Air Force Group Y Salary 2022: Payscale and Job Profile

Air Force Group Y Salary 2022: While serving in the Air Force Group Y, members are well compensated and receive a variety of benefits. Airmen who join the IAF are required to undergo training and are paid a stipend. At Belagavi, Karnataka, Air Force Group Y airmen receive six months of basic training. The Airmen are paid a monthly base pay of Rs. 26,900 after completing their training. Dearness Allowance is also paid to airmen, bringing the monthly wage to between Rs. 40,000 and Rs. 45,000. Airmen in the Air Force Group Y are eligible for additional benefits. Air Force Group Y Salary and Job Profile are in detailed mentioned below.

In addition, the Airman’s IAF career has several opportunities for advancement. Promotions in the Air Force Group Y are determined by the Annual Appraisal Report, Promotion Exams, and Minimum Service requirements. During this time, the IAF will pay you a stipend of Rs. 14,600. When the training period is over, your performance will be evaluated. The trainee Airman will be hired on a permanent basis if he or she performs well.

Air Force Group Y Recruitment 2022 Highlights

The following are the most important aspects of the Air Force Group Y 2022 Recruitment:

Exam NameIndian Air Force Group X and Y Airmen recruitment 2022
Conducting AuthorityIndian Air Force (IAF), CASB (Central Airmen Selection Board) portal
Level of ExamNational-level
Job CategoryEntry-Level Job
Job LocationAcross India
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Exam ModeOnline
Selection procedureOnline Test, Physical Fitness Test, and Medical Examination
Official /

Salary Slip for Air Force Group Y 2022

The Airmen receive a salary slip for the previous month’s pay after each payment cycle. For each officer in Group Y, this salary slip document contains all of the details of the previous month’s deductions and allowances. The Air Force Group Y salary slip can also be used for other purposes. It can be used to apply for loans as well as to complete your annual income tax form.

Salary Structure of Air Force Group Y 2022

The 7th Commission Pay determines the salary of Air Force Group Y. Person Below Officer Rank (PBOR) or Airmen are the titles given to employees in Groups X and Y. Accounts Assistant, Administrative Assistant, IAF Police & Security, Logistics Assistant, Cryptographer, Environmental Support Services Assistant, Medical Assistant, Ground Training Instructor, Meteorological Assistant, Musician, and Operation Assistant are just a few of the Non-Technical Trades positions available in the Air Force. The IAF Group Y encompasses all of these posts. The pay scale for these positions can be found below.

Pay Level Pay matrix-3 (Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 57,500)
Basic payRs. 21,700 
Military Service Pay Rs. 5200
Technical Qualification PayRs. 6200
Total Air Force Group Y salary (Basic)Rs. 26,900

Air Force Group Y Salary: Allowances, Perks and Other Benefits

Along with their pay, Airmen receive a variety of allowances, perks, and benefits. Following are some of the benefits that Airmen receive after passing the Air Force Group Y Recruitment:

  1. Field Area/Modified Field Area Allowance etc.
  2. Leave Travel Concession for self and family
  3. Group Insurance covering disability and death
  4. High Altitude Allowance
  5. Medical facilities for self and dependents
  6. Transport Allowance
  7. Interest-free loan for house repair
  8. Loans for education
  9. Scholarships (children)
  10. Rations
  11. Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance
  12. Grants for natural calamities.
  13. Interest-free loan for the marriage of sister/daughter
  14. Accommodation
  15. Pensions including service, invalidity, disability, war injury, etc.
  16. City Compensatory Allowance

Air Force Group Y Job Profile 2022

The Air Force Group Y has a variety of technical grade positions. Following your selection in the recruitment exam for your desired position, you will be required to complete certain tasks and perform duties in accordance with the IAF’s requirements. For each trade of Airmen, we have provided the job profile of Air Force Group Y.

