APPSC Group 1 Books: Subjectwise Preparation Books

APPSC Group 1 Books: The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission administers the APPSC Group 1 examination, which is a state-level civil service exam held once a year. Preliminary, Mains, and Personal Interviews are the three stages of the exam. Candidates must prepare for two 120-question Prelims Papers, with the Prelims stage consisting of MCQs.

The APPSC Group 1 Stage 2 Mains Exam consists of five merit-based papers, as well as English and Tamil qualifying papers. This stage pattern consists of 150-point descriptive questions for each paper, with a 3-hour time limit. Finally, the Interview, which is worth 75 marks, is the final stage. The finest resources for preparation are NCERTs and state board-recommended books. 

Other than NCERT texts for classes 6–12, toppers recommend the following books for APPSC preparation:

  • Geography – Majid Hussain
  • Economy – Ramesh Singh
  • Indian Polity-Laxmikanth
  • History – Bipin Chandra

APPSC Group 1 Books: Preliminary Exam 2022 Preparation

The Screening Test is the name given to the APPSC Group 1 Preliminary test. Candidates will be allowed to take the APPSC Main Exam if they are selected. There are two papers in the preparatory exam: General Studies and General Aptitude.

Paper 1: General Studies

There are four subjects in the APPSC Group 1 Preliminary General Studies Paper. History and Culture, Geography, Indian Constitution, Social Justice and International Relations, and Indian and Andhra Pradesh Economy and Planning are among the topics covered.

History and Culture

In the APPSC Prelims, history and culture are discussed. From Medieval to Modern India, Art, and Culture, there are major questions in General Studies. Bhakti & Sufi Movements, Rashtrakuta Dynasty, Temple Architecture in India, Mughal Empire, Bhakti Movement Saints, Second Round Table Conference & Third Round Table Conference, First Battle of Panipat, Viceroys in India, Regulating Act 1773, East India Company, Mauryan Empire, Battle of Plassey, Peasant & Tribal Uprisings, and Indian National Congress Sessions are some of the expected topics from this subject.

Topper recommended best books for APPSC group 1

The following are the Topper recommended best books for APPSC group 1 in the History and Culture section:

  • Early History of Deccan By R.G Bhandarkar
  • History of Modern Andhra Pradesh By P. Raghunatha Rao
  • Mughul Rule in India By S.R. Sharma
  • The cultural history of India By A.L. Balsam
  • History of India From 1000 to 1707 By A.L Shrivastava
  • Early Dynasties of Andhra Desa ByB.V Krishna Rao

Indian Constitution, Social Justice, and International Relations

The section on Indian Constitution and Governance necessitates an examination of linked events from the past as well as recent ones. High Court of India, Statutory & Quasi-Judicial Bodies, Basic Structure Doctrine of the Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights, Sources of Indian Constitution, Public Accounts Committee, Communalism, Writs Types, State Council of Ministers, Governor Pardoning Powers, and 15th Finance Commission of India are among the topics expected to be covered. The following are some of the best books on Indian politics that we recommend:

  • Indian Administration By Sriram Maheshwari
  • Introduction to Constitution of India By Durga Das Basu
  • Our Parliament By Subash Kashyap
  • Indian Polity By M. Laxmikant
  • The Constitution of India. By Government of India

Indian and Andhra Pradesh Economy and Planning

After the Indian Polity section of the test, the most important topics for Civil Civil Service applicants are economics and planning. Aspirants must keep up with the newest GDP data, budget policies, and adjustments announced, as well as other current events.

Prelim questions will cover themes such as GDP, Demonetisation, Economic Survey, Union Budget, Sustainable Development, Economic Growth, NITI Ayog, and the Five-Year Plan. The following are the finest books for this section:

  • Newspapers, Economic Times, Business Standard
  • Indian Economy By Ramesh Singh
  • NCERT Class 11 and 12 Economics By Government of India
  • Indian Economy – Principles, Policies, and Progress By Ram Sriangman


Indian and World Geography are included in the APPSC Preliminary General students paper. Candidates must have a basic awareness of the Earth’s Motions, National Parks, Volcanoes, Erosional Landforms, Atmosphere’s Composition, Latitudes and Longitudes, Earth’s Pressure Belts, Important Rivers, Indian Dams, Mountains, and El Nino.

