ESIC UDC Previous Year Question Papers: Download Subject-wise Sample Papers PDF with Answer Keys

Previous year’s ESIC UDC question papers and sample papers are extremely useful in better preparation for the test. They assist in remembering essential themes asked in past years and understanding the ESIC UDC exam paper style.

The question papers and answer keys for numerous years can be found at the following URLs. Candidates can use these to download the PDF.

ESIC UDC 2019 Question Paper PDFs

PaperPDF Link
Paper IDownload
Memory Based PaperDownload

ESIC UDC 2018 Question Paper PDFs with Answer Key

SubjectQuestion PaperAnswer Key
English LanguageDownloadDownload
ESI Scheme and Office ProcedureDownload

ESIC UDC 2016 Question Paper PDFs

ShiftQuestion Paper
Shift 1Download
Shift 2Download
Shift 3Download
Shift 4Download
Shift 5Download
Shift 6Download
Shift 7Download
Shift 8Download

Older ESIC UDC Question Paper PDFs

Year Papers Set
2014 Paper I Set A
Set B
Set C
Set D
Paper-II Set A
Paper III Set A
2012 Download

Candidates must study the topics in accordance with the ESIC UDC official notification exam pattern. Candidates must complete ESIC exam papers within the time limit during their preparations. It will assist applicants in honing their time management skills in preparation for the exam.

Candidates can check their answers and compute their marks after completing the sample papers. After calculating the score, applicants can assess their level of preparation and focus on the weaker areas.

Benefits of Preparing with ESIC UDC Previous Year Question papers

You’re probably asking why you should answer questions from the previous year. Competitive tests, on the other hand, are more about clever work than hard work. As a result, read the following points to understand why.

  • The ESIC UDC previous year paper is accessible in both Hindi and English, so you can choose which one you like.
  • Save time by downloading the previous year’s ESIC UDC question papers as a pdf and solving them anytime you like.
  • Solving prior problems will assist you in time management and completing the paper on time.
  • Analyze your preparation and prioritise the exam documents accordingly, and be confident.
  • You can assess yourself well if you understand the importance and difficulty degree of numerous topics.
  • ESIC UDC’s previous year’s papers will help you get a better understanding of the exam and gain an advantage.
  • You can learn the actual scoring pattern by solving past year’s ESIC UDC papers.

ESIC UDC Previous Year Question Papers FAQs

Q1. Where can I find the ESIC UDC Prelims Test Previous Year Question Paper?u003cbr /u003e

u003cstrongu003eAns.u003c/strongu003e This post contains direct links to download the ESIC UDC Prelims Test Previous Year Question Paper.

Q2. How will solving previous years’ question papers help in our preparation?u003cbr /u003e

u003cstrongu003eAnsu003c/strongu003e. Practising prior papers will provide you with a realistic experience of the tests that will be administered, allowing you to better prepare.

Q3. What are the topics to be tested in the Computer Based Test of ESIC UDC?u003cbr /u003e

u003cstrongu003eAnsu003c/strongu003e. Quantitative aptitude, reasoning, English, general intelligence, and general awareness are among the topics to be tested.

Q4. What are the marks allotted for every correct answer in the Computer Based Test of ESIC UDC?u003cbr /u003e

u003cstrongu003eAnsu003c/strongu003e. Each right answer will increase your score by one point.

Q5. How many previous years’ papers on ESIC UDC recruitment do I need to solve?u003cbr /u003e

u003cstrongu003eAnsu003c/strongu003e. You should attempt to solve as many previous years’ ESIC UDC recruitment papers as possible, but make sure that you do not neglect to prepare the curriculum.

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