IAF Group Y TradesAir Force Group Y Job Profile 
Accounts AssistantKeep track of and manage various accounts for each member of the IAF. Manage the IAF’s allowances and equipment costs as well.
Administrative AssistantYou will be responsible for maintaining and analysing the records, files, and information of all IAF personnel.
Logistics AssistantMaintain records for the procurement, storage, and handling of the IAF’s various inventories. 
Operation AssistantResponsible for operating various systems such as the Air Traffic Control Centre, Air Field, and Air Defence System. 
Medical AssistantTo assist in nursing and first-aid of the IAF. 
IAF Police & SecurityTo patrol in the IAF and perform various required investigations.
Ground Training InstructorTo train new recruits on drill, parade, handling of arms, etc. 
Environmental Support Services AssistantIn this, you have to maintain the firefighting sector of the IAF. 
Meteorological AssistantYou have to undertake weather observations and keep logs of each day.
Musician and CryptographerYou will be trained by the IAF to play various musical instruments. 

In Hand Salary for Air Force Group Y 2022

The Airmen are paid a monthly basic salary of Rs. 26,900, as previously stated. However, in addition to the basic salary, each month’s Dearness Allowances are also given. The monthly in-hand salary of Air Force Group Y employees is the sum of basic salary and dearness allowance. The monthly in-hand salary for Air Force Group Y ranges from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 45,000.

Probation Period

Airmen in the Air Force Group Y receive six months of basic training in Belagavi, Karnataka. The IAF will provide you with a stipend of Rs. 14,600 during this time. Your performance will be evaluated once the training period has ended. If the trainee Airman performs well, he or she will be promoted to a permanent position.

Air Force Group Y Promotion and Career Growth 2022

During their service, airmen will be able to progress through the ranks of Group Y. An annual appraisal report, promotion exams, and a certain amount of service are all part of the Indian Air Force’s promotion strategy.
You must meet these requirements to advance in IAF Group Y. Air Force Group Y’s airmen are organised as follows:

IAF Group Y RankMinimum Service required for promotionBasic Salary
AircraftsmanRs. 26,900
Leading Aircraftman2 years (plus training)Rs. 26,900
Corporal5 yearsRs. 36,900
Sergeant13 years 6 monthsRs. 40,600
Junior Warrant Officer17 yearsRs. 46,800
Warrant Officer23 yearsRs. 53,400
Master Warrant Officer28 yearsRs. 59,000

As a result, we believe that a career as an airman in the Indian Air Force is an excellent opportunity for those who want to serve their country in the Defense Forces. It provides additional benefits in terms of compensation, allowances, and professional advancement, in addition to having a reputable job.

*The article may contain information from previous academic years; please check the exam’s official website for more information.

Air Force Group Y Salary: FAQs

What is the salary of an AFCAT?

The salary scale for applicants who pass the AFCAT test is Rs 56,100.
Annual Salary Packages for IAF Branches:
*Ground Duty (Technical) Rs 7-9 lakhs
*Ground Duty (Non-Technical) Rs 7-9 lakhs
*Flying Branch costs between Rs 8 and 10 lakhs.

How can a girl join the Air Force after the 12th grade?

After the 12th grade, there is no provision in place that allows girls to join the Indian Air Force. To meet the minimum qualification requirements, you must be a graduate. You can also join the Indian Air Force via AFCAT if you are a graduate (in any subject).

Is the Air Force a good job?

The salary is also appealing, in addition to a pleasant working environment and a pleasant social culture. For those who want to touch the sky with grandeur, the Indian Air Force is one of the best options. Even if you spend a lot of money, you can have a life that you will never find in civil life.

Can members of the Y group of Air Force become officers?

Airmen can become commissioned officers in the Indian Air Force (IAF) through the Service Entry Commission, and in the Indian Army through the Army Cadet College Course. After an airman retires, a Warrant Officer is given an honorary commission based on merit to recognise his service.

What is the highest pay grade in the Air Force?

The salary for a principal director is Rs. 26 lakhs per year, whereas a group captain’s salary is Rs. 25 lakhs per year. An air commodore’s annual salary is 25 lakhs, while the chief operations officer’s annual salary is 24 lakhs. Wing commanders are paid a salary of Rs. 23 lakhs per year. These are some of the Air Force’s highest pay grades.

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