What is political party ? Explain four functions of political parties.

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What is political party ? Explain four functions of political parties.

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  1. A political party is a group of individuals that share the same political ideologies and opinions. They come together to hold the elections in order to form the government. Their primary role is to purport policies that they will bring into force or plan to bring into force if they come to power. People on the basis of these policies elect them to power in order to form a new government. 

    Four functions are –
    1. A political party contests elections by putting up candidates- they stand up a candidate or a leader in front of the people to choose upon. this leader shares the ideas, policies, and ideologies of the party. these ideas and opinions are mostly driven by popular public opinions. 
    2. Those parties which lose elections, then form the role of opposition. they then tend to criticize and voice their views on the policies of the government that might be a popular opinion but is not favored by the other sects of the society.  They also criticize the government for its failures. 
    3. A large group of people that has certain similar opinions group together and form a party. Then then, give a direction to the policies adopted by the government
    4. Any no. of people can form a political party. this gives every sect of the society to voice their views and opinions. This also safeguards the interest of the minorities sects both economically and socially.