Bihar Police Constable Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2022: Check Subject Wise Syllabus here

The Bihar Police Constable Syllabus is available on the official website of the Central Selection Board of Constables (CSBC).

The Bihar Police Subordinate Service Commission administers the Bihar Police Constable Qualification Exam to recruit over 8400 constables in the state’s various police branches. Candidates for the Special India Reserve Battalion (SIRB), Bihar Military Police (BMP), Bihar Police, and Bihar State Industrial Security Battalion are chosen (BSISB). The Bihar Police Constable Exam is divided into two stages: a written exam and a physical endurance test.

In the state of Bihar, a large number of people apply for police jobs every year. Candidates must not waste any of their time. They can look over the Bihar Police Constable Exam Pattern 2022 if they want to do well in the examination.

  • The written exam will consist of 100 questions, each worth one point.
  • Subjects such as Hindi, English, General Awareness, Current Affairs, and two optional subjects will be tested.
  • This article will provide a brief overview of the Bihar Police Constable Syllabus for each of these subjects to aspirants.
  • The importance of syllabus knowledge cannot be overstated.
  • The entire syllabus is also available in PDF format.

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus: Highlights

All of the subjects on the syllabus should be familiar to the candidates. Four subjects are required, and two streams can be selected from a subsection of subjects.

Conducting BodyCentral Selection Board of Constable, Bihar
Name of PostConstable
Selection ProcessWritten Exam and Physical Endurance Test
Type of QuestionMCQ
Number of PapersOne
Time Duration2 hour
Number of QuestionsWritten Exam- 100
Maximum MarksWritten Exam- 100PET-100

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus 2022

The Bihar Police Constable Syllabus 2022 is provided below for candidates preparing for the recruitment process. Because syllabus is one of the most important topics, candidates must understand it and prepare for it using the best books available. The syllabus for Bihar Police Constable 2022 is listed below.

English Syllabus

  1. Translation from the mother tongue into English
  2. Grammatical items and structures
  3. Various registers of English
  4. Note & writing a summary of a passage
  5. reading of essays/ informative pieces
  6. reading of tales/ short plays / short stories
  7. reading poems for enjoyment and understanding
  8. Precis of a given passage
  9. Comprehension of unseen factual/imaginative passages
  10. Free Composition on familiar/contemporary issues

Physics Syllabus

  1. Kinematics,
  2. Gravitation
  3. Properties of Bulk Matter
  4. The motion of System of Particles & Rigid Body
  5. Heat & Thermodynamics
  6. Optics
  7. Laws of Motion
  8. Communication Systems
  9. Atoms & Nuclei
  10. Electrostatics
  11. Alternating Currents
  12. Physical World & Measurement
  13. Work, Energy, and Power
  14. Electromagnetic Waves, Dual Nature of Matter

History Syllabus 

  1. Three Ideologies & their mutual conflicts
  2. The Indian awakening in the 19th century
  3. The Medieval Order,
  4. Sanity Vs Motivated politics
  5. Ills of Modernity
  6. The revolt of 1857
  7. Vehicles of modernization,
  8. Partition and Independence
  9. The Pre-historic world
  10. Ancient Civilizations
  11. Pre-history, Proto-history, and History
  12. spread of modernization
  13. Modernisation affirmed
  14. The Nationalist movements (1918 – 1947)
  15. Visions of the new state

Political Science Syllabus

  1. National Integration and challenges
  2. State
  3. State Executive
  4. State Legislature
  5. Union Executives
  6. Theories of the Origin of State
  7. Foreign Policy of India
  8. Sovereignty
  9. Working of local self-government with special reference to Bihar
  10. Concept of politics
  11. Indian Judiciary
  12. Key Concepts
  13. Electoral Systems in India

Geography Syllabus

  1. Fundamentals of Physical- Geography
  2. Fundamentals of Human Geography- People, Human Activities, etc.
  3. Indian Geography- Introduction, Physical aspects & drainage systems, etc.
  4. Economic Geography- Resources, Man and Environment, etc.

Economics Syllabus

  1. Introductory microeconomics- Introduction, Consumer Behaviour, and Demand, etc.
  2. Development Experience India- A comparison with neighbors
  3. Current Challenges Facing the Economy of Bihar and India
  4. Introduction to Economics
  5. Organization and Presentation of Data, Statistical Tools, and Interpretation
  6. Economic Reforms since- 1991,
  7. Economic Development of Bihar & India- Development Policies and Experience (1947-90)
  8. Introductory macro-economic – National Income and related aggregates, Determination of Income and Employment, etc.

