IB ACIO Salary 2022: Structure, Promotion and Job Profile

IB ACIO Salary 2022: At the Intelligence Bureau, the Ministry of Home Affairs holds an exam for the position of Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) Executive/ Grade-II (IB). IB ACIO candidates will be paid between INR 44900 and INR 142400 per month, with a graded salary of INR 4200. The wage scale will be altered during the training time. Employee pay scales will fluctuate between urban and rural locations, according to the 7th pay commission. The IB ACIO’s principal responsibility is to gather sensitive information in order to safeguard national peace and order. Candidates will also earn some additional benefits based on federal government guidelines.

IB ACIO Annual Package 2022

The 7th pay commission determines the payment of an IB ACIO. The salary range for this position is INR 44900 to 142400, with grade pay of INR 4200. (PB-2). Despite the fact that the employment is temporary, employees are paid regular allowances that are comparable to those paid to Central Government employees. 

IB ACIO Salary Structure

The pay and allowances for the IB ACIO executive will be paid. The following is a breakdown of the salary structure for an IB ACIO executive:

CalculationsSalary 7th Pay Commission
Pay ScaleINR 44,900-1,42,400
Grade PayINR 4600
Basic PayINR 13500
CPC Fitment FactorINR 35370
Transport AllowancesINR 3200
Gross PayINR 42600
Deduction in IB ACIO Salary
Total DeductionsINR 1890
Estimated in Hand salaryINR 40730


  • CGHS: Central Government Health Scheme
  • CPC: Central Pay Commission
  • HRA: House Rent ALlowances
  • EPF: Employees Provident Fund

IB ACIO Salary Structure (During Training)

Aspirants will go through training after the recruitment process, and the compensation structure will be modified during this time. The following section discusses the salary breakdown of employees during their training period:

Basic PayINR 44,900
Dearness Allowance @ 17%INR 7633
House Rental Allowance0
Transport Allowance0
Special Security AllowanceINR 8980
Special Security Allowance0
Special Security Allowance0
Government Contribution @14 % (Basic + DA)INR 7355
Gross SalaryINR 68868
DeductionsINR 12608
Net SalaryINR 56260

IB ACIO Salary Structure (Hard Location Posting)

The aspirants may be assigned to various isolated regions following the training session. The IB ACIO wage structure varies depending on the location of the position. The following section contains the IB ACIO wage structure for the hard location posting:

Basic PayINR 46,200
Dearness Allowance @ 17%INR 7854
House Rental Allowance @ 8%INR 3693
Transport AllowanceINR 2106
Special Security AllowanceINR 9240
Special Security Allowance @ 10%INR 4620
Special Compensatory AllowanceINR 3000
Government Contribution @14 % (Basic + DA)INR 7355
Gross SalaryINR 84284
DeductionsINR 12973
Net SalaryINR 71311

IB ACIO Salary Structure (City Posting)

Towns, cities, and villages will be used to attract applicants. Aspirants will be paid the following salary based on their job postings.

Basic PayINR 46,200
Dearness Allowance @ 17%INR 7854
House Rental Allowance @ 24%INR 11088
Transport AllowanceINR 3600
Special Security Allowance @ 20%INR 9240
Special Duty Allowance @10%0
Special Compensatory Allowance0
Government Contribution @14 % (Basic +DA)INR 7568
Gross SalaryINR 85550
DeductionsINR 12973
Net SalaryINR 72577

IB ACIO Perks and Allowances

Along with the wage, IB ACIO staff will receive several additional benefits. To obtain a better picture of the IB ACIO benefits and allowances, look at the table below:

Other AllowancesPayment per month
Office cum Residence Allowance3500
Cook Salary3200
Petrol Sanction13 Litres
Diesel Sanction20 Litres
2 Newspapers+ TV Cable Subscription600
Entertainment Allowance650

City Compensatory Allowances (CCA): The CCA is given to employees to compensate for their residential expenses in Tier I cities. Candidates who would be working in Tier-II cities will be eligible for the allowances.

Mileage Allowances: According to the 7th Pay Commission, employees are given mileage allowances to cover travel costs of at least 8 kilometres or more during working hours.

Medical Allowances: Medical allowances will be provided to employees to cover medical expenses.

Dearness Allowances: Employees will get Dearness Allowances on their basic wage to help offset the inflationary effect.

Aside from these key benefits, the candidates will receive additional benefits such as reimbursement for guest expenses, newspaper reimbursement, and discounts on electronics and bags.

