Write an essay on the topic 'boys should learn to cook'

Hi, I have a question and I hope anyone could answer it:

Write an essay on the topic ‘boys should learn to cook’

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    I strongly believe that everyone should learn cooking as it is a lifetime skill. It’s very important for boys to learn how to cook. It helps them in being independent, saving money, helps them to maintain good health as homemade food will be the best food. They can help their wives in future making them free from this chore. This also helps them to lead a happy life. Nowadays boys will always depend on their moms and wives to cook for them. This spoils them and they don’t even learn how to cook even a simple dish. They get cranky and hungry if their food is delayed. But if they start to cook on their own, they don’t have to wait and can make food the way they want it to be made. Those who don’t know how to cook usually spend their money on takeout or catering. We all know taking food is not good for our health. They may taste good but it contains more fats and carbohydrates. Intake of this food only increases body weight or invites harmful diseases. This is usually common among bachelors who stay away from home. Cooking on their own help them to lead a healthy lifestyle. They don’t even have to always depend on their mom or wives for their desired food and can make it whenever they wish to have it. They can serve their family members tasty food prepared by them and get good compliments. Along with cooking, they can also learn how to cut vegetables and fruits fastly, garnish the dish in an attractive way etc