MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science Chapter 10 Light – Reflection and Refraction with Answers

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    1.   Focal length of the plane mirror is
             a. At infinity
             b. Zero
             c. Negative
             d. None of these
    2.   Image formed by a plane mirror is
             a. Real and erect
             b. Real and inverted
             c. Virtual and erect
             d. Virtual and inverted
    3.   A concave mirror gives a real, inverted and same-size image if the object is placed
             a. At F
             b. At infinity
             c. At C
             d. Beyond C
    4.   Power of the lens is -40, and its focal length is
             a. 4m
             b. -40m
             c. -0.25m
             d. -25m
    5.   A concave mirror gives a virtual, refract and enlarged image of the object but the image of a smaller size than the size of the object is
             a. At infinity
             b. Between F and C
             c. Between P and F
             d. At E
    6.   In optics an object which has a higher refractive index is called
             a. Optically rarer
             b. Optically denser
             c. Optical density
             d. Refractive index
    7.   The optical phenomenon, the twinkling of stars, is due to
             a. Atmospheric reflection
             b. Total reflection
             c. Atmospheric refraction
             d. Total refraction
    8.   Convex lens focus a real, point-sized image at focus, the object is placed
             a. At focus
             b. Between F and 2F
             c. At infinity
             d. At 2F
    9.   The unit of power of the lens is
             a. Metre
             b. Centimeter
             c. Diopter
             d. M-1
    10.   The radius of curvature of a mirror is 20cm the focal length is
             a. 20cm
             b. 10cm
             c. 40cm
             d. 5cm
    1.   A
    2.   C
    3.   C
    4.   C
    5.   C
    6.   B
    7.   C
    8.   C
    9.   C
    10. B