DMRC Salary 2022: Pay Scale, Salary Structure, Job Profile & More

DMRC Salary 2022: The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) is a joint venture between the Indian government and the Delhi government. It has the most extensive metro railway network in Delhi. DMRC intends to expand the service to other parts of Delhi in the near future.

As a result, we can expect DMRC test dates 2022 to be issued soon for mass recruitment in order to improve the organization’s operations and management.

DMRC personnel are divided into four categories, ranging from Director to Unskilled Labor. Candidates studying for the DMRC Exam 2022 should familiarise themselves with the basic work roles and responsibilities, as well as the compensation payment structure following the 7th Central Pay Commission. This page discusses the job profile, work role, and wage structure of some of DMRC’s most sought-after positions, such as AM, JE, and CRA.

DMRC Salary 2022: Post-wise Pay Scale

This table shows the DMRC pay scales for monthly payments earned by each of its executives and employees. Employees are also entitled to a variety of benefits and allowances.

DMRC DesignationsDRMC Monthly Salary Payscale
Managing DirectorINR 2,00,000-3,70,000/-
DirectorINR 1,80,000-3,40,000/-
Executive DirectorINR 1,50,000-3,00,000/-
General ManagerINR 1,20,000-2,80,000/-
Additional General ManagerINR 1,00,000-2,60,000/-
Joint General ManagerINR 90,000-2,40,000/-
Sr. Deputy General ManagerINR 80,000-2,20,000/-
Deputy General ManagerINR 70,000-2,00,000/-
ManagerINR 60,000-1,80,000/-
Asst. ManagerINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
SSO/CDM/SSEINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
ASE/SE/SDEOINR 46,000-1,45,000/-
SPA/Sr. Asst./TA/SDMINR 40,000-1,25,000/-
Asst./JDM/Drvs/JEINR 37,000-1,15,000/-
Steno/Asst./JDM/DrvsINR 35,000-1,10,000/-
Skilled/JA/DEO/DrvsINR 25,000-80,000/-
SemiskilledINR 20,000-60,000/-
UnskilledINR 16,000-50,000/-

DMRC Salary 2022: Customer Relations Assistant

The wage breakdown for DMRC Customer Relations Assistant is as follows (CRA). After the 7th CPC, this is the new compensation structure. The pay scale is between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 1,10,000/-.

Salary ComponentAmount
Pay ScaleINR 35,000 – 1,10,000 /-
Basic PayINR 35,000 /-
DA (28% on Basic Pay)INR 9,800 /-
HRA  (24% on Basic Pay)INR 8,400 /-
Other Allowance (31.5% of Basic Pay)INR 11,025 /-
Total Gross SalaryINR 64,225 /-

There are some deductions from this gross compensation of Rs. 64,225/-, such as PF, Professional Tax, and so on, which total around Rs.7,500/-. DMRC CRA’s net in-hand salary is around Rs. 56,725/-.

DMRC Salary 2022: Junior Engineer

The DMRC Junior Engineer (JE) wage slip, as per the 7th CPC, is attached. The wage structure of DMRC Junior Engineer (JE) is detailed. DMRC JEs are paid between Rs. 37,000 and Rs. 1,15,000 per month.

Salary ComponentAmount
Basic PayINR 37,000 /-
DA (28% on Basic Pay)INR 10,360 /-
HRA (24% on Basic Pay)INR 8,880 /-
Other Allowance (31.5% of Basic Pay)INR 11,655 /-
Total Gross SalaryINR 67,895 /

EPF (12 per cent of basic pay + IDA), Lease Recovery Rs. 200/-, Income Tax (depends on income and savings), Staff Welfare Rs. 55/-, and so on are some of the deductions.

DMRC Salary 2022: Station Controller/ Train Operator

The station’s operations are overseen by the Station Controller (SO). He is in charge of the entire metro station problem. The locomotive’s smooth running is the responsibility of the Train Operator (TO).

SC/beginning TO’s salary is Rs. 37,000, with a pay scale ranging from Rs. 37,000 to 1,15,000. The following is the wage breakdown for DMRC SC/TO:

DMRC SC/TO Salary ComponentsAmount
Basic SalaryINR 37,000/-
DA (24% of Basic Salary)INR 10,360 /-
HRA (24% of Basic Salary)INR 8,880/-
Perks (31.50%)INR 11,655/-
Gross Salary without Night Duty or km-running AllowanceINR 67,895 /-

Aside from that, DMRC SC/TOs receive a monthly night allowance of Rs. 1800/-, which is based on the number of night duties performed in a month. DMRC TO RECEIVE an additional stipend known as a km-running allowance of around Rs. 6,000/- per month, depending on the number of kilometres he runs the train.