IB ACIO In-Hand Salary 2022

As previously stated, the IB ACIO salary structure is based on the 7th pay commission. The salary scale is from INR 9300 to 34800, with grade pay of INR 4200. (PB-2). The above table shows the wage structure, including the major components. The in-hand salary is roughly INR 40730 each month when all components of the salary slip are taken into account, as well as deductions.

IB ACIO Salary Slip 

Now we’ll go through all of the components that make up the IB ACIO Salary slip.

HRA (Residence Rent Allowance): This benefit compensates employees for the expense of living in the house where they are employed. According to the 7th pay commission, the HRA for IB ACIO Grade II executives is INR 4050. Employees, on the other hand, have a varied HRA depending on where they are posted. Please see the table below.

Category of Cities HRA after 7th Pay Commission 

Transport Allowances: Candidates are awarded Transport Allowances to cover the costs of commuting from home to work or to compensate for personal transportation costs. It is usually accepted to cover the cost of transportation during working hours. The transportation fees for IB ACIO staff are INR 3200.
Gross pay is the total amount earned by an employee in a certain time period before any deductions are made. INR 62400 is the gross compensation of an IB ACIO employee.
Fit Factor for CPC: After the 7th pay Commission, the Fitment factor is a multiplication number that is supposed to deduce a common outcome. It is used to determine the revised pay structure’s basic pay purpose.

IB ACIO Job Profile 2022

The primary responsibilities of the IB ACIO include gathering intelligence on the ground, normal office work, maintaining liaison with sister agencies, and even undertaking secret operations if necessary. The job isn’t always dangerous.

The job description is essentially identical to that of an Inspector in the state police force. Employees will be assigned to fieldwork jobs in order to protect state security. On a national and state level, employment roles fluctuate. Both are described in detail below.

National Level

  • Grade II or ACIO staff are responsible for a large amount of intelligence gathering. More particular, individuals in that grade will be responsible for ground-level intelligence collection coordination.
  • The Intelligence Bureau’s coordination and management duties are carried out by officers at the ‘Class 1’ level.

State Level

The following is the IB ACIO job profile for hopefuls to review:

The personnel will report to the Central Intelligence Officer and are members of the State Special Bureau.
They must work in IB’s terrorism, counter-intelligence, sensitive areas, VIP protection, and threat assessment departments.

IB ACIO Promotion 2022

The IB ACIO advancement is time-limited, and the benefits and income vary with promotions. The following are the IB ACIO promotions:

Job ProfileExperience
ACIO-I3-4 years
DCIO10 years
Assistant Director25-30 years

IB ACIO Probation Period

Following the recruitment process, the candidates will undergo training. Employees will obtain an official offer letter of joining if the candidates perform well during the training term. The candidates will be required to attend two stages of the training period, each of which will last 60 days. During this time, aspirants will not be permitted to utilise electronic devices.

Training: Selected individuals must complete physical and theoretical training. The former consists of running and exercising, whilst the latter consists of senior-led lectures. The training will last for two months. It is held to physically and mentally prepare the candidates.

Job Posting: After the training is completed, the candidates are assigned to different locations. These allotments are made to districts and states at random. Some candidates are assigned to border and mainland areas, while others are assigned to cities, towns, or villages.

IB ACIO Job Profile 2022

We’ll now go through the job duties of an IB ACIO executive. Knowing the job description ahead of time will help you plan correctly. At IB, an Assistant Central Intelligence Officer has a variety of responsibilities.

  1. The officers’ primary responsibility is to obtain classified information that safeguards national security.
  2. Another important responsibility for the IB ACIOs is to track important information and indicators that could pose a threat to the nations.
  3. They must also gather intelligence on concerns such as cash exchange, terrorist trespassing, illegal or unethical trade, and so on.

Indeed, the IB ACIO post is full of thrills and adventures! You must be well prepared for the examination.

IB ACIO Career Growth

After 7 to 8 years of experience as a section officer, individuals will have the following career path.

  • Deputy Secretary
  • Section Officer
  • Director
  • Under Secretary

IB ACIO Salary Structure: FAQs

Q1. What is the pay scale of IB ACIO according to the 7th Pay Commission?

Ans. IB ACIO personnel will receive INR 44,900 to INR 1,42,000 at level 7 according to the 7th pay commission.

Q2. What are the allowances offered for the post of IB ACIO?

Ans. Petrol, entertainment, HRA, Cook Salary, Special Compensatory Allowance, newspapers, and other perks are available to the IB ACIO.

Q3. Is there any training session after the IB ACIO Selection process?

Ans. Yes, the aspirants will go through a training period for a fixed duration before posting.

Q4. What is the amount of HRA received by the IB ACIO employees?

Ans. HRA will be paid to IB ACIO staff in the amount of INR 4,050.

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