GPSC Books 2022: Best Books for Preparation

GPSC Books 2022: Are you getting ready for the GPSC recruitment exams? Different exams are required for various positions, so selecting the appropriate GPSC books is critical. Every year, the Commission holds GPSC exams to recruit candidates for Assistant Engineer, DYSO, PI, and State Tax Inspector positions. With the appropriate GPSC books, candidates can move ahead much faster and gain an advantage over their competitors. The GPSC books 2022 cover the full syllabus and are written by industry experts.

  • Different stages of selection are present in each GPSC exam. Every exam has a different selection procedure.
  • Candidates must understand the selection process because each stage of the process necessitates the use of reference books.

Best Books for GPSC Assistant Engineer

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the GPSC Assistant Engineer Exam has been postponed. The GPSC AE exam has two stages of selection: a preliminary exam and then an interview. Only those candidates who pass the preliminary examination can proceed to the interview stage. Candidates will require proper GPSC books to pass both stages and ultimately obtain the position. The following are the best books for the GPSC AE exams 2022.

Subject  Name of the Book Author Publication Specialities
General Studies  General Studies 2020 Paper 1  McGraw Hill McGraw Hill

One of the best GPSC books for the AE prelims exam because it combines three important features: excellent quality, emerging trends, and structured analysis.

Additionally, a reliable source for exam success.

General Studies Edgar Thorpe, Showick Thorpe Pearson Education

This book is designed specifically for the General Studies section of the state civil service preliminary examination. It is divided into six volumes and covers the entire curriculum.

All of your general studies questions can be answered in one place.

Civil Engineering GPSC Civil Engineer Banking Academy Team Banking Academy Publications

This book contains over 4200 questions and answers, all of which are organised by subject.

It contains all of the previous civil engineering exam questions.

Civil Engineering: Through Objective Type Questions S.P Gupta, S.S Gupta CBS Publisher and Distributor 

This book is fantastic for candidates taking the GPSC Civil AE exam because it contains a large number of questions and answers that may be asked during the exam.

The book consciously addresses the importance of correctness.

Electrical Engineering An Integrated Course in Electrical Engineering  JB Gupta Birla Publications Pvt. Ltd.

The Electrical Engineering exam contains objective type questions and answers.

A fantastic GPSC book that will help candidates.

Objective Electrical Engineering P.K. Mishra Upkar Prakashan 

It’s ideal for electrical engineering students because it includes several practical objective questions that will help them prepare for the GPSC Electrical AE exam.

It gives the candidate a lot of practise so that they can pass the competitive exam.

Interview Interviews & Group Discussion GKP G.K. Publications This book is designed specifically for competitive examination interviews and includes a number of commonly asked questions.

History Books from the GPSC 2022

  • For a basic understanding of the topics, use a GCERT 11th and 12th History book or an NCERT 11th and 12th History book.
  • Bipin Chandra’s History of Modern India (also known as Modern History) is a book that chronicles colonial India’s journey from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. This book is a social analysis of the factors that enabled the British to rule India for such a long time.
  • Sumit Sarkar’s book Modern India 1885-1947 covers the modern history of Indian independence, the tragedy of partition, and numerous political events. The book depicts the struggles of both the leaders and the common people in social and economic contexts.

GPSC Cultural Heritage Book Recommendations

  • NCERT fine arts books and GCERT 11 and 12 history books provide comprehensive knowledge on the topics.
  • Spectrum’s Facets of Indian Culture provides in-depth knowledge of Indian culture. Religion, philosophy, music, dance, theatre and cinema, art and architecture, and language and literature are among the topics covered. There are also practise questions for students studying for competitive exams.

GPSC Deputy Section Officer Best Books 2022

The GPSC Deputy Section Officer Selection Process is divided into two stages: preliminary and main exams. Candidates must pass both exams in order to be considered for the position. Candidates are chosen on merit, with the candidates with the highest scores in both stages receiving the position. Candidates will require GPSC books to pass both the prelims and the mains. As a result, the best GPSC books are listed below.

