indian Coast Guard Exam.

  • Newspaper: The current exams’ bible is the newspaper. Candidates should read the newspaper at least once a day. It includes information about the world, India, states, and the environment. It provides comprehensive information for the Indian Coast Guard exam.
  • Take notes: Always try to keep track of what you’ve learned. Search for any topic using Google and other websites. Make a mental note of the subject. It will make it easier for you to remember the topics.
  • Series of tests: The syllabus and exam pattern for the Indian Coast Guard Exam should be thoroughly studied. You can do so by taking a mock test series. 
  • Timetable: Anything that lacks structure will eventually crumble. Create a schedule and stick to it. It is critical to keep your strategies and studies in order.
  • Read novels: Reading English novels will aid in the development of your vocabulary, which will aid in your success in the Indian Coast Guard Exam.

Tips to Crack the Indian Coast Guard Exam

  • According to previous exam results, the Physics and Mathematics sections are becoming more difficult.
  • Both the syllabus and the exam pattern play an important role in the amount of time spent studying for this exam.
  • Clearing basic arithmetic with formulas and for general awareness, the candidate should not overlook any section, so Economics, General Politics, Indian Constitution, Sports, and General Science should be given equal weight.
  • Candidates should develop a routine that suits their needs, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Practicing previous year’s questions and mock papers, particularly the Logical Reasoning section with its puzzles, will help the aspirant develop a positive attitude and increase their confidence in passing the Indian Coast Guard Exam.

Exams for the Indian Coast Guard are expected to be held soon. Candidates preparing for the exam should review the toppers’ and experts’ preparation strategies to learn about the best approach for each topic. All official updates and updates are published on the official website, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on it.


u003cstrongu003eWhat is the official website for the Indian Coast Guard wherein candidates get to fill up the application and find out about the syllabus?u003c/strongu003e

The Indian Coast Guard’s official website is

u003cstrongu003eIs Technical Knowledge in the syllabus for the Yantrik Mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronics Section mandatory?u003c/strongu003e

Every post in the Indian Coastal Guard Yantrik exam requires technical knowledge.

Will there be negative marking in the examination of the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment?

According to the Indian Coast Guard Recruitment body’s rules, there will be no negative marking scheme.

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