Aside from this, there are various deductions, such as EPF, State Welfare Fund, Gross Salary Tax, and so on.

DMRC Salary 2022: ITI Posts (Maintainer, Fitter, and Mechanic)

Without the perks and benefits, the base pay scale for DMRC ITI roles such as Maintainer, Fitter, Electronic Mechanic, and others is Rs. 25,000/- per month, and if all the perks and benefits are computed, the total amount will be around Rs. 45,875/- per month.

DMRC Maintainer/ Fitter/ Mechanic Salary ComponentsAmount
Basic SalaryINR 25,000/-
DA (28% of Basic Salary)INR 7,000/-
HRA (24% of Basic Salary)INR 6,000/-
Perks (31.5% of Basic Salary)INR 7,875/-
Gross SalaryINR 45,875/-

There are deductions of 12% of the basic salary and DA, which include EPF, taxes, and other expenses. DMRC Maintainer, Fitter, or Mechanic in-hand salary is roughly Rs. 40,000/-.

DMRC Salary 2022: Assistant Manager Job Profile and Salary

Below is the wage structure for DMRC Assistant Managers (AM) in several departments. The pay scale is based on the 7th Central Pay Commission’s recommendations.

DMRC AM Regular Executive Posts

The following is the regular remuneration for DMRC Assistant Managers in Executive Positions:

Post NamePay Scale
Assistant Manager – ElectricalINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – S&TINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – CivilINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – OperationINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – ArchitectINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – TrafficINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – StoresINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – FinanceINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – LegalINR 50,000-1,60,000/-

DMRC Salary for Assistant Managers (AM) Contractual (2 years) Executive Post

DMRC also employs people on a two-year contract basis. The following is the compensation for DMRC Assistant Managers on a two-year contract basis:

Post NamePay Scale
Assistant Manager – ElectricalINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – S&TINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – ITINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – FinanceINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – CivilINR 50,000-1,60,000/-

DMRC AM Contractual (2 years) Non-Executive Post

The remuneration structure for non-executive DMRC Assistant Managers on a two-year contract basis is as follows:

Post NamePay Scale
Jr. Engineer/Electrical37,000-1,15,000/-
Jr. Engineer/Electronics37,000-1,15,000/-
Jr. Engineer/Civil37,000-1,15,000/-
Assistant Programmer37,000-1,15,000/-
Architect Assistant37,000-1,15,000/-

DMRC Exam 2022: Job Roles / DMRC Career

The DMRC exam is used to recruit for four different employment roles:

  • Contractual Executive Post (2 years)
  • Regular Non-Executive Post
  • Contractual Non-Executive Post (2 years)
  • Regular Executive Post

DMRC Job Profile: Jr. Engineers Posts

The job profile of Jr. Engineers includes:

  • Electrical (Rolling Stock/Lift/Escalators/E&M/Power supply, stores, etc. ), Electronics (Signaling & Telecom, Automatic Fair Collection, Rolling Stock, SCADA, Stores, etc. ), Civil (P.Way & Works) & Mechanical systems and train maintenance, handling/operating Tower Wagon/Shunting, etc.) & Mechanical systems and train maintenance, handling/operating Tower Wagon/Shunting, etc
  • After receiving proper training, passing a psychometric test, and passing a medical fitness test, JEs may be assigned to the Corporation as SC/TO.

DMRC Job Profile: Jr. Engineers (Environment)

Jr. Engineers/responsibilities Environmental include assisting in the preparation of work/reports for various construction projects, environmental clearance, land acquisition reports, and ISO IMS document preparation, including night shifts.

DMRC Job Profile: Jr. Engineers (Stores)

Jr. Engineers/Stores are responsible for assisting/supervising Material Management and Store-related tasks, which may include night shifts.

DMRC Job Profile: Maintainers (Electrician, Electronic Mechanic, and Fitter)

Maintainers (Electricians, Electronic Mechanics, and Fitters) are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of various Maintenance Systems and processes in connection with the operation and maintenance of Metro Trains, as well as the installation and execution of various systems such as Lifts, Escalators, Track, Structure, Traction/OHE, E&M, Signaling, Telecom/Automatic Fare Collection, Train Coaches, P. Way, Works, Stores Depots, and so on, on a shift.