General Knowledge

  1. Indian Foreign Policy
  2. Local self-government in Bihar
  3. Optics
  4. Physical aspects & drainage systems
  5. Indian Judiciary
  6. Parliament
  7. Post-Mauryan to Gupta Period
  8. Harrapan Civilization
  9. Resources and development
  10. Heat & Thermodynamics
  11. Climate
  12. Union Executives
  13. State legislature
  14. The Nationalist movements (1918 – 1947)
  15. The revolt of 1857
  16. Main Crops of the World
  17. Bhakti and Sufi Movements
  18. State Executive
  19. Economic Development of Bihar & India
  20. Landforms

Bihar Police Constable Exam Pattern 2022

There will be two sections to the written exam. Subjects such as Hindi, English, General Awareness, and Current Affairs will be covered in the first section. Two optional subjects will make up the second section. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Politics, Geography, Mathematics, and Economics are the optional subjects. The exam will take two hours to complete. The written exam will consist of 100 questions, each worth one mark. In order to advance to the next stage, aspirants must achieve a score of at least 30%. The following is the Bihar Police Constable Exam Pattern.

Bihar Police Constable Exam Pattern 2022
Subjects Total Questions Total Marks
English 50 50
General Awareness
Current Affairs
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Polity, Geography, Mathematics, Economics (two subjects two choose as optional) 50 (25+25) 50

Bihar Police Constable Written Exam Pattern

The Bihar Police Constable Written Exam will be held entirely online. The exam format is as follows:

SectionsMax. MarksNo. of Questions
General Knowledge
Current Affairs
Choose any two subjects from below:
Political Science & Economy

Physical Endurance Test

In the Bihar Police Constable Physical Endurance Test, candidates will be evaluated based on their physical performance in the three activities that make up the Physical Endurance Test, which will determine their final selection in the exam.

Candidates are graded based on their exam results, with a maximum of 50 points awarded to each sport.

  • Long Jump
  • Shot Put
  • Running

Exam Pattern for Shot put

Bihar Police Constable Shot Put Exam Pattern 2022      
Gender Total Weight required Total Distance Covered Total marks(25 Marks)
Male 16 pound 16-17 ft. 09
    17-18 ft. 13
    18-19 ft. 17
    19-20 ft. 21
    more than 20 ft. 25
    less than 16 ft. not qualified
Female  No mention 10-11 ft. 09
    11-12 ft. 13
    12-13 ft. 17
    14-15 ft. 21
    more than 14 ft. 25
    less than 10 ft. Not qualified

Exam Pattern for Long Jump

Bihar Police Constable Long Jump Exam Pattern 2022      
Gender Overall Distance Total Distance Total marks(25 Marks)
Male 4 ft. 4 to 4ft. 4 inch 13
    4ft. 4 inch to 4ft. 8 inch 17
    4ft. 8 inch to 5ft. 21
    more than 5ft. 25
    less than 4 ft. not qualified
Female No mention 3 to 3ft. 4 inches 13
    3ft. 4 inches to 3ft. 8 inches 17
    3ft. 8 inches to 4ft. 21
    more than 4ft. 25
    less than 3ft. not qualified

Exam Pattern for Running

Male   Female
Levels Marks Levels Marks
Less than 5 Minutes 50 Less than 4 Minutes 50
5 min to 5 min 20 sec 40 4 min to 4 min 20 sec 40
5 min 20 sec to 5 min 40 sec 30 4 min 20 sec to 4 min 40 sec 30
5 min 40 sec to 2 min 20 4 min 40 sec to 5 min 20

The paper has a maximum score of 100 points and a time limit of two hours. The exam is given in a paper-and-pencil format. The minimum qualifying score is 30% of the total score. Candidates should now have enough information about the Bihar police constable syllabus. Keep up with the latest news and updates to stay informed.

Bihar Police Constable FAQs

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the total number of questions asked in the written examination?u003c/strongu003e

There are 100 questions in the written examination

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the selection process in Bihar Police Constable Recruitment?u003c/strongu003e

Written Test and Physical Endurance Test are the two stages of the Bihar police constable selection process.

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