Who was Phan Chu Trinh?

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Who was Phan Chu Trinh? How did he help in the modernisation of Vietnam?


Explain the views of Phan Chu Trinh as a Nationalist.

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1 Answer

  1. Phan Chu Trinh was a great nationalist of Vietnam. He was dead against the French rule in his country and wanted to liberate it from the foreign grip.The Four ideas of Phan Chu Trinh:i Against Monarchy to Promote Popular Right: Phan Chu Trinh believed in overthrowing the monarchy to promote popular rights. He thought that monarchy would only suppress the right of the people. Therefore he wanted to establish a democratic republic which alone could bring smile on the face of the Vietnamese. ii Western Civilisation: Phan Chu Trinh did not want a complete rejection of western civilisation. He was of the opinion that the Vietnamese would absorb the good points of the western culture and reject the bad ones. iii Development of Democratic Ideals: Phan Chu Trinh always favoured the democratic ideals of the west. He appreciated the revolutionary ideals that became popular during the French Revolution but at the same time he blamed the French for not following those great ideals.