BPSC Books 2022: Best Books for Preparation of Prelims and Mains

The BPSC Books 2022 are an excellent resource for students who want to learn the concepts tested on the BPSC exam. The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is in charge of recruiting State Service Officers for various departments of the Bihar government through competitive examinations (BPSC Exams) and interviews. The BPSC Common Combined Competitive Examination is used to recruit officers for the State Civil Service (BPSC CCE).

Because BPSC is one of the most competitive exams, every aspirant for the Prelims and Mains exam should have the best BPSC preparation books. For each subject, separate books have been prescribed for the Prelims and Mains exams. The right book selection is critical because it will provide you with important information that you will need to know in order to attempt any of the questions.

Some of the most recommended BPSC books that candidates should include in their preparations include India’s Ancient Past by R.S Sharma, Geography of India by Majid Hussain, and others.

BPSC Syllabus 2022

The syllabus for both the Prelims and Mains sections of the BPSC exams is summarised below.

BPSC Prelims Exam Syllabus 2022

Questions about General Knowledge will be asked on the 67th BPSC Prelims exam. The following are the main sections of the exam:

  1. Indian Polity and Economy
  2. Events of National and International Importance
  3. History of Bihar and Indian History
  4. Indian National Movement and the Role of Bihar
  5. General Science
  6. Changes in the Economy of Bihar Post-Independence
  7. General Mental Ability.
  8. Geography of Bihar and India

BPSC Mains Exam Syllabus 2022

The BPSC 66th Mains Syllabus is mentioned below:

  • General Hindi Paper (qualifying in nature, 30 marks required only)
  • General Studies Paper 1
  • General Studies Paper 2

Best Books for BPSC Exam

Every candidate taking the BPSC exam should have the best BPSC books available to help them prepare for the 67th BPSC exam. For the BPSC Prelims and Mains exams, separate books have been prescribed. It is critical to have good conceptual clarity for the Prelims exam so that you can approach the Mains exam with confidence. The following is a list of important books for the BPSC Prelims and Mains exams.

Top BPSC scorers have emphasised the importance of getting a good hold of NCERT books in order to keep up with the BPSC syllabus. Crown’s Bihar special, Laxmikanth for Indian politics, and NCERT books are among the best books for the BPSC exam. More books for each subject to pass the BPSC 2022 exam can be found in this post. The following is a list of important books for BPSC Prelims and Mains in subjects such as history, geography, politics, and economics. Get tips on how to study current events for the BPSC exam.

Best Books for BPSC Prelims and Mains

All of the BPSC books for the Prelims and Mains exams are listed here. The BPSC Prelims and Mains syllabuses are very similar, with Prelims subjects generally matching those of the Mains. As a result, the BPSC Prelims and Mains books are identical. Always start with NCERT books to learn the fundamentals. The BPSC exam books listed here are the most highly recommended BPSC books as suggested by toppers. The following books are written in a clear and understandable manner for any candidate. Check out this list of essential books for the BPSC Exam.

SubjectBook Name
Art and Culture: Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania
Spectrum modern India
Medieval Indian History: A History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (Old NCERT)
Modern Indian History: Struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra OR Spectrum
Modern History by Rajiv Ahir
NCERT History Books of Classes 6th to 12th
Ancient Indian History: India’s Ancient Past by RS Sharma (Old NCERT)
Lucent’s General Knowledge: Can also be used for factual information, especially for Ancient, medieval and Art & Culture.
GeographyOxford Student Atlas
Certificate Physical Geography – G C Leong
Comprehensive Geography by Khullar
Geography NCERT books of Class 6th to 12th
PolityIndian Polity by M. Laxmikanth
NCERT books of Classes 9th to 12th
EconomyIndian Economy by Nitin Singhania
New Economy NCERTs
Indian Economy by Shankar Ganesh
Economic Development & Policies in India – Jain & Ohri
General ScienceNCERT textbooks of Classes 6 to 12Lucent General Science
Current AffairsDaily Current Affairs of Bihar
Yearly Current Affairs by Disha Publications
AptitudeLogical Reasoning and Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma
Quantitative Aptitude by Rakesh Yadav

Subject-wise Important Books for BPSC 2022

There are many books on the market that can assist with BPSC exam preparation, but it is always best to choose books that cover the entire syllabus. The following are some of the best BPSC preparation books:

BPSC Books for Indian History and Culture

Name of the booksAuthor/Publisher
India’s Ancient PastR.S. Sharma
History of Medieval IndiaSatish Chandra
History of Modern IndiaBipin Chandra
Indian Art and cultureNitin Singhania
The Wonder that was IndiaA.L. Bhasham
India’s struggle for IndependenceBipin Chandra
A brief history of Modern IndiaSpectrum

