What do you observe when Blue vitriol is heated ?

Hi, I have a question and I hope anyone could answer it:

What do you observe when:
(a) Blue vitriol is heated ?
(b) Washing soda is exposed to air ?
(c) Blue litmus solution is added to water ?

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1 Answer

  1. (a) Blue vitriol is blue in color as it contains 5 molecules of water of crystallization (CuSO4H2O). When it is heated, it loses water of crystallization and becomes anhydrous CuSO4 which is grey-white in color.

    (b) Washing soda (Na 2CO3.10H2O) is a white crystalline substance and on exposure to air it gets changed the o white powder.

    (c) Pure water is neutral to litmus which means that no change in the colour of blue or red litmus solution is observed when 1 treated with water.