Canara Bank PO Salary 2023: Job Profile, Pay Scale, Allowances and Benefits

Canara Bank PO Salary 2023: Canara Bank is hiring Probationary Officers (PO) in the Junior Management Grade Scale-1 position. You should learn everything about the Salary Structure, Allowances, and Benefits if you are considering working with Canara Bank Probationary Officers. We will present CANARA BANK PO Salary Structure, Pay Scale, Allowances, and Benefits 2023 in this article.

The Canara Bank PO Recruitment 2023 Notification is scheduled to be released soon on the official website. Candidates will be able to learn more about the Canara Bank PO Salary and job profile. There are a total of 800+ openings that can be advertised. Candidates who desire to apply for the position must meet the required qualifications.

Canara Bank PO Salary Structure 2023

Canara Bank PO Salary is the single most important component in keeping candidates engaged. The Canara Bank PO Salary is entirely determined by the type of the job and the location of the position. Candidates that make it to the final Canara Bank PO Merit List will be hired and will receive a compensation package in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission. Canara Bank PO salaries range from INR 25,123 to INR 35,250 per month.

They will also receive House rent allowance, Dearness allowance, Medical Aid, CCA, Leave Fare Concession, and other perks such as furnishings and conveyance, but only if they are assigned to a certain location. The following is a breakdown of the Canara Bank PO salary structure that is available to employees:

Pay Scale

District level &
Rural Places

Metro Cities

State / Capitals

Basic salary




CCA (City Compensatory Allowance)




HRA (House Rent Allowance)




DDA (Dearness Allowance)




Special Allowance








Loyalty Bonus 

Bank will return the overall course fees to the selected students as a Loyalty Bonus in a postponed payment in same year instalments, starting from the end of the 5th year up to the end of the 10th year of choosing the Bank curriculum to continue employment in the Bank.

Incentives to Students: Canara Bank PO Salary

Following the aspirants’ successful completion of a number of certification programmes, the Bank may consider a refund of the overall course fees as well as the payment of incentives after they begin working as Bank POs.

During their three-month internship, candidates are paid a remuneration of INR 10,000 per month. Reimbursement for expenses incurred in the purchase of uniforms for each student of INR 4,000 or less, whichever is less.

Canara Bank PO Salary: Pay Scale

The pay scale for Canara Bank Probationary Officers is as follows, according to the Canara Bank PO Notification 2023:

23700-980 (seven years) 30560-1145 (two years) 32850-1310(seven years) 42020

This means that the initial Basic Pay is INR 23700, with an INR 980 yearly increase for the next seven years, after which the Basic Pay scale will be INR 30,560, and so on.

Canara Bank PO Allowances and Benefits

Students would provide several different perks in addition to the base wage in Canara Bank PO Salary 2023.

  1. City Compensatory Allowance (CCA)- CCA is a taxable component of cost that is paid to employees to compensate them for working in a large metropolis and to help them live comfortably. Rather than being based on the fundamental PayScale, it is the confirmed salary. City Compensatory Allowance for Bank PO is typically 0%, 3%, or 4%, depending on the location.
  2. Special Allowance – The Canara Bank PO receives a special allowance. Only Grade 1 officers are eligible for this benefit. These are the performance-based bonuses that Canara bank workers receive based on their daily performance.
  3. House Rent Allowances (HRA) – This is a stipend given to employees as a means of ensuring their comfort while on the job.
  4. Dearness Allowances (DA) – is the salary of living regulatory allowances that the government pays to public sector employees as well as retirees in the same.
  5. Leave Fare Concession- POs and Probationary Officers can make use of this benefit for themselves and their families, subject to the Bank’s eligibility restrictions.
  6. Perquisites- a profit advantage given to an employee in addition to their regular income. Newspaper allowances, medical allowances, travel allowances, conveyance, housing and furniture allowances, and housekeeping and laundry are all included.
  7. Medical Aid- Medical assistance will be provided in accordance with Canara Bank’s PO Post rules.

Additional Benefits

The Canara Bank employment sector is perfect for a highly motivated candidate seeking a position with additional benefits. After completing their probationary time as a Canara Bank PO, the candidate is eligible for the following advantages. Aside from job safety, the employee will receive some other benefits. These are mentioned in this article:

  • Increments Benefits
  • Loyalty bonus
  • Travel concession and leave
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical benefits
  • Newspapers
  • House Maintains
  • House rent
  • Furniture
  • Job training
  • Incentives
  • Child Safety

Canara Bank PO Job Profile

The following is the Canara Bank PO job profile:

  • Customer service: Aspirants must deal with consumers on a daily basis. They must respond as quickly as possible to all of the customer’s questions.
  • Reporting: Making and maintaining regularity, as well as weekly or monthly reports, is another Canara Bank responsibility for PO post.
  • Payment Clearance: Aspirants are in charge of both outgoing and incoming payments.
  • Loans: They are in charge of the loan application process for consumers, as well as data verification and other tasks.

Canara Bank PO Career Growth and Promotion

The Canara Bank PO is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the administrative field, particularly in the government sector. In Canara Bank, this profession offers more opportunities for advancement. Candidates serving as Canara Bank POs will be promoted on a regular basis and their salaries will be increased.

The criteria that influence your advancement to higher grades are listed below.

  • Maintaining a good Service Record
  • Seniority level
  • Vacancies Available

The table given below will provide a better idea of growth in Canara Bank:

  1. Scale I: Officer i.e. PO
  2. Scale-II: Manager
  3. Scale III: Senior Manager
  4. Scale IV: Chief Manager
  5. Assistant General Manager
  6. Deputy General Manager
  7. General Manager
  8. Executive Director (ED)
  9. Chairman and Managing Director (CMD)

Canara Bank PO FAQs

What are the various allowances offered by Canara Bank to Post POs?

The Canara Bank PO position comes with a number of benefits, such as housing rent allowances, medical allowances, and dearness allowances, among others.

What is the Canara Bank PO’s In-Hand Salary?

Giving Canara Bank PO pays INR 36,000 to 38,000 in in-hand salary.

What is Canara Bank Post PO’s complete name?

Probationary Officers is the formal name for Canara Bank Post POs.

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