Name the ranges in the western branch of the Himalayas.

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 Name the ranges in the western branch of the Himalayas.

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    The Trans-Himalayas Mountain Region or Tibet Himalayan Region is located to the north of the Great Himalayas which is consists of Karakoram, Ladakh, Zaskar and Kailash mountain ranges.

     It is also called the Tibet Himalayan Region because most of the part of these ranges lies in the Tibet. The Karakoram Range is known as the ‘backbone of high Asia’.

    The Karakoram Range

    It is also known as Krishnagiri which is situated in the northern most range of the Trans-Himalayan ranges. It forms India’s frontiers with Afghanistan and China. It extends eastwards from the Pamir for about 800 km. The average width of this range is 120-140 km. It is a range of lofty peaks and its elevation hardly ever falls below 5,500 mt. It is the abode of some of the greatest Glaciers of the world outside the Polar Regions.

    Ladakh Range

    It lies to the north of the Leh and is an important part of the Trans-Himalayan range that merges with the Kailash range in Tibet. The important passes that lie to the north east of Leh are- Kardung La, and Digar La.

    The Zaskar Range

    It separate from the great Himalayan Range and runs parallel to it. The Nanga Parbat (8126 mt) bring to a head or to the highest point in the north-west but the adjoining Deosai Mountain may also be included in it. Ladakh range is in the north of the Zaskar range which runs parallel to it. 

    The Kailash range

    It is a branch of the Ladakh range which is situated in the western Tibet. Its average elevation is 5,500-6,000 mt above sea level and its average width is 30 km. Mount Kailash (6,714 mt) is the highest peak of this range. River Indus originates from the northern slope of the Kailash range.