BPSC Books for Indian Geography and World Geography

Name of the booksAuthor/Publisher
World and Physical GeographyD.R.Khullar
Geography of IndiaMajid Hussain
World GeographyMajid Hussain
Certificate Physical and Human GeographyGoh Cheng Leong

BPSC Books for Indian Polity and Constitution

Name of the booksAuthor/Publisher
Indian Polity for Civil Service examinationsM.Laxmikanth
Introduction to Constitution of IndiaD.D.Basu

BPSC Books for Indian Economy

Name of the booksAuthor/Publisher
Indian Economy, performances and policiesUma Kapila
Indian EconomyRamesh Singh
Indian Economy (in-depth analysis)Mishra and Puri

BPSC Books for Science and Technology

Name of the booksAuthor/Publisher
Science and Technology in IndiaRavi.P.Agrahari
NCERT and Current Affairs

BPSC Books for Environment

Name of the bookAuthor/Publisher
Environment for Civil Service ExaminationsKhuller

BPSC Books for Current Affairs

In addition to the books listed, candidates taking the exam must be up to date on current events in the state and country. For both national and international news, all of the exam’s top scorers recommend reading daily newspapers and other study materials on a regular basis.

Some of the popular sources of current affairs are listed below:

  1. The Indian Express
  2. Any Local Bihar newspaper for current state affairs
  3. Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine
  4. Kurukshetra Magazine
  5. Economic and Political Weekly
  6. RSTV
  7. Yojana Magazine
  8. Indian yearbook
  9. The Hindu
  10. Press Information Bureau
  11. Science reporter

Importance of Good BPSC Books

Preliminary examinations for the BPSC will be held on May 7, 2022. As a result, it’s critical that you understand each subject completely. Because the BPSC exam covers a wide range of subjects from various fields, you should read from a book that is dedicated to that subject. This way, you’ll be able to nail down your fundamentals, which will aid you in writing your Mains answers.

  • Aspirants to the civil services recommend starting their preparation for the BPSC exam with NCERT books and then moving on to standard reference books.
  • Because each candidate studies from a book based on his or her expertise, there may be some variation in book selection. You can find a list of all the recommended books here, organised by subject.
  • You should also make topic-specific notes for each subject so that all of the important points are in one place. When taking BPSC mock tests, this will be extremely beneficial.
  • Aspirants can choose between downloading PDFs or purchasing hard copies, depending on their preferences.
  • Aspirants for the BPSC should continue to study current affairs on a daily basis and be aware of important schemes, portfolios, and event-based dates, among other things.

Study Material for BPSC

Aside from the books mentioned above, the UPSC Study Material includes the following:

Aside from the books mentioned here for the BPSC exam, candidates must also ensure that they have good quality study materials that are required of all candidates. The following are some of the most important BPSC study materials from the exam’s perspective.

  1. Biotechnology and Principles in Bihar
  2. Five Year Plans,
  3. GI Tag
  4. Classical Dances, Folk Dances and Martial Arts
  5. Chronology of Indian History
  6. NCERT Books and many more!
  7. National Symbols of India
  8. Important Tribal Revolts in Bihar
  9. Minerals and Energy in Bihar
  10. History of Ancient Bihar/प्राचीन बिहार का इतिहास
  11. Fundamental Rights & Duties


u003cstrongu003eIs the book Lucent GK good for BPSC preliminary test preparation?u003c/strongu003e

The Lucent GK book is short and sweet, making it a good resource for students who want to review the entire syllabus quickly. However, before studying the Lucent GK book, it is recommended that you study the basics and NCERT books first.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the best books for aptitude questions of the BPSC examination?u003c/strongu003e

The exam consists of ten quantitative aptitude and reasoning questions. Arun Sharma’s Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation and Rakesh Yadav’s Quantitative Aptitude are the best books to prepare for them.

u003cstrongu003eAre NCERT books enough for the preparation of General science, general Hindi, and General Mathematics questions for the BPSC exams?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, NCERT books are sufficient for preparing for general papers because most of the questions asked, especially in Math and Science, can be answered using the knowledge provided by NCERT books. Despite the fact that NCERT books do not contain the necessary tips and tricks for passing competitive exams.

Which books are the best for Hindi medium for BPSC exam?

Candidates who are studying for the BPSC exam in Hindi can use the books listed below. These books will be extremely helpful in exam preparation and will clear up any doubts you may have.u003cbr /u003eu003cbr /u003eEduteria Current Affairs Ardh Varshikiu003cbr /u003eLaxmikanth – Bharat Ki Rajvyavasthau003cbr /u003eLucents Hindi GKu003cbr /u003eBhugool in Hindi by Mahesh Kumar Barnwalu003cbr /u003eKBC Nanou003cbr /u003eGhatana Chakra History in Hindiu003cbr /u003ePurvavlokan Bharatiya Rajyavyavasthau003cbr /u003eBihar Ek Parichay Complete Booku003cbr /u003eGeography by Majid Hussain

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