Subject Name of the Book Publication Author Specialities
Cultural Heritage Indian Art & Culture Arihant Publication Unknown Every aspiring candidate for a state PSC exam is expected to know about the culture and heritage, and this book is specifically designed for that purpose.
The best feature of this book is that it covers the entire syllabus and is divided into chapters.
General English Objective General English Arihant S.P. Bakshi It aids in the review of important general English topics for the exam.
The book contains all of the information needed for the exam.
General Gujarati Gujarati Vishayvar Prashno Liberty Publication Jagadish Patel This book is excellent for learning Gujarati and covers all of the exam topics.
Divided in a way that makes studying and comprehension easier.
History Indian History- Subjective Planet Knowledge Indian History Editorial Board Excellent for all competitive exams and provided ample information on the subjects.
All of the topics are covered in depth in this book.
Economy Magbook Indian Economy Arihant Arihant Experts Excellent book for competitive exams that covers all of the necessary topics.
It is written in simple and straightforward language to aid candidates’ comprehension.
General Studies 1 General Studies Paper 1 Pearson Publication Edgar Thorpe This book covers everything you need to know and more.
The book is divided perfectly to make it easier for the candidates.
General Studies 2 General Studies Paper 2 Pearson Education Edgar Thorpe This edition includes updated chapters as well as revision tips and techniques.
It includes fully solved solutions as well as comprehensive descriptions.
Current Affairs The Yearly Current Affairs 2020 for Competitive Exams Disha Publication Disha Experts It provides a student-friendly summary of the most important events, issues, ideas, and people.
The information is also compared to previous year’s competitive papers, which aids the candidates even more.

Constitution and IR Books from the GPSC

The books listed below cover the entire Polity, Social Justice, Constitution, and International Relations curriculum:

  • M Laxmikant’s Indian Polity is a densely packed informational book on political, civil, and constitutional matters. The chapters are frequently revised and updated to reflect recent changes. It is best to read the most recent edition (6th edition).

Additional Study Material for the GPSC 2022 Exam

  • Schemes of the federal and state governments (Any coaching centre can refer you to it.)
  • Magazines and newspapers (listed below in the current events section)

GPSC Police Inspector Best Books

The GPSC Police Inspector selection process is divided into four steps. Preliminary examination, Physical Examination, Main Examination, and Interview are the four stages. Candidates must successfully complete all stages because the position will be filled on the basis of merit. To get through these stages, candidates will need a perfect GPSC books list. Below are the best books for the GPSC Police Inspector Exam.

Subject Name of the Book Publication Author Specialities 
General English  Objective General English Arihant S.P. Bakshi It aids in the review of important general English topics for the exam.
The book contains all of the information needed for the exam.
General Studies 2 Handbook of General Studies- Paper 2 Spectrum Books  Kalpana Rajaram The book covers all of the important topics that will be covered in the exam.
It also includes sample question papers from previous years to give students an idea of what to expect on the exam.
General Gujarati Gujarati Vyakaran ane Sahitya  Kiran Kiran A fantastic book for learning general Gujarati that will be useful to candidates.
All general Gujarati topics are covered.
General Studies 1 General Studies Manual Paper-1 Arihant Manohar Pandey Covers all of the important topics and is written in an easy-to-understand manner.
All of the topics are divided into sections to make them easier to comprehend.
  23 Years Solved Papers 1997-2019 General Studies Paper I GK Publications Access The book contains fully solved papers from previous years, which will be useful to candidates.
General Studies  10000+ Objective MCQs with Explanatory Notes for General Studies Disha Publication Disha Experts It has been updated with the most recent questions that may appear on the exam.
It contains in-depth information on all of the topics, allowing candidates to learn more effectively.


Do these GPSC books cover the latest syllabus?

Because there is no specific syllabus mentioned, the most popular GPSC books cover the most recent and comprehensive syllabus.

Is GSPC previous years’ question papers required to be studied?

Yes, previous GSPC exam question papers must be studied in order to understand the most important topics.

Is it necessary to clear all the stages of the selection process to get the post?

To be considered for the position, you must pass all stages of the selection process. The final decision is made solely on the basis of merit.

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