Correlating topography characteristics and regional formation requires the use of maps and atlases. The following books are recommended for this section:

  • Geography of India By Majid Hussain
  • Geography of India By R.C Tiwari
  • NCERT Class 11 and 12 Geography books. By Government of India
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography By Goh Cheng Leong

Paper 2: General Aptitude

Paper 2 of the APPSC Group 1 General Aptitude exam has three sections and a total of 120 marks. The following are the three sections:

60 marks total for general mental ability, psychological abilities, and administrative abilities.
30 marks for science and technology.
30 marks for the Importance of regional, national, and international level Current  Events.


Best Books/Resources

General Mental and Psychological Abilities
  • A new approach to Reasoning. By B.S Sijwali
  • Reasoning book for competitive exams By Nishit K Sinha
  • Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning By R.S Agrawal
Science and Technology
  • BBC Science Focus News and Newspapers, Magazines
  • Developments in Science and Technology By Kalpana Rajaram
  • Science and Technology By Sheelawant Singh
Regional, National and International importance Latest Events
  • Rajya Sabha TV
  • The Hindu
  • Press Information Bureau
  • The Indian Express
  • Yojana Magazine
  • Government Schemes
  • Monthly Magazine


APPSC Group 1 Books: Mains Exam 2022 Preparation

Paper 1: General Essay

Candidates must complete three essays of approximately 800 words each in this section, one from each of the three areas. The paper is intended to assess a candidate’s knowledge/awareness of a wide range of topics as well as their ability to write a long piece of writing in the form of an essay.

Candidates must be well-versed in general knowledge and current events to pass this section.

  • APPSC Group-1 Mains General English Qualifying paper-Vijeta Competitions Editorial Board
  • APPSC Group-I Mains Paper-1 General Essays-Sodium Rammohan and E Suresh Reddy
  • APPSC Group-I Mains Paper-1 General Essays Paperback-E.Suresh Reddy, A. Usha Rani

Paper 2: History, Culture, and Geography of India and Andhra Pradesh

The History, Culture, and Geography of India and Andhra Pradesh will be the subject of Paper 2 of the APPSC Main examination. The syllabus for this paper is extensive, thus applicants must recognise the importance of having accurate and precise information. The finest APPSC Group 1 Mains Books for paper 2 are listed below for candidates’ convenience.






History and Culture of India 

The wonder that was India 

Arthur Llewellyn Basham


  • The book starts from the Indus Valley civilization with a detailed analysis of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro.
  • With intense research and findings, the author explained the evolution of the Hindu religion.

India: A History

John Keay

Harper Press

  • The author describes the various features of India and how various religions influenced the overall stature of the subcontinent. 

India’s Ancient Past 

Ram Sharan Sharma 

Oxford Press

  • The book explains the reason behind the great rise and fall of empires. 
  • The book takes the readers on a journey through time with its informative and narrative approach.

History and Culture of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh History and Culture 

P.R Rao 

Sterling Publications

  • The book covers all the topics mentioned in the syllabus.
  • The book also consists of a Mock test series for the preparation of candidates. 

Geography India and Andhra

 Pradesh Same Books as prelims

Paper 3: Polity, Constitution, Governance, Laws, and Ethics

The candidate’s understanding of the Indian Constitution, Public Administration, Ethics in Public Service, and Knowledge of Law will be tested in Paper 3 of the APPSC Group 1 Main Exam. To prepare for this subject, candidates must select the best literature. The following are the best APPSC Group 1 book:






Indian Polity and Constitution 

Constitution of India 


Government of India 

  • The official supreme law book of India. 

Public Administration and Governance 

Public Administration from Governance to Governance 

Bidyut Chakrabarty 

The Orient Blackswan

  • The book describes various models, theories and practices of Public Administration and Governance.