DMRC Job Profile: Customer Relations Assistant (CRA) 

  • Customer Relations Assistant (CRA) responsibilities include interacting with commuters at Customer Care Centres (CCC) and responding to their needs and issues, as well as looking after the affairs of Metro Stations, including operation control centres, on shift duty, including night shift.
  • Their career path will lead them to become a Station Controller/Train Operator.
  • The profession necessitates the highest level of medical fitness, including 6/6 vision.
  • Only those who meet the medical requirements are eligible to apply.
  • Customer Relations Assistant (CRA) job hours vary depending on station/CCC ridership/footfall and can range from 8 to 12 hours per day.

DMRC Job Profile: Assistant Managers Posts

Assistant Managers in all positions will be needed to complete train driving training in order to gain competency and will be expected to run trains on occasion. Examine the job profiles for all executive positions by post.

DMRC Job Profile: Asstt. Managers (Electrical/S&T/Civil) 

Asst. Managers (Electrical/S&T/Civil) are responsible for the management of various Maintenance Systems and processes in connection with the operation and maintenance of Metro Trains, tracks, and works, as well as the installation and execution of various systems in the DMRC Project.

DMRC Job Profile: Asstt. Managers (Operations)

Asst. Managers/Operations are responsible for station/train/staff management, roster preparation, OCC, commuter grievance resolution, safety SoPs, traffic integration, and property management, among other things.

DMRC Job Profile: Asstt. Managers (Traffic)

Asst. Manager/responsibilities Traffic’s include:

  • design, conduct and interpret transportation and travel surveys
  • design research methods and survey techniques for proposed transportation projects
  • analyse and interpret traffic data gathered from transportation studies,
  • use mathematical models to forecast the effects of road improvements, policy changes/or public transportation schemes, multimodal integration,
  • prepare techno feasibility and traffic reports, alternate analysis for the project, economic analysis of the project

DMRC Job Profile: Asstt. Managers (Architect)

Asst. Managers/Architects are in charge of finalising architectural designs, providing design support during construction, and coordinating with all parties involved.

DMRC Job Profile: Asstt. Managers (Stores)

Asst. Managers/Stores are responsible for material management and store-related tasks.

DMRC Job Profile: Asstt. Managers (Finance)

Asst. Managers/Finance have responsibilities such as financial management, SAP/ESS, pay and allowances, and so on.

DMRC Job Profile: Asstt. Managers (Legal)

Asst. Managers/ Legal’s responsibilities include drafting contracts, briefs, notices, memoranda, circulars, correspondence, orders, reports, and other legal forms, as well as attending lawsuits in various courts in Delhi or elsewhere, checking documents or papers for compliance and correctness, conducting arbitration and mediation services, and performing any other duties as assigned.

DMRC Job Profile: Asstt. Managers (IT)

IT system management, encompassing programming language, database concept, IT security, project management, system design & development, ERP system, and so on, is part of the job profile of Asst. Managers/IT.

Perks and Allowances for DMRC Employees

Employees receive additional perks such as a 24 per cent HRA, 31.5 per cent perk, and DA. They also receive additional benefits in the form of monthly allowances, including:

  • Mobile Phone Allowance
  • Leave Travel Allowance
  • Life Insurance and Disability
  • Gratuity Trust Fund
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Employee Provident Fund
  • Medical Allowance

DMRC is a non-discriminatory employer. Being a PSU, the DMRC takes pride in the fact that every employee works for the public good. DMRC provides regular feedback to its productive employees and is one of the most flexible employers in terms of employee benefits.

DMRC Salary and Job Profile 2022 FAQs

Q1. What is the salary of a DMRC Assistant Manager post?

Ans. The current DMRC AM salary range is Rs. 50,000-1,60,000/-.

Q2. What are the allowances of the DMRC Assistant Manager?

Ans. There are different types of allowances like HRA, DA, Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, etc.

Q3. What are the job responsibilities of an Assistant Manager Operation?

Ans. An Assistant Manager of Operations is responsible for trains, crew, station management, OCC, SOPs, and other activities.

Q4. What are the job responsibilities of an Assistant Manager Architect?

Ans. An AM Architect’s responsibilities include providing architectural design, finalising the design, and coordinating with the workforce.

Q5. What are the job responsibilities of an Assistant Manager of Finance?

Ans. An Assistant Manager of Finance oversees financial operations, including payments and allowances.

Q6. What are the job responsibilities of an Assistant Manager Legal?

Ans. AM Legal’s tasks include legal drafting contracts, notifications, communications, orders, and reports in various Indian courts to protect DMRC’s interests.

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