CGPSC Eligibility Criteria 2022: Education Qualification, Age Limit, & More

CGPSC Eligibility Criteria 2022: Candidates must be between the ages of 21 and 30 to be eligible for the exam, according to the CGPSC eligibility standards. Candidates who fall into one of the reserved groups are given age exemptions. In addition, to be eligible for the CGPSC exam, candidates must be Indian citizens. The Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission defines the CGPSC eligibility criterion. Candidates who pass the CGPSC examination are hired by the government for a variety of positions, including:

  • State Finance Service
  • State Civil Service
  • Assistant Director
  • State Police Service
  • Deputy Registrar
  • Child Development Project officer

The CGPSC exam is divided into three stages: preliminary, main, and personality tests. In the first two rounds, there are questions on general studies and aptitude. Science, History, Linguistics, Social studies, and a variety of other areas are covered by these two types of articles. CGPSC applications are mostly filed online, and there are some parameters to consider before applying for the Chhattisgarh Public Commission exams.

Important Updates on CGPSC 2022

For the Chhattisgarh Public Commission Examination, there are requirements for nationality, age restriction, and educational background.

CGPSC 2022: Nationality Criteria

This falls under just one category. A applicant needs to be an Indian national. Different requirements must be met by those who have moved to India.

CGPSC 2022: Age Criteria

The applicant must be at least 21 years old.

For candidates who don’t live in Chhattisgarh permanentlyA applicant cannot be older than 30 years old.
For applicants who are Chhattisgarh citizensFor Chhattisgarh citizens and residents of their homes, there is a 5-year age relaxation.
A applicant cannot be older than 35 years old.

CGPSC 2022: Age Relaxation Criteria

Many age relaxation criteria exist. For more information, go to the CPSC’s official website. Here are a handful of the most important Age Relaxation requirements.

No. of Relaxation YearsCondition
Up to max 5 yearsIf an applicant is a Chhattisgarh government-recorded member of an OBC, Scheduled Tribe, or Scheduled Caste.
Up to max 3 yearsIf a potential candidate is of Indian descent and moved from one of the following nations: arriving from Burma on or after June 1, 1963 coming from Sri Lanka in 1964 or after Or a candidate who came from what is now Bangladesh, formerly known as East Pakistan, between January 1 and March 25, 1971.
Up to max 8 yearsIf the candidate above falls under (ii) and is a member of a Chhattisgarh government-recorded Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, or OBC.
Up to max 5 yearsIf the applicant falls within the window for the initial appointment,
Up to max 2 yearsWhether the applicant is a beneficiary of a family welfare programme
Up to max 5 years.5 years or more. If the applicant is one of the spouses covered by the inter-caste marriage programme of the department for the welfare of Harijan, Tribal, and Backward classes as per GAD Memo No. C-1085, dated 3-9-1985.
Up to max 5 yearsIf an applicant is currently or was formerly an athlete who has won the Shaheed Rajiv Pandey Award, Gundhahur Samman, Maharaj Bhanjdev Samman, etc.
Up to 5 max yearsIf an applicant has served in the military for at least five years in any capacity,
Up to max 8 yearsIf a candidate is filing under a category
Up to max 10 yearsif an applicant has a physical impairment. (So long as he provides the required certificates.)

CGPSC 2022: Education Criteria

An applicant must hold a degree from any accredited university in India as defined by an Act of the Central or State Legislature. Degrees from other educational institutes recognised by law or considered universities are also acceptable.

Candidates who have not yet received their examination results but meet the educational commission’s criteria are also eligible to take the CGPSC exam.

Candidates with a technical and professional competence that the government recognises as being equal to a professional degree are also eligible.

CGPSC 2022: Physical and Mental Health Criteria

  • Candidates must undergo a medical examination to determine their mental and physical well-being.
  • Any candidate who does not understand the physical fitness criteria will not be hired for that position.
  • The candidate’s mental health must also be in good working order.
  • There are also specific height and chest requirements.
S. No. Name Of The Post Height

Chest Expansion
Man Without Expansion With Expansion
1. Dy. Superintendent of Police 168 c.m 84 c.m 89 c.m. 5 c.m.
2. District Excise Officer 5’4” 31” 33”
3. Transport Sub-Inspector 165 c.m. 81.50 c.m.
4. Excise Sub-Inspector 165 c.m. 81 c.m. 85 c.m.
5. Assistant Jailor 1.65 m. 0.80 m.

It is critical that you meet all of the qualifying requirements in order to be considered for the service. Furthermore, even if you submitted a fully filled application form, you will be denied if you do not meet any of the aforementioned criteria. As a result, candidates must be informed about the newest CGPSC exam news and updates.


Is there a relaxation of the age limit for Chhattisgarh residents?

Candidates from Chhattisgarh obtain a 5-year age reduction if they are domiciled in the state. The maximum age to apply for them is 35 years old.

Are there separate CGPSC Eligibility Criteria for men and women in 2022?

Yes, both men and women must meet the same eligibility requirements.

I am a member of the ST category and 33 years old. Am I qualified for the position with Chhattisgarh State Services?

According to the official CGPSC recruitment announcement, ST candidates will have a 5-year age relaxation up to 30 years of age. As a result, you’re qualified to take the CPSC exam.

What are the minimum educational requirements for CGPSC 2022?

Candidates must hold a degree from a recognised university in India as defined by an Act of the Central or State Legislature. Other educational institutes or deemed universities under an act of parliament will also be considered.

I have a physical disability; can I take the CGPSC Exam?

If a candidate is physically disabled, he or she is granted a maximum age relaxation of ten years. They are, however, expected to furnish the necessary credentials.

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