Ethics in Public Administration 

Ethics, Integrity and Value in Public Service 

R.K Arora

New Age International Publishers

  • The book is a compilation of essays by prominent personalities on various aspects of ethics and integrity in Public Administration

Paper 4: Economy and development of Andhra Pradesh and India 

This paper will assess candidates’ understanding of the country’s and state’s finances, issues, and budgets. To achieve outstanding results on this paper, candidates must be well-versed in the subject. The finest APPSC Group 1 Mains Books for Paper 4 are as follows:






Economy and Development of India and Andhra Pradesh

Indian Economy 

Ramesh Singh

McGraw Hill

  • The book consists of all the topics mentioned in the APPSC Prelims and Mains Syllabus.

Lectures on Andhra Pradesh Economy 

Venkata Mohan 

Notion Press

  • The book provides a critical analysis of the decision on the steps taken by the people and government to stabilize the economy of the state.

Paper 5: Science and Technology

Candidates in APPSC Group 1 Mains Paper 5 are tested on technical and science themes. Candidates must have a solid understanding of science and technology concepts. Questions on topics such as science, technology, and innovation for better human life, challenges and concerns related to the use of technology and science, major policies in India related to technology and science, and major Indian and AP scientific institutes for research and development are expected.

Books for APPSC Group 1 Main Exam for Paper 5 – Science and Technology






Science and Technology 

NCERT Science Books from 6 to 12 


Government of India 

  • These books contain all the basic knowledge on the topics and as the standard increases, the conceptual level also increases.

 Newspapers and Magazines

APPSC Group 1 Books: Telugu

For the APPSC Group 1 Mains Telugu test, candidates should consult the books listed below.



Telugu Vyakarana Chandrika 

Prasad Rao

Telugu Vyakaranam Telugu Grammar

A Raghavendra

Telugu Vyakaranam (Small)

S L Satyanarayana Sharma

APPSC Group 1 Books: Interview Stage

The candidate for the interview stage must be well-versed in current events and possess excellent communication abilities. The following are some of the greatest APPSC Group 1 book to help candidates prepare for the exam.






Amy Cuddy


  • The book will help understand the core things that any interviewer looks for in his/her interviewee.
  • This book is not only good for exam level interviews but also job level interviews. 

The Art of Interview

James Storey

Lifestyle Initiative

  • This book will not only provide the most frequently asked interviews but also the mindset to answer these problems with ease. 

Getting a Government Job: the civil service handbook

Multiple Authors 


  • This book is specifically designed for Government Job interviews. 

APPSC Group 1 Books FAQs

What are the APPSC Group 1 Mains qualifying papers?

The English and Telugu qualifying exams are included in the APPSC Group 1 Mains exam. Candidates must achieve a minimum qualifying score on these papers in order to be considered for the next selection examination.

What is the qualifying paper cut-off for mains?

For the General category, the qualifying paper marks cut off is projected to be a minimum of 40%. The question paper is for SSC students.

How to prepare for the APPSC Group 1 Interview?

Candidates are invited to the Interview stage after passing the qualifying Mains level. Here are some of the finest interview preparation books for APPSC Group 1:
Amy Cuddy’s “Presence”
James Storey’s Interviewing Techniques

Is it necessary to read newspapers in order to prepare for the APPSC?

Yes, hopefuls would stay informed about current events if they read newspapers on a regular basis. 30 questions in Paper 2 of the APPSC Prelims are focused on recent events of regional, national, and international importance.

What are the best books for APPSC Mains English and Telugu Paper?

The following books are recommended for the APPSC Mains English and Telugu Papers:

APSCERT Telugu Language books of Matriculation Level.
Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis
High School English – Wren and Martin

Is coaching required to pass APPSC Group 1?

Self-study combined with strategic and regular hard work is sufficient to pass the APPSC. It can, however, be suggested if students require supervision and confidence in order to track their progress on a frequent basis. Mock exams and Mock Interviews can benefit from coaching for better results.

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