What are the different adaptations of Ascaris lumbricoides ?

Hi, I have a question and I hope anyone could answer it:

What are the different adaptations of Ascaris lumbricoides ? 

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  1. Ascaris lumbricoides is a nematode worm which leads a parasitic life in the intestine of man. Hence it is an endoparasite.

    • Body is long and round so that it can easily fit in the lumen of the intestine.
    • Cuticle covering the body protect the worm from digestive juices secreted in the host’s intestine.
    • Ascaris also secretes some antienzymes against digestive enzymes of the host.
    • Papillae present on the lips of the worm help in anchoring to the villi in the intestine.
    • Worm can ingest tissue of the host and suck the blood from the host.
    • Digested food of host is absorbed by the surface of the body directly from the host’s intestine.
    • Worm respires anaerobically in the host’s intestine which is devoid of oxygen.
    • Millions of eggs are produced ata time for the benefit of survival.
    • Eggs hatch into juveniles which are present in the environment. Eggs can also be present in the environment.
    • Infection is direct through contaminated food and water.